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Author(s)Lino Maglione (aka linoma)
Version1.5 Final

Fb4ds is a simple client for Facebook's chat. It uses Pidgin's source code for Facebook's protocol, for other featuers like GUI etc etc. This homebrew uses PAlib and libNDS. It compiles with devkitARM and the support of the others libs, like libdswifi, libgif, libctaocrypt, libcyassl, libz and libpng.

This homebrew was placed 1st in the NEO Coding Compo 2010, APP section.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch it and copy it with the 'data' folder to the root directory of the card


L - like TAB on Windows

R+D-Pad - move the active window

Select - click on the current window, 2 times as double click

X - close the active window, clear Text Box

L+R - switch the screens

Known Issues

Reports of "Login fails each time with an error 12" - March 2010 - Should be fixed in v1.1. Anyone confirm? --ChuckMcB 10:05, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Still gets error -12 for me on my R4 SDHC with correct login info - Jacque006 -
Still gets error -12 for me on my R4 SDHC with correct login info - Dave - December 27, 2010 04:02, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Keyboard not found. Make sure you have put the 'data' folder and its contents in the root of your card.


Tested on: Flashcard iPlayer with firmware O.S. 1.2 V. 1.0.6

Flashcard M3DS Real with firmware 4.8
Flashcard TTDS / DSTT firmware 1.17a12


v1.5 beta

  • Fixed some bugs in GUI management
  • Fixed some bugs in HTTP requests
  • Fixed a bug in gzip decompression
  • Fixed some bugs in Serach Friends Option
  • Added profile image upload features
  • Other small changes


  • Fixed bugs in ram disk management
  • Fixed a bug in cyassl library (login error -12)
  • Added support for EZ 3in1 More (Not Tested)
  • Added new friendships request capabilities
  • Added avatars in Notifications Feed
  • Added support for PNG images
  • Added support for GZIP connections


  • Fixed a bug during the connection the user and pass now are correct
  • Fixed a bug in the listboxes now the current selected item is visible always and it dont freeze
  • Fixed a bug in times management
  • Fixed a bug parsing the news, now all news are showed
  • ... and others small fixes and added

fb4nds 1.0 Finale Version

  • First release
  • More fixes and changes