EYEQ - The Film, TV & Music Quiz

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EYEQ - The Film, TV & Music Quiz

EYEQ is a quiz game in the style of Skill with Prizes (SWP) touchscreen games found in pubs. Make your way up the prize grid answer questions and completing picture puzzles. Win cash prizes along the way.This game consists of several movie, TV and music questions in a puzzle layout.

It was an entry for the NEO summer coding contest 2006.

User guide

You first start out with a question (random) on a film, TV or music and you must answer it or pass to another question (limited amount of passes per game). If you get the question wrong, you lose one life - when all lives are gone, you lose the game.

After having answered a question, you move on and must select a block from the grid and more blocks will be eliminated as you move up the grid.

All of the questions ranging from old TV shows to modern movies.


1.0 18 Aug 2006

  • added more pictures for the EYEQ puzzles
  • cleaned up most things
  • added a fancy splash intro

0.2 17 Aug 2006

  • updated stability,
  • a few more questions
  • gameflow now works (game-die-restart-game etc.)
  • added cash pot - collect the cash grid squares

v.0.1 16 Aug 2006

  • pre-release to get entered into the Summer Coding 2006 competition