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Shunyweb Savegames Converter
Last Updated2019/05/28
TypeSave and Game Managers
Version2.0 Final

A web-based NDS Save Game Converter.


  • Action Replay DS (*.dss, *.duc).
  • DS Linker (*.sav).
  • DS-Xtreme (*.sav).
  • EZFlash IV (*.sav).
  • G6 (.0).
  • M3 (*.dat).
  • M3 Simply/R4 (*.sav).
  • Ninjapass (*.sav).
  • Supercard (*.sav).

User guide

Note: Please backup your savedatas before using the converter.

From GameFAQ/Flashcart/No$gba to Emulator/FlashCart

From the Savegame to convert section, click Browse..., find the save file you want to convert.

Then select the format of the file you selected above. For example, if you are converting a file from GameFAQs then most likely you will select Action Replay Max DS (.duc/.dss).

In the Target format section, select the format that you require to use on your Emulator/FlashCart, such as No$gba (.sav) files or M3 Simply/SuperCard FlashCart (.sav) files.

For DeSmuME use the Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] format (more below).

From No$gba to DeSmuME

Go to File -> Import Backup Memory.

Look for your No$gba .sav file, which is inside the BATTERY folder. Select it.

Import, and load ROM as per normal.

From any other savefile to DeSmuME

Convert the file using the correct Source format. Select Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] as the Target format.

On DeSmuME go to File -> Import Backup Memory. Select the save file you've just converted.

Load in-game save as per normal.

From DeSmuME to Flashcart's savefile

Go to File -> Export Backup Memory on DeSmuME. This will produce a Raw Format save file

Go to the Shunyweb Converter. Use Acekard RPG|EZ Flash V|RAW Format (Autodection) [.sav] as the Source format.

Target format is the format the flashcart uses as usual.



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