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Mandelbrot Fractal Generator
Last Updated2007/08/20

Mandelbrot Fractal Generator is a mandelbrot fractal rendering program with zoom feature, allowing user to watch the fractal as it replicates itself.

This is an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications).

User guide

This actual version has three fractal sizes: Fullscreen (480x272), Medium (250x200), Small (120x100).

Bigger fractal means longer rendering time.

Also,you can set number of orbit checks per loop - more checks means more details and longer rendering time.

Default is 100 and with this setting you can reach 60-70x zoom,with ~30sec rendering time.

With 300 checks per loop you can reach as far as 500x zoom, but rendering of single zoom can take even up to 5 minutes and author has set the limited possible number of checks to 300.


Analog - Move the selection point

D-Pad - Precise movement of the selection point

Select - Hide coordinates

L/R - Zoom in and out

Cross - Begin fractal generation from the selected point

Triangle - Exit the application (while not rendering)


Mandelbrot Fractal Generator (gambiting)



  • Added 6 new colors.
  • Added Fullscreen 4:3 resolution(363x272).
  • Now you can go back to menu without quiting the game.
  • Added colored background feature(only for red,green,yellow,blue colors).
  • You can take screenshots and save coordinates now. It works like that:
    • You press select,then screenshot is saved in /psp/photo/. Screenshot names are incrementing, so these will be screenshot0.png screenshot1.png ect.
    • Coordinates are saved in /psp/game/mandelbrot/coordinates/with name connected with screenshot, so if name of your screen shot was screenshot21.png, then coordinates will be saved as screenshot21_coordinates.txt. In this file there will be saved every point you clicked, so if you zoomed for example 4 times, then in this file will be:
      • 342,98
      • 213,231
      • 476,123
      • 387,250
  • Screenshots made with 480x272 resolution.

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