Twin Isles

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Twin Isles
Author(s)Scott Graham
VersionRelease 2

Twin Isles is a simulation strategy homebrew game similar to Civilization, SimCity and Utopia. Comes with Free Play mode and Campaign mode.

User Guide

Build your own island and try to overpower the other player's island. You can research to improve build speeds, obtain new buildings, etc.

There's a tip system to teach you a little about the game, which is recommended to leave on for the first few game plays.

There's a few single player modes:

  • Free Play - Open-ended mode where you're just trying to keep your people happy and grow your population.
  • Scenarios - Short little missions where you're trying to achieve a goal in a certain amount of time (or some other condition).
  • vs CPU - Make it to 100,000 people first, or destroy the other island to win.

If you have SRAM on your GBA cart you can optionally save a replay of the game to the SRAM when you quit from the pause menu. Replays can be replayed from the Single Player menu. Similarily, you can also save your game from the Pause Menu and load from the Single Player menu later.



  • Scenarios added.
  • Techtree balanced, new techs added, effects changed.
  • War, and Missile Launches.
  • CPU player to play against.
  • Pauses and turns off screen/sound on lid being closes/opened.
  • Save/Load game functionality.