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Multi Updater
Authortepsicore_93 (tepsicore)
Last Updated2012/03/26
TypeSystem tools
0.7 Download

Multi Updater is an application with which we can have several update files (UPDATE) on PSPs, without having to rename the folders. It is available in English and Spanish.

This was one of the contest entries for the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications, 4th place).

Note: The link is for v0.7 only (latest release is v0.8a).

User guide

You can store up to 4 update files within the following folders (1 for each folder):

  • ms0:/PSP/GAME/MultiUpdater/Update1
  • ms0:/PSP/GAME/MultiUpdater/Update2
  • ms0:/PSP/GAME/MultiUpdater/Update3
  • ms0:/PSP/GAME/MultiUpdater/Update4

If there is no update within Update 1/2/3/4, some strange symbols will be shown, to prevent this problem some mock updates has been added, you will only have to overwrite them when you use it.

When you are using the MultiUpdater, it will take 5 seconds for the screen to start. The cause is that you have to load a prx, check if the UPDATE folder exists, and check if there is ChickHen.

After selecting an update, it will seem that nothing moves on the screen, but you should notice that the Memory Stick flashes.


Q. The application exit to the XMB.

It can be caused by one of the following:

  • You upload the Update Fake or upload an update where there is no eboot.
  • mudriver.prx is not found in the MultiUpdater directory.

Q. The application does not respond.

It will not respond if the vlf prx (iop.prx, vlf.prx, and intraFont.prx) are not found.


Cross - Run update from the Update1 folder

Circle - Run update from the Update2 folder

Triangle - Run update from the Update3 folder

Square - Run update from the Update4 folder

Start - Exit



  • Complete code cleanup.
  • Added configuration menu in which you can adjust the number of updates to show from 5 to 50, activate or deactivate ChickHen protection, change the language and reset the Multi Updater settings.
  • All the configuration data are saved so that you do not have to select them again when starting Multi Updater.
  • Changed the credits menu, adding thanks to Elvamo for providing the hosting of the Updates and the Multi Updater update (
  • The host of the Updates has been changed since the old one was obsolete.
  • Updated with the latest Custom Firmware and Original Firmware updates.
  • Recoded menu "Download updates" and menu "Update Multi Updater", the previous code has also become obsolete and did not load in any version of FW, now with the code restructuring the download will be done through the Carlosgs updater by what will download will make it as if it were updating.
  • Fixed stability bugs.
  • Increased FW compatibility.
  • Updated the downdriver.
  • Removed uncompressor driver.
  • No longer creates corrupt data, now overwrites existing UPDATE folder when launching an update.


  • Participate in the Scenery Beta 2009.
  • The option to download Custom Firmware and original Firmware updates has been added, via internet wifi.
  • The Multi Updater's own network update option has been added.


  • Participate in the Scenery Beta 2009.
  • Increased the number of updates to load, to fifty updates.
  • Unified English and Spanish in the same eboot.pbp.
  • Fixed bug, whereby a corrupt data was created.
  • Modified ICON0 and PIC1 graphics.


  • Participate in the Scenery Beta 2009.
  • Removed rare symbols that appeared when displaying the version.
  • Added protection against ChickHen, the application exits to the XMB.
  • Now the background color will be the color of the XMB.
  • Added VLF menu.
  • Added graphics ICON0.png and PIC1.png.
  • The code has been restructured, now it occupies less.


  • Fixed the problem with CF 's.
  • Now directly load the update in "ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE".
  • Available in 2 languages, English and Spanish .


  • Initial release.


Thanks Elvamo ( for its collaboration with the project by providing the hosting for updates and program updates.

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