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Last Updated2010/07/23
Version2 scenery beta

CSBAW + CSBUG (Spanish) is a 2-in-1 application made by Chimecho (Member of gCrew). It is specifically developed for creating user avatar on, without the need of other image editors/softwares. It is written using the LuaPlayer from DeViaNTe.

This is an entry from the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Applications, 3rd place).


To install, extract all the contents to the the root of your Memory Stick.

User guide

It comprises of 2 applications:

  • CSBAW/Chimecho's SB Avatar Creator.
  • CSBUG/Chimecho's SB Userbar Generator.

To select your own icon, go to the Icon tab (Icono) and select New (Nuevo).

The avatar is saved in the path ms0:/PICTURE/avatar.png.



Cross - Click

L/R - Change the rotation angle of the gradient and stripes

L/R - Opacity of certain options (Style layer, Icon, Texts)

L - Delete a character when writing

R - Space when writing

Select - Switch between sets of options

Square - Change the cursor movement between D-Pad and Analog

L(hold)+Start - Open explorer to import CAP files

R(hold)+Start - Export the CAP project

L(hold)+R(hold)+Start - Change from CSBAW to CSBUG


Cross - Click

L/R - Opacity of certain options (Pattern, Glow, Waves, Image)

L - Delete a character when writing

R - Space when writing

Square - Change the cursor movement between D-Pad and Analog

L+D-Pad - Move

R+Cross - Reset initial position of text

L(hold)+Start - Open explorer to import CUP files

R(hold)+Start - Export the CUP project

L(hold)+R(hold)+Start - Change from CSBUG to CSBAW


Select - Enable USB

Circle - Go back one directory

Cross - Click

Cross (twice) - Double click (to open directories only)

L+D-Pad Up - Upload the file list (or by clicking the up arrow)

L+D-Pad Down - Move up the file list (or by clicking the up arrow)


CSBAW & CSBUG (ChimeGaming)

Known issues

PSP freezes when changing very quickly from one PNG or CAP or CUP to another in the explorer.


version 2.0 Scenery Beta

  • Renamed to "CSBAW + CSBUG".
  • Changed icon0.png and added icon1.pmf.
  • Increased the options from 8 to 24 distributed in 3 sets of 8, interchangeable with "Select".
  • Added option to choose between 3 avatar styles.
  • Added option to choose style layer.
  • Added the 6 new SB logos of the 6 communities as presets.
  • Added the options to put "stripes" in the background as well as its color.
  • Added options to choose the bars that go after the rank and nick and their color.
  • Changed the letters of the ranks and communities.
  • Ability to choose colors and opacity for both the borders and the fills of all texts.
  • Changed the font of the texts.
  • Changed the predefined icons so as not to violate copyright rules.
  • Added icon shadow.
  • Added option to move the icon and its shadow.
  • Possibility of placing additional text both in front of and behind the icon.
  • Added help to consult the controls (Available by pressing triangle).
  • Added CSBUG (Chimecho's SB Userbar Generator).
  • CAP (CSBAW Avatar Project) and CUP (CSBUG Userbar Project) formats created.


Thanks to -RG4M3R- for the PSD of the avatars.

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