Lemmings DS

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Lemmings DS
Author(s)Mr D
TypeAction Puzzle
Version7.04 Full

Lemmings DS is an open-source port of the classic Amiga action-puzzle game Lemmings for the Nintendo DS. Lemmings DS uses chishm's DLDI, and the most excellent NitroTracker player core by Tobias Weyand (as released under the LGPL).


  • All 120 levels from the original Amiga Lemmings.
  • All 100 levels from Oh-No! More Lemmings and now...
  • All 72 levels from Xmas Lemmings ‘91, ‘92, ‘93 and ‘94!
  • DLDI support.
  • Automatic progress saving.
  • Make your own levels and traps.


Download Verion 7.04 (1.4Mb).

Edit lemmingsds_config.txt with your preferences.

Put lemmingsds_config.txt and the LemmingsDS folder in the root of your card.

DLDI patch the lemmingsds_dldi.nds if your card needs it.

Start Lemmings_dldi.nds and wait while the levels load (up to 2 minutes).

User guide

This homebrew offers 3 different controls styles: Tapper, Holder and Tactics.

Tapper Style (default):

  • Similar to the original Amiga Lemmings control style. Use the stylus to tap a lemming, and the tool will be assigned instantly.
  • There are two Tapper style preferences, Hold and Toggle, which affect how the shoulder button is used:
    • Hold - The game is paused while you hold either shoulder button. While holding one shoulder button, you can tap the other button to advance the game by a single frame.
    • Toggle - You toggle pause on and off with the shoulder buttons.

Holder Style:

  • You can hold the stylus against the screen to pause the game temporarily.
  • Holding the stylus against a lemming cause that lemming to be highlighted:
    • While a lemming is highlighted, tap any shoulder button to assign the current tool.
  • This style can be useful if you are trying to pick a single lemming from a large group.

Tactics Style:

  • It is a reversal of the original Lemmings style. You must click on the lemming first and then the tool you want to assign.
  • Tactics style offers the same Hold and Toggle preferences as Tapper style.


D-Pad or X/Y/B/A - Move the camera in any control style

Start or Fast Forward button - Increase the game speed

Select (3 times rapidly) - Restart current level

Zoom controls - Zoom in/out

Close lid - Pause


Lemmings DS should run on any device with Read/Write DLDI support.

It will not work on any emulator.



  • Includes 120 levels of original Lemmings Amiga.
  • Includes 100 extra levels from Oh-no! More Lemmings.
  • Includes 72 extra levels of Lemmings Xmas '91, '92, '93 and '94.
  • Includes support DLDI, it is funcionaal in most Flash Cards, including the R4DS.
  • Ability to create your own levels using the level editor is included.