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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
EOSTools Able to download skins and maintain updates for Supercard. Utilities 1.9 fef51 2011/03/07
Etool Etool EZ4 version, a save manager. Utilities 3.13b (EZ4) cory1492 2006/07/16
EZ4skin - revision 7 Skin GBA/NDS gfx and text for EZ4. Utilities Revision 7 cory1492 2006/09/07
fileNinja FTP Client for the DS. Utilities 2008 azaydius, irtehmongoose, justinparker 2008/12/17
HomebreWifi Download homebrew through wireless connection. Utilities Beta 0.3 xem 2010/12/03
IkuReader A handy eBook reader application for the Nintendo DS is now available for download. Utilities 0.65 Chintoi 2011/05/14
Image Viewer A document reader and image viewer for DSTWO. Utilities 1.1 Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/14
IMGView View pictures for R4/R4i. Utilities 0.6 R4ds 2007/01/06
iReader for DSTWO Iphoto like image viewer. Utilities 1.12 Godslash 2010/12/22
JabberDS Jabber client. Utilities 0.3 theli 2008/03/20
JoyDS Use NDS as a joypad using PPJoy. Utilities 0.2 luccax 2008/04/19
JPEG Viewer Views JPEG images. Utilities 0.3 RobM 2016/02/17
Reader & Translator Opens txt files in utf8 encoding and allows associating a dictionary to translate unknown words. Utilities 1.1a memorydes 2009/11/20
MasterSO Shell for DS that includes a tester keys, MP3 player, sound recorder, notepad etc. Utilities 1.0 The Dark Master 2010/09/05
Mawaqeet DS Muslim prayer time utility. Utilities Beta mzr603 2007/07/11
Micro A text editor like pico. Utilities 2008 Giacometti Luca (Samel) 2008/08/19
Macro Lua DS Micro Lua DS is a Lua interpreter for the famous game console from Nintendo. Utilities 4.7.2 Cid2Mizard 2014/01/04
miniDicoDS Mini French dictionary - Japanese(romanji) dictionary. Utilities 0.1 Alpha yostane 2007/07/31
Morning Timer (Cooking Timer) Clock app for ds. Utilities 1.2 Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/03
Multitouch Photoviewer An image display application. Utilities 2.0 dragontje124 2009/07/17
nDos Includes note, reader, contact list and drawing apps. Utilities 0.6 Gally and Mollusk 2005/08/10
NDSkybook A Japanese Book Reader. Utilities 0.6 mizunonds 2006/07/20
NewDictS DS homebrew application for encyclopedias, dictionaries, translators and much more. Utilities 8.5/8.7 sesa 2008/02/18
Note DS Create and edit notes on the DS. Utilities 1.0 carlo999 (from WhiteSceneGroup) 2009/08/30
Notepad DS Able to create, manage, edit and save custom notes. Utilities Update 1.37 pichubolt090 (Pichu-B) 2009/11/28
NotePaint Text editor and drawing tool. Utilities 1.0 RRRDGames 2010/02/20
OKIWI Web browser on NDS. Utilities 0.2 Alpha Pedro J. Estébanez 2007/09/06
poffPad Writing application that uses gestures to record alphabetic letters. Utilities 0.2 Poffy 2007/08/08
qDSed A homebrew text reader. Utilities 0.4 QRT 071015 2007/10/16
ReadMore Ebooks reader in TXT format. Utilities Alpha bjoerngiesler 2007/03/24
Reno Studio Neo Compo A notepad software. Utilities 2008 hikkibjz (Wang Nannan) 2008/03/18
Reveil Humain An alarm clock which plays MP3 files. Utilities 2 birslip 2007//05/01
Reveil MP3 MP3 Alarm Clock. Utilities 2009 squale76 2009/05/11
SavSend 'Download' the save-files from original cartridges. Utilities Final leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/20
Simple GBA Mode Switcher Boot a GBA cart in Slot-2 with Slot-1 DS flash carts. Utilities 2007 ryanfb 2010/06/08
sliDeS Viewing photos (256 * 192) as Slide Show. Utilities 1.1 carcas42 (cracoucas42) 2008/03/07
SunOL An NDS official release list viewer. Utilities 0.3 Final Sundevds 2008/11/11
SvSiP Use Nintendo DS as an actual phone. Utilities 7th Samuelv (Christine) 2007/11/26
TextDS Text viewer with edit function. Utilities 2.43 Stormwave 2010/06/12
Textview Standalone text viewer. Utilities 1.2b2 Standalone JongHyuk Park (Bliss) 2008/07/21
The SMS Center Able to send SMS to mobile phones with tremendous speed. Utilities 3.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:.) 2010/03/12
Triplecard Sample Sample code that uses all functions of the EZ 3in1 from a slot 1 card with read access. Utilities 2007 cory1492 2007/03/08
Trimmer DS Trim rom directly on NDS. Utilities 1.1 BboyFroX 2011/10/14
Txtwriter Text editor optimized for easy, fast typing. Utilities 0.3.2 Sektor (originally by Alan Gerow) 2007/01/14
VocableDS Vocabulary trainer. Utilities b1.3 frezziii 2012/10/09
VocabularioDS Spanish French Dictionary. Utilities 1.2 SpixShadow 2008/10/19
Word Ds Text editor designed for nds that saves files in html format. Utilities 0.6.1 Frezzy 2009/06/02
streamer-ds Capturing desktop and streaming it to NintendoDS. Utilities 2018 dbeef 2018/07/30
Wifi Voice Chat Client Use NDS as a phone which allows Wifi Voice Chat. Utilities 1.62 aadz93 2012/06/27
airscan A Nintendo DS Wi-Fi access point scanner. Utilities 1.0 trou 2011/10/16
Remote Touch DS Remote control your PC. Utilities 0.6 Tobias W. Kjeldsen 2009/12/31
DSFTP FTP server for DS. Utilities 2.6 Bjoern Giesler, updated by Coto 2018/03/01
SavReceiver Client to receive save files sent by Savsender. Utilities 0.1b Starcom 2007/06/22
Savsender A simple EEPROM backup tool using Wifi. Utilities 1.1b brettk 2009/05/26
dsup Similar to DSFTP and DS2DS. Utilities 2008 Samel 2008/01/07
3in1 Expansion Pack Allow user to load GBA ROMs from Flash Card Slot 1. Utilities 1.9d Rudolph 2007/12/01
Ands pdf PDF reader. Utilities 1.4 Albinofrenchy 2009/03/17
BACK TO THE FIRMWARE A homebrew to boot DS firmware. Utilities 1 Yasu software 2008/03/27
BackupBuddy Find files of the extensions on card and upload to an FTP server. Utilities 0.9.1 bigjoe2000 (Joe Ciagamitaro) 2012/02/13
Balik Bayan DevWifi Send files from PC to DS via Wifi then automatically runs it. Utilities 2008 Soulanger, Filipino Brewed Coffee 2008/08/21
BLARGH Text Editor Implement Joe Strout's HexInput method of inputting text on DS. Utilities r122 anomalous_underdog 2009/01/25
Brandy Basic V for Dslinux The Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter. Utilities 1.19.DSL.02 David Daniels, Hideki 2008/01/17
Bunjalloo Simple web browser for the Nintendo DS. Utilities 0.8 quirkysoft 2009/12/24
ComBox Allow files transfer between 2 DS,computer and a FTP server on Internet. Utilities 1.4 lilou 2008/04/26
Comic Book DS Comics reader. Utilities 3.0 Gnese (Paco_777) 2010/11/29
ContactsDS A contacts organizer. Utilities Update 0.02 Hero2 2009/10/16
DB Downloader Automatically download cheats code that corresponds to linker. Utilities 2.0 javils 2010/09/05
Dillama Control Xbox Media Center with DS (XBMC not Xbox 360). Utilities 0.2 Beta tsunami0ne 2006/07/31
Dolphin Reader Txt and Html reader on DS. Utilities 20100204 Chris Liu 2010/02/04
DPhone A iPhone clone. Utilities 1.0 Hillbilly 2008/11/01
Ds2ds Allows user to send files without router or via a DS to another without size limit. Utilities 3.2 Kram 2008/06/07
DS2Tools Two tools in one: SkinUp and DataUp. Utilities 1.4b Fef51 2011/02/18
DSBash Web-Browser for, and plus mp3 player. Utilities Final Leinad (n00bey) 2009/03/14
DSBook PR2 Text viewer. Utilities Preview R2 cory1492 2006/07/11
DSCompress GZip utility to unzip zip files and GZip files. Utilities 1.3 Carpman 2007/11/08
DScritor Create text writing on a handwriting. Utilities 1.0 miguel28 2010/08/21
DS Dictionary Turning your DS into a dictionary. Utilities 1.1 William Garrison 2008/01/23
DS-DOS MS-DOS type clone featuring a command line interface. Utilities 0.50 Shawn Winkels 2008/03/24
DSecure Flashcard security Homebrew. Utilities 1.00 Luca.Fraga 2009/08/13
DSe Notepad A notepad app originated by Enira. Utilities 0.99 TD9175 2008/11/01
DSHobro DS HOmebrew BROwser. Utilities 0.4 Costello 2008/07/28
DSIO An interface allowing to interact with the DS in both senses (Send / Receive Data 8 bits). Utilities 2007 RefiX 2007/08/03
DSLibris Text reader incorporating html support. Utilities 1.5.1 rhaleblian 2018/11/23
DSMouse Allows DS to become a mouse to control PC. Utilities 0.3a Dankredues 2007/04/24
DSNotes Note application, which is similar an offline pictochat. Utilities 2007 Qwerpoi 2007/07/02
DSLua LUA scripting for the NDS. Utilities 0.7 Sypherce, Daltonlaffs, Jeremysr (originally by Waruwaru) 2007/06/10
DSPhoto Photo viewer. Utilities 1.0 Arialia 2007/03/03
DSReader Ebook reader. Utilities 2007 Eddie Park 2007/07/05
DSwiki Offline Wikipedia Reader. Utilities 0.3 Alpha 2 OlliPolli 2009/03/20
dsZip Compress/decompress .nds files directly on the Nintendo DS. Utilities 0.01 Pre-alpha pierluig 2007/08/11
Eagle - BMP Viewer Program to display a BMP image. Utilities 0.9 DreamIsland 2009/07/14
Editor Master To edit scripts directly on DS. Utilities 0.122 Papymouge (Nicolas Mougeot) 2013/08/14
edpJoyDS edpJoy client for DS. Utilities 0.7.1 edicpop 2018/01/27
Diagnose DS function tester. System Tools 2007 Spinal 2007/07/23
Check NDS Check the screen, touchscreen, buttons, speaker and microphone. System Tools 2 Bong @ HKCC 2006/07/19
UpTime DS Test energy-consumption of different cards and batteries. System Tools 0.1 freeman 2006/03/19
DS Diag Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool. System Tools 2.1 TheOnlyEnglishRose (TD/teendev) 2007/08/27
memtestARM Makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine. System Tools 0.03 tepples, Damian Yerrick, Rick Wong 2007/09/25
Comprobación de Botones Buttons tester for DS. System Tools Final cheleon15 2010/06/22
DS Battery Life Timer NDS application that shows battery life. System Tools 3.1 snailface 2011/05/03
Prueba de Botones Button tester on NDS. System Tools 0.8 0-00 (Mitec) 2008/08/24
Super Cutre Botons Buttons tester. System Tools Beta 1.0 Salsaman 2008/09/27
DiagnoDS DS console tester. System Tools 1.0 AlmamuPP 2010/09/01
DS Pixel Fix Fix dead pixel on DS. System Tools 2009 MADcat1990 (Darkchild) 2009/07/22
LCD Tester Recover pixels vague. System Tools Final Kleevah 2005/08/15
Simple Diagnosis Use it to see if DS needs a new rubber pad or fixes. System Tools 1.0 Kiaku 2012/05/17
Cng's Button Tester Check if all buttons are working. System Tools 1.0 Crazyninjaguy 2010/11/15
DS Test A test application. System Tools 1.0 Mcat12 2011/07/20
LCD Test An application to check DS screens. System Tools 2007 KING CORN 2007/06/09
Touch Test Find bad areas of NDS touch screen. System Tools Demo Unknown, posted by dovoto 2006/01/05
TouchTest DS Help diagnose the touchscreen. System Tools 1.2 briankealing (Brian Cyj) 2009/08/24
Slot-2 Tester Determines what is in the 2nd slot of the DS fat/lite. System Tools 2013 FUK-Team 2013/09/09
FTPd Backup retail saves from DS to PC over WiFi. System Tools 0.11 Rudolph (Emperor) 2009/11/25
TTDSi Check TTi Genuine or Fake Check program (Only for TTi). System Tools 3.0 ndstt 2010/09/27
GBA Backup Tool SLOT-1 GBA back-up tool. System Tools 0.21 Rudolph (Emperor) 2008/10/26
NDS Backup Tool Slot2 DS rom/save dumper for DLDI supporting GBA slot flashcarts. System Tools 0.4 Rudolph 2009/07/04
Dump NDS Backup GBA game saves with Slot-1 flashcart. System Tools 2008 UnplayedNamer 2008/12/10
Eepinator A basic EEPROM backup tool. System Tools 2007 davr 2007/03/31
GhostBuster Repair/correct the defects of ghosting that appears on DSi. System Tools 2010 Spinal 2010/12/11
WoodDumper Nintendo DS Dumping Tool. System Tools Slot2 r85/WiFi r72 Wood 2011/10/19
3in1 SRAM test Verify the SRAM memory of EZ 3in1. System Tools 2 Cory (cory1492) 2010/01/26
Simple GBA Dumper Reads a GBA cartridge and saves it to the Slot-1 flashcard via DLDI. System Tools 2009 leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/19
NDS SAVES to SLOT-2 Make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and restore them. System Tools 1.0 marc_max 2011/09/10
GBALdr - EZ 3in1 3in1 loading tool. System Tools 0.1 Final cory1492 2007/04/27
FAS1 (FlashAdvance Slot-1) A tool to flash a FlashAdvance cartridge in Slot-2 from a Slot-1 device. System Tools 1.5 Smiths 2008/02/10
wooddumper4hiya Wooddumper 3DS ported to HiyaCFW for DSi. System Tools 2018 shutterbug2000 2018/05/23
PPSE DS Pokemon Save Editor. Save managers and editors r11 Chase-san 2012/05/31
RAC Tool used to back up and restore the town on Animal Crossing: Wild World to a SLOT-2 device. Save managers and editors 2008 tepples 2008/01/01
Nitro Hax Cheat tool for official games running on the Nintendo DS. Save managers and editors 0.94 Chishm 2018/04/09
UsrCheatUp Update cheats from DS through Wi-Fi. Save managers and editors 2.9 Giovanni 2010/02/05
EvoCheatUp Modified version of UsrCheatUp. Save managers and editors 0.4.1 SolidusRegime 2008/08/17
SCDS1 Pokemon Cheat A .scc Pokemon diamond Action Replay cheats for Supercard DS. Save managers and editors 2007 -=M*C=- (Omura89) 2007/06/06
ReinMoon Save Game editor. Save managers and editors 0.6 Beta Sata & Infantile Paralysiser 2006/09/08
R6 Save Relocator Automatically finds deserted .SAV files for Neoflash R6. Save managers and editors 1.0 MK2k 2009/06/17
pkmn-chest A Pokémon Bank for the 3rd through 5th generation Pokémon games. Save managers and editors 2.2 Pk11, Universal-Team 2020/07/07
DSPad Turn DS into a wireless gamepad. Other Apps 0.2b Ced 2007/03/20
DSPadTilt Turn DS into a motion sensing USB gamepad. Other Apps 2007 KeithE 2007/07/23
DS Sleep Help user to fall asleep. Other Apps 1 Filou HB 2012/07/25
DSpertator2 MP3 Alarm Clock with other customizable features. Other Apps 2.0 copete23 2009/02/28
DSSpeech Speech Synthesizer DS port of a speech synth from Atari ST. Other Apps 1.5 Headspin 2006/11/01
DS Star Chart An application for stargazers. Other Apps 270411 pokeball29 2011/04/28
DSTELNET Connect to Telnet servers. Other Apps Alpha 2.0 ILOVEPIE 2011/09/16
DS Twitter Twitter client for the NDS. Other Apps 1.5 Acdtrux 2009/04/19
VNDS visual novel reader. Other Apps 1.5.0 Jake Probst (anoNL) 2012/05/30
DS Weather Displays the current weather conditions with Wifi function. Other Apps 0.1 WolfSpider 2012/08/21
DSZhongwen Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. Other Apps 1.0c rrc2soft 2007/08/15
DuelDS An assistant for the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Other Apps 1.0 Dr.Razor 2011/01/04
Enigma NDS Enigma machine simulator. Other Apps 1.0 mincemeatteam 2011/07/01
ESpeak Speech synthesizer for English and other languages. Other Apps Beta n00bey 2009/09/03
Etch Paint app focused towards pixel art with other features. Other Apps 2010 BassAceGold 2010/08/10
Evolution: 28 years of consoles An educational App about 28 years development of portable consoles. Other Apps 0.92 Beta Virtua Peanuts 2007/07/28
FavDS Save & run NDS files by putting location in a text file. Other Apps 2009 Xiao32 2009/02/02
fb4ds Facebook's chat client. Other Apps 1.5 Final Lino Maglione (linoma) 2010/03/24
FencingApp A program for fencers, referees, directors, and coaches. Other Apps 2008 Minty 2008/09/09
FerretBoysFunbrew A fun homebrew. Other Apps 8.3.14 Ferretboy007 2009/09/05
FisiK (Fiches BAC) A revision sheets LAC S. Other Apps 2007 Beda 2007/04/09
FlashDS 8 color flash light for the NDS. Other Apps 2009 CoinCoin 2009/07/05
flashcarDS A Spaced Repetition flashcards application, similar to Anki. Other Apps 0.3 nfinite 2010/09/13
Flickbook Animation app for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 0.3 Masscat (Ben) 2012/06/01
Flipbook MSPaint-like drawing program. Other Apps 2005 Sintax 2005/08/09
GameUp Utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of the Up-Series homebrews. Other Apps 3.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:., tamachan) 2009/07/17
GHPainter Draw on DS using the Guitar Grip to pick colors. Other Apps 2010 mjsdude 2010/07/16
GIF/Card viewer for Magic: The Gathering Card viewer for the card game: Magic The Gathering. Other Apps 2008 Sylus101 (Sylus McFrederickson) 2008/06/06
Gun Game Remake of gun application. Other Apps 0.45 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/09/07
HandWritter (PaintIZFun) Hand writing app that able to identify characters. Also known as PaintIZFun. Other Apps 1.01 earth2222 (james sweeney) 2010/01/06
Health Monitoring Tool Kit Health Monitoring Tool Kit for Diabetes. Other Apps 2009 arrpirate 2009/03/19
iChingDS I Ching Readings. Other Apps 0.51 Sam Malone 2008/08/12
Ipod Touch Gun App For DS A gun app from ipod touch. Other Apps 1.5 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/09/07
DSliver A text-based card library for MtG. Other Apps 0.25 lyon4 2008/08/17
IRCDS IRC client with custom skin support. Other Apps 0.3d freemaan 2007/03/20
Isofácil Isometric drawing application with color. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/10/25
Japanese And English Phrase Converter Translate English phrase to Japanese. Other Apps Demo iainprice 2008/07/04
Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review Kana character review tool. Other Apps 20090813 DesertDog (Multiple:Option) 2009/08/13
Japanese Training Japanese learning application . Other Apps 2008 cuicui666 2008/05/14
MatrixDS Random green numbers scroll across the screen. Other Apps 1.0.1 FUK-Team 2017/08/29
JapFR Application to learn Japanese vocabulary. Other Apps 0.2 benjamalin 2006/11/07
JOZ2 3AM Depicts 36 various Sourates from the 114 of the Coran. Other Apps P2 Nabli Ahmed 2009/09/25
Just a clock... A simple analog clock app. Other Apps 2009 hoitjuh55 2009/08/29
Kana DS Japanese learner. Other Apps 2008 Julio Gorgé (Lemon Team) 2008/09/14
KanjiDs Japanese Kanji learner. Other Apps 2007 LeToto 2007/08/25 Program to learn to write Japanese Kanji symbols. Other Apps 2.3 zero @ hidari 2009/02/18
Lampe DS A simple flashlight application coded in Lua. Other Apps 1.4 aurel2108 2009/12/29
Linterna DS A flashlight on DS with different colors to choose from. Other Apps 0.01 Neopiro 2008/08/10
Loituma Girl DS An adaptation of some popular flash animations. Other Apps 1.1 gnese 2007/04/23
LoL Contains 33 jokes. Other Apps 3.31 APSSPA 2010/03/27
MCinfoDS With tons of info about Minecraft. Other Apps 2011 ryoushi 2011/05/30
Mediatheque DS A library to manage your collection of comics/movies/stamps etc. Other Apps 1.0 Cid2mizard 2008/03/19
Meditation with Talah Rama A meditation timer/guide for the DS. Other Apps Demo backtothefuture 2009/04/01
MegaHAL DS Conversation simulator better known as a chatterbox. Other Apps 1 cyberboy (asiekierka) 2009/02/14
MegaStopwatch Megaman theme stop watch. Other Apps Final Thungbard 2010/12/29
MemoryDeS Allow user to study and review vocabulary lists in the Apprenticeship of languages??. Other Apps 1.2 memorydes 2009/01/23
Mendeleiev Periodic table and element information/list. Other Apps 0.9 Virtua Peanuts (MasterDje) 2007/08/29
Metroid Gravity Metroid Prime Hunters animation simulator. Other Apps 3.0 Disgepia 2010/05/13
MorseDS Morse translator. Other Apps 0.2 Aguilera_87 2009/08/31
Motion Plotter An app that draws lines. Other Apps 2008 Sektor 2008/03/20
MythRemote A network remote control for MythTV frontends. Other Apps 0.2 Grizzly Adams 2007/01/22
NdéS Virtual dice on DS. Other Apps 2.0 coincoin 2009/07/14
ndsRo/eAthena Client Client for eAthena servers for Ragnarok Online. Other Apps 2008 n00bey (leinad) 2008/05/16
Neko DS A port of an old PC app. Other Apps 2008 ThemePark 2008/08/21
NDSMail RSS and POP mail client. Other Apps 0.60 Bronto 2007/09/09
NDS Mii Maker Create your own Mii. Other Apps 0.1 Beta CoinCoin 2009/07/24
DSLevel A spirit level application inspired by an application on Android. Other Apps 1.0 Bootlegger 2009/02/04
Oclock Alarm clock on DS. Other Apps 2008 Cid2Mizard 2008/09/13
OSUp A homebrew allows user to update through WiFi the OS of the flashcard. Other Apps 2.7 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:.) 2008/12/06
OtaClockDS Port of Otacon's desktop clock application. Other Apps RC2 madcat1990 2008/06/17
PAINT BLACK DS An application for creating black and white drawings. Other Apps 1.2 Cid2mizard, Kukulcan 2008/08/19
Pokething Make your Pokemans come out of your DS. Other Apps 2.0 snailface 2011/06/14
Paint DS Paint application. Other Apps 2009 ps991 2009/06/20
Paint DS A Paint application. Other Apps 0.000011 s_hansse 2009/08/15
Paint Stylus Another type of graphics editor Paint. Other Apps 0.1 Beta RDilus 2009/03/30
PassMe2 SRAM Writer Writes the SRAM in GBA mode for PassMe2. Other Apps 2005 Pepsiman 2005/10/01
Perpetual Calendar + Clock Calendar and a clock. Other Apps 2005 Taiyou 2005/08/10
Phidias A drawing program for Nintendo DS. Other Apps Full Tapio Pyrhönen (Tassu) 2007/04/20
Pictoblog Allows you to post hand drawn images to your Blog. Other Apps 0.2 0xtob 2007/04/02
PikuLinterna DS Simulates a flashlight on Nintendo DS. Other Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/08/27
PikUsos DS Contains a digital clock, flashlight, paint and more. Other Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/09/01
Pintared An advanced version of Telesketch. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/08/17
DSWave Library for Micro Lua DS, resemble the wave effect of PSP. Other Apps 1.0 RedHunter 2012/11/06
PixelFixer for NDS and DS2 Flashes the screen in different colors to unstuck pixels. Other Apps 2012 BassAceGold 2012/09/08
DSPlib A library for PAlib. Other Apps 1.0 Master Sonic (The Dark Master) 2009/06/30
PIXELMAN Sprite designing, testing and animation tool. Other Apps 0.93.2a Sylus “Not Stylus” McFrederickson 2008/11/05
ThreaDS A thread library for DS. Other Apps 20080806 Spaghetti DSDev 2008/08/07
Pocket Pixie DS Graphics editor. Other Apps Alpha 3 morukutsu 2008/03/20
Poker Blinds Timer Poker tournament blind timer. Other Apps 1.0 der-Leo 2009/07/16
PolyTouch Polygons painter. Other Apps 0.1 RCK (René C. Kiesler) 2008/08/28
PPaPP Shows coordinates of the desired point with a Stylus. Other Apps 0.1 Virtua Peanuts 2008/01/06
Project JDS Japanese 'alphabets' learning application. Other Apps 1.30 Ashai Rey (A.A. van Zoelen) 2007/10/22
Putzpie Etch A Sketch Etch-a-Sketch for NDS. Other Apps 0.2.1 Putzpie 2008/07/02
Ranger DS A GPS application. Other Apps 0.54 Alpha Ranfer 2008/04/27
rMMn DS Calculate shortest path program for the metro's net of Madrid. Other Apps 2.12.2 mincemeatteam 2012/04/15
rPaint A paint like application for NDS. Other Apps 1.0 Rafal 'revo' Kozik 2005/09/19
Roast Of Mario Port of a short Mario clip from the internet. Other Apps 2011 Chadrcheze 2011/10/15
Scrabble Assistant DS Assist players using the board version of Scrabble game. Other Apps 0.6b Nicolas Pillot 2008/01/31
sDepS A pedometer for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 1.0 tobiasbp 2008/08/21
FSPDS Flipnote Studio Player for Nintendo DS. Other Apps 0.1 NotImplementedLife (N.I.L) 2021/03/07
SEDS (Sprite Editor) Small drawing and animation tool. Other Apps 0.4 PypeBros 2011/05/29
SK8 Dice Port of the skating dice game which based on real dices for skaters. Other Apps 2010 amchacon 2010/01/25
SkinSelcter Swap between multi-skins loaded on DS (for DSTT and YS menu). Other Apps EOS 0.01beta/TT 1.0/YS 2.0 Tora Software 2010/03/25
SkinUp Manage and upgrade skin's archive directly from Nintendo DS (Supercard DS One only). Other Apps 1.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:., tamachan) 2009/02/16
Sleeper Killer An alarm clock with special features. Other Apps 2007 Mastertop101 2007/08/20
Somebodys Watching Me Video of "Somebody's Watching Me" by R&B artist Rockwell. Other Apps 2012 rockleeace 2012/03/18
South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager Manage the schedule and results of your favorite teams from World Cup. Other Apps 1.03 cid2mizard 2010/06/25
Stoppuhr DS A stopwatch with a little lapcomputer. Other Apps 2009 Roman Adler 2009/11/24
Stop Watch DS Stopwatch for DS. Other Apps 0.2 foxyi4 2011/02/18
StopWatchDS Basic stop watch application based on Timer Demo by Chris Liu. Other Apps 2008 Update syntech (Martin Seibert) 2007/08/13
Sudoku Solver An application that solve Sudoku puzzle. Other Apps 2009 Krupkat 2009/02/15
Sudoky Sudoku puzzles solver. Other Apps 1 Bobiwan (Zbob) 2011/06/07
SuitekiDS Spanish-Japanese and English-Japanese dictionaries. Other Apps 0.1a BETA1 hispadic (Abel Camarena Bernabeu) 2010/06/19
SutraDS Portable kamasutra guide. Other Apps 2009 Cid2Mizard 2009/03/18
systemTest Able to see the language, time, color and more. Other Apps 0.1 playallday 2008/08/31
Table Sixty-Nine Find out if you are seated at table #69 in any radix. Other Apps 69.0 Chris 2012/05/10
tapSpeedTest A model on how fast an average (trained) user can tap up a given button combination. Other Apps 2009 Ant6n 2009/11/20
TAUNT DS Send "taunts" to another DS via wifi. Other Apps 0.2 cid2mizard 2008/06/04
TelecranDS An adaptation of telecran. Other Apps 1.2 oxo 2008/02/27
Telesketch Pixel by pixel painter. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/06/17
The Magic Counter An application for the card game Magic The Gathering. Other Apps 2009 4n4bol 2009/12/23
The Stiff Man X: The Parcel Download the latest news and competitions through a server. Other Apps 1.0 iFly3R, StudioPlatinum (PlatinumWindows) 2010/04/29
Tirada2 Dice roller. Other Apps 2010 Aguilera_87 2010/09/01
Tiri A typing Siri for DS. Other Apps 2.0 EyKcir 2012/03/18
Treasures of Gaia View the entire earth on DS via Google Maps. Other Apps 0.2 Sébastien Thon 2007/08/20
TwitOnly Japanese Twitter application. Other Apps 1.1 Tarosa 2010/04/17
UA Paint Drawing application. Other Apps 1.3c BassAceGold 2009/08/20
Ultimate Dog Tease Port of one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. Other Apps 1.0 klaatu42 (youtube) 2012/05/12
VibratorDS A vibrator for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 2012 Nehrem 2012/08/20
VoiceAlarmClock Alarm clock with own recorded voice. Other Apps 1.0 Master Sonic 2009/09/15
Vortex of Doom Generator Generate visual effects. Other Apps 2009 DanTheManMS 2009/06/14
Walkie Talkie Walkie-Talkie for the DS. Other Apps 0.3 ericgies (Eric Giesselbach) 2008/11/17
Wallpaper Learn polish. Other Apps 0.1 Tigro 2008/08/24
Wecker DS Alarm clock with an mp3 file. Other Apps X-Mas MystBoy 2008/01/06
Wildlife Greenhouse Guide for camper with variety of edible plants. Other Apps 2011 SimplexProductions 2011/09/11
Woctochat Chatting App for the DS. Other Apps Client 0.3/Server 0.3 Circus 2008/03/29
AtYa A Yahoo Messenger client. Other Apps 0.1 atomsoft 2008/06/01
Zatmar paint Based on Paint from Windows. Other Apps 1.0 zatmar 2009/08/11
Zelda The Six Sages Zelda animation simulator. Other Apps 0.51b JuDelCo 2008/09/05
Heero's HBDB Cheatfiles for DSOrganize. Other Apps Update 0808 Heero 2008/07/22
24ClockDS The clock from the TV show 24. Other Apps 0.5 Felix 2008/10/12
Alarma Customize-able alarm. Other Apps 2005 LIEN 2005/10/24
Alphabet Arabe O Clic Arabic educational application. Other Apps 2 TSUKASA-SAMA (Nabli Ahmed) 2009/09/20
Alphablocks Alphabet learning application for children. Other Apps 2.0 IceDaddy 2011/10/27
AMAP4DS Metro and bus maps viewer. Other Apps 3.2 Christophe Andreani 2007/05/23
Amy The Chatterbot Port of AineBot 0.8.12. Other Apps 2007 DVSoftware 2007/01/29
Analog clock A simple analog clock. Other Apps 0.1 Beta Moonlight 2011/05/16
Animanatee Flickbook style animation program. Other Apps 1.5b DekuTree64 2009/09/13
AnimEDS A sprite/animation editor. Other Apps 2020 PypeBros 2020/08/11
AR Card Pack Simulates the 3DS AR cards on an NDS, 3DS, or PSP. Other Apps 2.1 Snailface 2011/12/29
DS Weather Report A weather station on DS. Other Apps 0.5 stravingo (Sébastien THON) 2007/08/05
ASCII Art Maker An ASCII art application. Other Apps 0.3.1 XDPirate 2009/11/09
A Tint of MENUdo - Doodle Paint tool for MENUdo. Other Apps 2009 soulanger 2009/08/22
Autoescuela DS Practice driving tests to help getting a driver license. Other Apps 2008 Zante 2008/01/13
Avia: Tropic Edition Free birdwatcher's guide. Other Apps 2010 Simplex Productions 2010/10/09
Beup Live Windows Live Messenger (Formally MSN messenger) clone. Other Apps 0.7 kevinC, HtheB 2009/12/15
Bible for NDS Bible software for NDS, Lite, DSi and 3DS. Other Apps 1.2 biblefornds 2012/01/18
Binary Clock A binary clock. Other Apps 2007 Mastertop101 2007/03/20
bootFirmware Boot firmware without taking out slot-1 card. Other Apps 2008 playallday 2008/10/28
Carnet d'adresse MicroLUA address book. Other Apps Update Papymouge 2012/01/01
CC Creator Create simple cartoons, using the famous "memes" circulating on the Internet. Other Apps 2.0 Froskito 2011/07/30
CC Game Includes 50 funny images or memes for a good laugh. Other Apps 1.0 Dioni0396 2011/06/18
ChaTchI Chat on a server that stores the conversations. Other Apps 1.1 eglomer 2009/08/30
ChessClock Turns Nintendo DS into a Chess Clock. Other Apps 2009 guilhoboy 2009/09/15
Chinese Touch - Stroke Order Chinese educational tool. Other Apps 1.5 syslock 2011/04/22
Chuck Norris Facts DS Include exceptional jokes of Chuck Norris. Other Apps 0.7 MasterDje 2008/07/19
Clirc IRC client. Other Apps 0.05 Final Cluster 2009/01/22
ClockDS Clock and alarm for the DS. Other Apps 1.0 Stormwave 2010/06/18
Colors! A simplistic digital painting application for NDS which inspired by using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter. Other Apps 1.1 Jens Andersson 2010/10/04
Constellations DS Constellations DS is a DS homebrew application to view and learn about stars and constellations. Other Apps 0.8 Nameless 2007/07/28
CosmosDS Information about solar system. Other Apps 2010 mikethunder 2010/04/05
Cronometro A stopwatch. Other Apps 2.0 DanXZero 2009/08/10
DadoS DS dice thrower for role playing games. Other Apps 0.1 Alpha DKnight 2006/05/01
Dana O.S. Includes 3 apps: flashlight, paint and fat. Other Apps 0.2 Neoicek, javils 2010/08/31
DiceDS Tool for RPG player that want to play everytime. Other Apps 1.0 Spaghetti DSDev 2008/01/08
Dice Roller DS Roll dices on your DS. Other Apps 1.1 Wisen 2010/01/10
Dice Roller Dice roller. Other Apps 0.5b Rainbow 2007/10/06
Draw On DS Port of sketching application "Sketches of Q". Other Apps 2006 Davr 2006/07/26
draw-stereo Stereogram drawing application. Other Apps 2007 micromoog 2007/12/20
DSAIM An AIM/Icq client for the DS. Other Apps 0.03e Ryan Kegel 2007/05/07
DSArsenal Weapon viewer with information. Other Apps 2008 karatekid1111 2008/09/11
DSBible Bible-reading app.4 translations included. Other Apps 2.51 Jeremy Ruten 2009/01/25
DS Button Counter Check button presses, holds, and counts. Other Apps 1.0 Kiaku 2012/05/17
DSCalibrate A calibration application. Other Apps 0.9 Arialia 2007/12/22
Wifi Chat Homebrew Pictochat with online history. Other Apps 0.99 Beta Bafio 2006/05/04
dsf File interpreter. Other Apps 2008 Samel 2008/03/20
Super Alarma An alarm clock with Super Mario World scenarios. Other Apps 2009 emov2k4 2009-5-12
DSgf A go game recorder and reviewer. Other Apps Alpha 2.11 nio101 2008/02/10
DS Kanji Flash Learning Japanese Kanji for Non-Japanese. Other Apps 0.5 Bernhard Schelling (schellingb) 2010/03/28
DSKash Remake of old currency converter GpKash. Other Apps 1.00 Chris (TOX 014) 2011/11/04
DSketch Simple sketch drawing application. Other Apps Final samel 2007/08/20
DSLamp A torch on DS. Other Apps 2.2 Corenting (Evandge) 2012/07/03
DSLiveWeather Fetch the current weather information with WIFI. Other Apps 2007 Liick (licklick) 2007/07/12
DSmaps Google Maps viewer. Other Apps 0.2.1a DMC 2008/02/20
DSmerlin A single character recognition engine clone. Other Apps 090507 Stripwax 2007/09/05
SunOS An open source OS for DS. Operating systems 102909 SunDEV 2009/10/29
DarkSO NDS Operating System. Operating systems 2.0 DarkSceneGroup 2009/04/13
DS2Key Wardriving/Remote desktop tool. Operating systems 1.01 (r44+r52) Sypherce 2009/01/20
DS2PC Remote administrator similar to Win2DS. Operating systems Demo luis_mikau 2008/01/06
DS2Win Using DS to control your computer. Operating systems 0.82 Monkeynz (Aaron Graham) 2008/06/12
DSBlue (mydsapp) Wifi Modules, Scratch Pad, Remote Desktop, Calendar and Shoutcast support. Operating systems 2006 ThaKilla 2006/09/22
DSBrowser - Dual Slot A Multi-cart file browser. Operating systems 0.9 Cornaljoe 2008/08/20
DSLinux Port of Linux to the Nintendo DS handheld device. Operating systems 2010 DSLinux team 2013/06/21
DSOperators Homebrew OS which features some applications and games. Operating systems 0.3 Final WolfSpider 2010/12/28
DS Me Operating system (OS), as can be Linux or Windows. Operating systems 4.5 Final Mikau, Plata 2010/07/15
DSuite Contains a file browser and a contact list among other things. Operating systems 1.02 Achilleas.k, ssjowowo 2009/09/14
DS Vista An adaptation of the Vista operating system Windows Vista on DS. Operating systems 3 Filou HB 2011/11/23
DSVNC VNC client for Nintendo DS to control the computer. Operating systems 0.3e Thoduv 2008/07/11
HWOS2 Operating system that boots homebrew. Operating systems 2009 Funkystuff (Alcohol Smurf) 2009/03/19
inferno-ds Port of the Inferno Operating system. Operating systems R175 Noah Evans, Salva Peiró, Mechiel Lukkien 2010/08/24
ManuSO Shell consists of a Textpad, calculator and stopwatch and several games. Operating systems Halloween 2011 ManuelVS 2011/10/31
MENUdo Free homebrew operating system. Operating systems 2011 Soulanger 2011/01/26
mosds A Spell application includes MP3 player, alam, notepad, etc. Operating systems 4.0 Mmuziek 2010/06/07
NDS WinS Windowing systems on Nintendo DS, an API for the Nintendo Dual Screen. Operating systems Compo LiraNuna, Papero and Francesco. 2006/01/07
Play Boot Ds Contain several boot up screens of different gaming consoles. Operating systems 1.0 Master Sonic 2009/09/19
R4Menu R4Menu for any flash cart. Operating systems 1.2 spinal_cord (Spinal) 2010/06/20
RyOS An alternative OS for Supercard DSTwo user. Operating systems 1.11 RyoGem 2011/03/22
Wii4DS Emulates Wii system on DS. Operating systems 3.0 hiei03 2009/12/18
WinDS Windowing systems includes several programs. Operating systems 2 LiraNuna 2005/08/10
Winex DS Refer to Windows as system window and icons are similar. Operating systems 3.0 froskito 2009/09/11
WintenDoS Recreation the Windows operating system for DS. Operating systems 3.0 Darkyesus, Niidhogg (Yann), Loran531, Manga-DS 2009/08/20
WiXP Windows XP Style Homebrew. Operating systems 6.0 ametller124 2011/08/23
Woopsi Nintendo DS GUI library. Operating systems 1.3 Ant 512 (Antony Dzeryn) 2011/07/21
X-Soft With interchangeable skins environments, applications and games. Operating systems 10.0/1.0 master sonic 2009/10/04
DSButtons A soundboard for the DS, the name of which is based on iButtons. Music Apps 1.2 FUK-Team 2013/08/04
op-1 DS port of the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Music Apps 2016 efairbanks 2016/09/02
AXE DS Chiptune solo. Music Apps 0.03 tepples (Pin Eight) 2006/09/12
Betablocker Livecoding performance. Music Apps 1.0 Dave Griffiths 2011/01/27
Bliptracker NDS drum machine. Music Apps 1.0c dan 2007/06/03
CellDS A flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer. Music Apps 1.3 Clone45 2008/10/04
Chords Book A portable guitar with the ability to play free partitions. Music Apps 0.3 Deuspi, Nob, Shinza 2009/04/19
Dboy A tracker-style sample sequencer. Music Apps 1.0.r28 13th lsl (under demogroup Checkpoint) 2011/05/13
dDJs Silver A Disc Jockey Table. Music Apps Silver Braware (Clodoaldo-N) 2008/10/10
DrumMe A drum kit. Music Apps 2007 NeX 2007/06/01
Drummer A networked digital musical interface, allows multiple users to design and play a drum kit. Music Apps 0.2 Andrea Bianchi, Woon Seung Yeo 2010/01/18
Drummers Digital musical interface for drum kit. Music Apps 2.0b Lien 2006/03/20
DrumPad DS Simple drum pad app. Music Apps 2010 Whistlingboy 2010/01/23
DsAPM? Sounds of TV program called APM TV3. Music Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/07/24
DS Daft Daft Punk console. Music Apps 2.0 Corenting 2012/07/03
ds-h Change Nintendo DS into a harmonica. Music Apps Alpha Braware 2010/11/23
DsKara A karaoke application. Music Apps 1.2 Graph05 2007/11/30
damcu A wireless mix controller. Music Apps Preview dan 2008/07/04
DS MIDI Keyboard Acts as a MIDI keyboard. Music Apps 1.5 tobw 2010/04/04
DSMetronome Metronome on NDS. Music Apps 1.0 Demented 2009/01/14
DSolfege Port of Solfege. Music Apps 2008 pianopenguin 2008/12/13
DS Sampling Keyboard Kind of like a casio sk-1. Music Apps 1.2 Tob 2006/11/25
DS Synth Sixteen mononphonic midi channel that you can control over wifi. Music Apps 2 Evan Morris 2009/03/28
dSTAR Midi sequencer. Music Apps 05032007 TheRain (Collin Meyer) 2007/05/07
DStep A live sequencer. Music Apps 2 evil jed (ijed) 2008/03/25
DuckSlinger Piano on DS. Music Apps r49 Ken Snyder (coda) 2009/04/24
Finger Drum A simple virtual drum kit. Music Apps 2008 Mathieu Veron 2008/03/06
FUDIKaosDS Use NDS as a Kaospad style input to send messages over the wifi to music program. Music Apps 0.2 Chris McCormick 2007/12/02
glitchDS A powerful cellular automation sequencer. Music Apps 1.4 Clone45 2008/07/05
GrooveStep Full featured music making application. Music Apps 1.0 bioroid 2008/12/25
GuitarSound DS Guitar and bass tuner. Music Apps 1.5 fooshi 2008/12/19
IDaft DS iDaft ported on the Nintendo DS. Music Apps 20090829 Reyhn 2009/08/29
Jazzier Suite Aid musicians in improving ability to recognize pitch,read music,etc. Music Apps 2.0 Gaz (Gareth Bennett) 2010/08/09
Kaos DS An XY controller to adjust MIDI controls. Music Apps 1.5 tobw 2010/04/05
KnobsAndSlidersDS Use NDS to control things remotely over wifi. Music Apps 0.3 Chris McCormick 2007/05/25
LAB.REC A Lab recording. Music Apps WIP Braware 2010/12/01
LibXM7 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Music Apps 1.06 sverx 2011/01/27
Midi Control DS A kaoss clone, used to be MidiPad. Music Apps 2 Benji7905 (Ben_j) 2011/06/01
MIDI-Jammer Graphical midi tool. Music Apps 3.0 Andrew Buch 2008/11/20
Monome-DS Simple simulation of a monome 40h like device with some artistic license. Music Apps 1.0 Grizzly Adams 2007/08/11
Musicly Ocarina Playable Ocarina on NDS. Music Apps 0.02 dereklarue 2012/08/20
myMeloDS Piano-based music application. Music Apps 0.45 T.Le (outphase), L.Yang (zoharmodifier) 2007/05/29
MyPiano A 61 note virtual Piano for Nintendo DS. Music Apps 2009 BranMuffin 2009/03/12
MyVirtualPiano Play a piano on Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.2 beta Electronix 2008/08/06
NDS BGMFILER A music making application, features midi playback, keyboard, channel selection. Music Apps 20101115 MeRAMAN 2010/11/15
NDS Ocarina A 4-hole ocarina for Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.3 danielps 2010/08/31
NitroTracker A versatile tool for creating music. Music Apps 0.4 0xtob 2008/07/10
Olas Calming wave sound. Music Apps 0.1 Naruto1994 2010/04/03
Piano DS Virtual piano simulator. Music Apps 0.5 CrashingThunder 2010/03/22
Piano Vero A piano application to detect notes on keyboard. Music Apps 1.0 Blackos 2006/10/13
Pulse DS A MIDI synthesizer to produce Game-Boy-like sounds. Music Apps 1.6 tobw 2010/04/05
Protein DScratch Similar to ElectroPlankton concept. Music Apps 2009 gorgull 2009/01/22
repeaterDS Stuttering sample player. Music Apps 2008 Clone45 2008/06/09
SenoDS Music live sequencer for the Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.9.1 a128 2010/01/21
sniff_jazzbox Converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. Music Apps 2007 AND-OR (René Bauer, Beat Suter), Johannes Auer 2007/12/08
Solfege Music theory application. Music Apps 2009 GueX 2009/06/06
Sonic AS MIDI player. Music Apps 1.1 Ruben 2009/10/24
SoundBoardDS Similar to a DJ's soundboard. Music Apps 2009 BranMuffin 2009/08/17
Sound Cells An experimental synth. Music Apps 1.0 Patryk 2006/11/10
Sonic Orbit A sound manipulation homebrew. Music Apps 0.3.7 Simon Kenny 2011/02/11
South Park Sound Contains sounds of different characters from South Park. Music Apps Final ATHUR6 2008/08/27
String Tuner DS Useful to tune guitars and other musical instruments. Music Apps 1.0 object65 2008/09/12
StrumMe A sampled guitar. Music Apps 2007 NeX 2007/06/09
Tabbed Guitar application. Music Apps 0.18a Wizlon 2008/03/20
The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Ocarina simulator which appeared in the game Legend of Zelda. Music Apps 0.0.2 RDilus 2011/07/27
ToneSynthDS A NDS Composer Applications. Music Apps 0.24 HotelSinus Sound Design 2009/11/16
Toy Piano Sampled piano. Music Apps 2008 Brian Grogan Jr 2008/03/29
TuneItDS Guitar tuning tool. Music Apps 2011 SimplexProductions 2011/08/21
UkuleleDS Virtual guitar tool. Music Apps 1.0 patryk 2005/11/06
Xylophono Classic xylophone. Music Apps 2008 Mars_Visage_Software 2008/06/19
Zelda Instruments Sounds from the Zelda series. Music Apps 2 Buck_7 2011/07/13
Zelda SFX DS Zelda NES Music Homebrew. Music Apps 0.1 King Dodongo 2011/09/10
Rocket Video Player A video player for Nintendo DS and DSi. Media players 1.1 RocketRobz 2019/05/29
Online Jukebox DS Shoutcast player for DS. Media players 2010 The coon 2010/08/20
MoonShell Well known multimedia player. Media players 2.10 Stable Moonlight, Infantile Paralysiser 2010/08/31
DbrowSer File browser that can play mp3 and view jpg files. Media players 2008 Tommie 2008/09/05
DSMediaCenter A full-fledged homebrew launcher/movie player. Media players Final Hillbilly 2009/05/30
DSMplay Media player application that plays DSM files. Media players 0.8 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/09/15
DSTwo iPlayer Media player for DSTWO. Media players 1.1 supercard 2010/11/17
MPEG4 Player A MPEG4 Player for the DS. Media players 2008 erspicu_brox 2008/08/17
XM7Play XM/MOD player. Media players r2011 sverx 2011/01/27
Spinal's Media Player Movie player. Media players 1.0 Spinal 2008/02/18
Advanced Sound Library A sound library for the NDS. Media players 1.0 Noda 2007/12/02
A Tint of MENUdo - Player Media player for MENUdo. Media players 2009 soulanger 2009/08/22
DSAmp Control Winamp from DS. Media players 1.0 PadrinatoR 2006/08/11
Dissonance Internet radio client for DS. Media players 0.2.1 Dave Brady (matter.grey.) 2006/05/17
FAT Player MikMod A player module track. Media players 5 Cid2mizard, Kukulcan 2008/07/15
MPEG4 Player by Gericom Video player for the NDS, a spinoff project from YoutubeDS. Media players 2019 Gericom 2019/11/28
Licks Media Player MP3 Player, Ipod clone. Media players 1.02 Lucas (originally by Lick) 2010/03/03
Tuna-viDS Plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio. Media players 1.2 Chishm 2018/10/13
SSEQ Player Uses fincs' SSEQ Player to play the music. Media players 2011 KazoWAR 2011/09/15
NDSWebradio Streaming web radio client. Media players 0.3 yaouanK 2007/08/12
DSVideo Video player and converter. Media players 1.10 Dominic Ludlam 2008/12/08
PAMOD Fully customizable modplayer. Media players 1.1 Kleevah 2005/11/10
PocketSPC Emulates the audio hardware of the SNES, playing SPC sequence files. Media players 1.0 gladius (Gary Linscott) 2005/09/11
Raw Sound Player RAW sound player. Media players 2005 Extreme Coder 2005/08/11
SIDPlayerDS Port of SIDPlayer,a replayer program for C64 music. Media players 2006 Troy Davis (GPF) 2006/08/20
SylphAMP Winamp-to-NDS interface. Media players 0.04 ficedula 2006/07/04
XMid NITRO NDS A MIDI player. Media players Final Ruben 2012/11/22
YetAnOtherMp3Player MP3 Player. Media players 0.3 Birslip 2006/05/20
Biorythm A mathematical application of human biology. Math 2009 shyriu42 2009/02/14
DS85 Also named DS85, TI-85 scientific calculator emulator. Math r3 Davr 2007/07/31
Calculator DS Calculator App for the Nintendo DS. Math 2005 Lien 2005/10/09
Cellular Automata DS A homebrew cellular automata simulator. Math 0.11.0 aldatsa 2020/04/17
Digit Solver Turns DS into a calculator. Math 1.00 Mushroomfantasy 2006/08/19
DS-HPCALC HP11C and HP16C scientific calculator. Math 1.0 Jeff Laing 2008/04/21
Eigenmath DS Free computer algebra system. Math 1.0 Leonel 2009/02/01
GraphDS Graphing calculator application. Math 0.9.1 Morgan Robertson 2009/01/28
Handwriting Calculator Inspired by the handwriting calculator from nokia labs. Math 0.25 Quipeace 2009/09/14
Mandelbrots A fractal browser for NDS. Math 0.6 davr 2008/05/05
Mandelbrot Fractal (Fractal Junkie) A fractal browser. Math 2.0 TheMagnitude 2008/04/27
Mandelbrot Set Explorer A Mandelbrot generator. Math 2012 sverx 2012/01/09
Maths Mate: Auto Algebra! Able to work out simple algebra equation. Math 0.2A jpoopdog 2011/09/10
MathomaticDS Port of Mathomatic to the DS. Math 2006 Davr 2006/11/11
MoonCalc Calculator on DS. Math 0.1 Beta moonlight 2011/02/16
NdsMandel A fractal browser for the NintendoDS. Math 2007 yJay 2007/07/30
PA_calc Simple Calculator. Math 2006 jandujar 2006/02/28
TablesDS Table of multiplication. Math 2.1 mrvbscript 2009/08/11
Wabbit DS TI-83+ Emulator. Math Full James Montelongo (JimE) 2007/11/03
WireWorld DS DS version of a cellular automation. Math 1.0 Update asiekierka 2020/06/27
ZogNC Scientific Calculator. Math 0.18 zogna 2009/10/24
NeoKey Fileviewer An alternate fileviewer. File browsers 2006 D-loader 2006/03/19
DSchedule Organizer application compatible with ICal and Google calendar. File browsers 20080303 Samel 2008/03/03
YetiBrowser MK2/3 SD file browser/reader/editor/viewer. File browsers 1.0 Smealum 2006/03/19
DsOS Multifunction application. File browsers 0.6 Aurelio 2009/08/22
DSKiosk A homebrew organizer/launcher. File browsers 1.2 Kornflexx 2009/06/16
EFS Library Library/tools to manage files within a NDS binary. File browsers 2.0 Noda 2008/06/25
File Manager Manage files on card and send/receive files from other DS. File browsers 0.6U Padnoter 2010/07/27
DSFile File browser application with editing functions. File browsers 2 calcprogrammer1 2007/08/21
Bowser Minimalistic browser for the NDS storage cards. File browsers 080107 Spaghetti DSDev (Samel) 2008/01/07
iFile A lightweight file manager. File browsers 0.15 Darkchild 2008/03/05
Xsystem Semi os/filebrowser like DS-DOS. File browsers 2a hacker013 2008/09/26
GodMode9i A full access file browser for the Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS consoles. File browsers 3.1.0 DS-Homebrew 2021/12/25

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