Shunyweb Savegames Converter

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Shunyweb Savegames Converter
TypePC Utility
Version2.0 Final (28 May 2019)

A web-based NDS Save Game Converter.


  • Action Replay DS (*.dss, *.duc).
  • DS Linker (*.sav).
  • DS-Xtreme (*.sav).
  • EZFlash IV (*.sav).
  • G6 (.0).
  • M3 (*.dat).
  • M3 Simply/R4 (*.sav).
  • Ninjapass (*.sav).
  • Supercard (*.sav).

User guide

Note: Please backup your savedatas before using the converter.

From GameFAQ/Flashcart/No$gba to Emulator/FlashCart

  • From the Savegame to convert section, click Browse..., find the save file you want to convert.
  • Then select the format of the file you selected above. For example, if you are converting a file from GameFAQs then most likely you will select Action Replay Max DS (.duc/.dss).
  • In the Target format section, select the format that you require to use on your Emulator/FlashCart, such as No$GBA (.sav) files or M3 Simply/SuperCard FlashCart (.sav) files.
  • For DeSmuME use the Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] format (more below).

From No$gba to DeSmuME

  • Go to File -> Import Backup Memory.
  • Look for your No$gba .sav file, which is inside the BATTERY folder. Select it.
  • Import, and load ROM as per normal.

From any other savefile to DeSmuME

  • Convert the file using the correct Source format. Select Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] as the Target format.
  • On DeSmuME go to File -> Import Backup Memory. Select the save file you've just converted.
  • Load in-game save as per normal.

From DeSmuME to Flashcart's savefile

  • Go to File -> Export Backup Memory on DeSmuME. This will produce a Raw Format save file
  • Go to the Shunyweb Converter. Use Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] as the Source format.
  • Target format is the format the flashcart uses as usual.