Mario Craft

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Mario Craft

Mario Craft is a homebrew which players build level to mess around, the project was initially to be a level editor.

It's like basic minecraft game; build and sculpt the very world you play in.The game plays a little differently than minecraft. The first difference is that it is retro mario style. Another, is it's 2D not 3D. Last, there aren't all of those tools, modes, blocks, or huge loading maps. You character is Mario and you get to design mushroom kingdom.


  • jump on enemies and run into blocks
  • gravity and movement
  • unlimited maximum height
  • will not get stuck in between box squares


Left/Right - move

A - jump

X - run

Down (on a cloud) - fall from cloud

L/R - swap between menu and action screen

Tools on the top screen - switch from a block creator, to block destroyer, to block mover

NOTE:The amount of block are limited. This shouldn't be too bad of a problem anyways due to the fact of 128 instances on a screen at a time will crowd the place up.



  • The last update could have been good but had a couple of errors. Several bug fixes. No jumpy y camera movement, it now moves smoothly when you reach a certain height. Offset blocks on both axis have been fixed now for perfect placement. After dieing and then falling to the ground and getting stuck has been fixed. Moving objects past 256x192 has also been fixed. Room now has no height limit for no reason. All fixes made help enhance other areas as well. Keep the feedback coming and i can fix these things again and add more stuff!


  • Since this update was shortened, next updates will include more enemy color and characteristic variation, newer enemies, new backgrounds, big mario and luigi, power ups, warping pipes, and more.