Video Games Hero

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Video Games Hero
Author(s)Sumiguchi & Spriteattack

Video Games Hero is a rhythm game for the Nintendo DS, similar to the Guitar Hero series.

It features over sixty five different songs of great selection of old school songs that take you back to video games of yesteryear. For example it has hits from the Castlevainia series, Monkey Island, Donkey Kong and much more. This game also supports the Guitar Hero: On Tour guitar grip and Motion Pak.

It is participated in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008, ranked 2nd. It was voted the 7th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • Fun and challenging action.
  • Over 65 Songs.
  • 5 Game modes.
  • Motion Card and Guitar Grip support.


Extract the archive so that the vgh folder is on the root of your flash cart.

Inside this folder you should have a gfx and a d folder each with many files.

Use the vghero.nds for slot 1 carts and for slot 2 (rename to .gba if necessary).

The .nds (or gba) files can be placed where ever you like. DLDI patching is required.

User guide


  • Easy - Has notes on three tracks.
  • Medium - Has notes on four tracks.
  • Hard - Has notes on all five tracks.
  • Expert - Has even more notes than hard.

Ready Menu

After choosing a Song, a few options will be available on the Ready menu.


  • 13 different stages (backgrounds) in total, which have to be unlocked.
  • 0 for a random selection.
  • 1 stage is available at the beginning and 3 can be unlocked in each difficulty.
  • All 12 stages can be unlocked in Expert mode if you haven't played easy/medium/hard.


  • Flip the note patterns.
  • Normal has the colours lined up with Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange from left to right.
  • Flipped has them in reversed order Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.


  • If you find the notes to be out of sync with the music, try adjusting the calibration.

Tour gameplay

Strike the right color as it's note passes over the hit box near the bottom of the top screen.


  • D-Pad/Buttons - Strike a note with D-pad/buttons as indicated on the bottom screen.
  • Stylus - Tap the appropriate color on the screen with Stylus.
  • Guitar Grip - From left to right, use D-Pad Left, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.
    • Choose Flipped on the ready menu to line up the colors if you like.
    • If you forgot to insert the grip when you started the game, pause the game (press Start) and pop it in, it will be automatically detected.


  • Easy - 30 points.
  • Medium - 40 points.
  • Hard & Expert - 50 points.


  • When you hit all the notes in the correct sequence, you will see coins turning white on the bottom of the top screen.
  • Once they have all turned white, your multiplier will be increased to a maximum of 5x.

Streak Bonus:

  • Once you have hit 25 notes in a row you will be awarded 1000 points and a streak bonus icon will be shown on the screen.
  • When it is visible, use L/R buttons to gain even more points.
  • When you see sparks fly from the Streak Bonus, you've earned an additional 50 points.
  • You can earn hundreds of points with a single streak bonus in this way - but be careful - if you miss a note, the streak bonus is gone and so is your multiplier.
  • Also works with Motion card (automatically detected).

Results Screen

  • Rating < 25 = 3 thumbs down (Fail).
  • Rating < 50 = 2 thumbs down (Fail).
  • Rating < 70 = 1 thumb down (Fail).
  • Rating < 85 = 1 star (Success).
  • Rating < 95 = 2 stars (Success).
  • Rating >=95 = 3 stars (Success).

Bonus Modes

Red Vs Blue:

  • Challenge your friend or just compete against yourself.
  • In addition to the normal Ready Menu options, you can also choose how many notes will be played per color, before switching to the other (5 means that 5 red notes are followed by 5 blue notes).
  • In this mode you are limited to using the d-pad and buttons. Red plays red notes with the d-pad and Blue plays with the Y/X/A buttons.
  • The scoring is based on your accuracy and your best streak. Stats are kept to keep track of the Red - Blue score for each song and overall.


  • This mode is meant to be played with the lid closed and play to rhythm. You can play in any of the following ways (or any combination thereof):
    • L and/or R shoulder buttons.
    • Guitar Grip (any button).
    • Motion (move in any direction).

Grip Mania:

  • This mode is meant for the Guitar Grip enthusiasts.
  • It provides the Expert level on only 4 tracks.
  • Regardless of the Normal/Flipped setting, the colors will always line up with the grip.
  • The streak bonus works just like in the Tour.


  • If you've mastered all the tracks, try this one for a change as each note is generated randomly - providing you with a unique experience every game.
  • Play in the same way as Tour.


  • SFX Volume - Adjust the volume of the sound effects (0 - 100 at increments of 5).
  • Menu scroll - Change or stop the background scrolling in menu (you can also use Select in any menu to adjust this).
  • Clear RVB Stats - Reset the statistics for the Red Vs Blue game mode. (Hold X/Y after selecting the menu option).


Can be played using Stylus, D-Pad, Guitar Grip with Motion support.

Select - Enable/disable background scrolling

A - Start song

D-Pad or A/B/X/Y - Play

L/R - Bonus streak

For multiplayer, one player uses the D-pad, and the other uses the A/B/X/Y buttons.


videogameshero2.png videogameshero3.png


Video Games Hero DS homebrew (HomebrewReviews)


Full version - Update 1

  • Bug fixes.
  • New sounds (miss/menu).
  • New configuration to DISABLE MOTION to provide compatibility for MK5, Firecard, N-Card, DSLinker.
  • New configuration to DISABLE GRIP to provide compatibility with slot 2 motion/rumble packs.
  • 2 New Sets = 10 new songs = 75 songs in total.

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