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TypeRole Playing

Arena is a DS homebrew game which combines RPG with Rock-Paper-Scissors. It involves going from town to town picking fights, eventually facing off against the final boss. This game would take about an hour to beat if played properly.

It was participated in the NEO Coding Compo 2005 and ranked 7th.

User guide

Go from town to town upping your character's level and stats. When you think you're ready, head to Lot's Tower and take him and his 8 gaurdians out.

World Map

World map is where you choose which town to go, save, exit and select items in your character's hands.

The Town


  • There are three types of items.
  • Damage (Red) - Deal x% of undefended damage (based on strength and agility).
  • Shield (Blue) - Raise your defense x% temporarily during a battle (till the end of the battle).
  • Health (Green) - Replenishe X% of health.


  • Talker - Provide information.
  • Giver - Will give out one item for free.
  • Dueler - Always contain one more attack slot than your character. After dueler is defeated your character gains an extra attack slot.


  • There will be three contestants.
  • Weak, Mid and Strong. Tap on the label to start duel.


You have x attack slots. With this attack slot you can do x different options in a round.

  • B - Back up and slash.
  • S - Stand and slash.
  • C - Charge attack.
  • Shield - Defend.
  • Left, Right Hand Item.

On the top screen you'll see your opponents attack slots and depending on your speed and foresight you may/may not be able to see what moves they are going to commit to.

If you have the opportunity to see what they are going to do you can choose the best form of attack (experiment or talk to locals to figure out two good hints on this).

The damage is dealt per attack. If your player is faster than the enemy your attack damage(to them) will be inflicted first (one point at a time). This is important from the stand point of dying. If you're faster than your opponent and both of you deal a "death" blow the faster one will most likely win the duel(based on the health of the current situation).

After defeating people in an Arena you will be awarded gold, experience and a stat boost. The stat boost is based on which person you're fighting (W/M/S) and which town you're in. Each town has different stat attributes to there fighters and therefore different stat boosts.


Almost all controls are based on the touch screen.

D-Pad or A/B/X/Y - Change towns in world map