Skinz Sudoku

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VersionUpdate June 11, 2007

Skinz Sudoku is a Sudoku clone with undo/redo function and customized skins.

It was presented at the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition.

User guide

Just launch a game of the desired level, click on a tile, and write the desired number using the Stylus. You can undo/redo a few thousand times if needed.

Custom skin

The system uses skin PAFS since the last version.

Put your .png file (the only format supported) in the folder Skins, run PAFS.bat. It is a limited to 1MB for total skins.

Beware it replaces the default skins, so if you use this system you will lose the default skins.


Operate with Stylus.

Select - Change skin


Update 11 June 2007

  • Optimizations on the memory used and the loading speed.
  • New code for generating sudoku, symmetrical. Little tested, it works, is slower than the old code (basically it takes the time we had saved on loading).
  • New skin format (the same as before but with 2 more lines to support the new buttons).
  • Undo/Redo, on 2048 levels. It's like 30 minutes of play if we do 1 modification/second, which should be enough. After all, a grid contains only 81 squares.
  • Reorganization of the code to make things cleaner, but that nobody cares.
  • Setting up the statistics system and saving, but not functional here. It's a beta, too lazy to hide it.
  • Confirmation when we leave.
  • Highlighting of the lines on the top screen for more readability (messed up on the emus).
  • Improvement of the recognition of certain figures for several people.

Update 1 May 2007

  • Fixed splash on DS.
  • Adding a dynamic menu/title.
  • Smoother transitions between different parts.
  • Updated number recognition. Able to play 2 sudokus in a row without any problems.
  • Adding arrows to move from one box to another without having to zoom out/rezoom. You can also use the pad.
  • Adding a back button to the menu.
  • Added a zoom effect for displaying a new number.
  • Fixed a bug on DS (display of a small four) when clicking on a box.
  • Fixed a bug in the Sudoku end check, it could crash and erase a number each time.
  • Display of a small animation (just missing the sound) when we win, you will tell me if you like it or not.
  • Display of an error message if the grid is full but false.
  • Addition of backtracking on the solver, but it is not available from the menu, so nobody cares But for me it was important, allows to solve the sudoku more than hardcores.
  • Probably other things that have forgotten to write down.

Update 29 April 2007

  • Added the Mollusk Games/SpriteAttack splash screen (daydream).
  • Updated title screen, forgot to include it last time.
  • 2 new DayDream skins, bringing the total to 4 (plus Naruto). Allows you to have 1 skin/difficulty level.
  • Pause support, with Start, the pause button, or even by closing the DS (not tested). When we pause it hides the numbers so as not to cheat.
  • Added peros skins with PAFS, uses PNG format exclusively. See the main post for the procedure.
  • Small bugfix, when you start to write a number it erases the big one, it is more practical.

Update 28 April 2007

  • New default skins, by DayDream. Ultimately, there will be 4, one per level of difficulty.
  • Added a Naruto skin to test the skin system, nothing specific.
  • Level correctly recognized as completed. Relaunches a new sudoku directly.
  • The 8 of MasterDjé have been added Language.
  • Added delete button, more convenient to erase everything, right?