Jack Turtle

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Jack Turtle
Last Updated2007/10/23
VersionAlpha 0.15

Jack Turtle is a work-in-progress Jump and Run platformer for the NDS.


  • Character Sprites.
  • Game Engine (50% completed).
  • User Interface Design.
  • Character AI (60% completed).
  • Save/load progress.
  • High scores (75% completed).

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There is a scientist who runs an aquarium and he's been messing with the animals. His dolphins turned out really well, so he starting genetic modification on some others. Well, the others took over and the worst of them is a whale. The whale has had all the sea turtle eggs stolen from the nearby beach so he can modify them genetically and create an army. One of the dolphins escaped and is helping the sea turtles get their eggs back. The turtles chose Jack Turtle to rescue them, and the dolphin gave him a weapon. Then butt-kicking will begin....


  • Jack Turtle - The hero of the story, on a mission to recover the stolen sea turtle eggs from his beach.
  • Sea urchin - They just get in the way and give you a nasty poke! Appear in all stages.
  • SCOOWBA Fish - Fish in SCOOWBA (Self-Contained Out Of Water Breathing Apparatus) gear. Stage 1 enemy, very large SCOOWBA Fish as first boss battle.
  • Stingray - They will chase you down to sting you with their tails! First appearance in Stage 2. (There will be a very large one as a boss battle in stage 2)
  • Seagull - Flying and dropping bombs, and some will be land based to peck at you. Stage 3 enemy, again a large one will be the stage 3 boss battle.
  • Evil Whale - Final boss.
  • Dolphin - Weapon supplier to Jack Turtle, and general aide throughout the game.

Game stages

  • Beach to City - The first four levels will take Jack Turtle from the beach to the outskirts of the city.
  • City to Aquarium - The next four levels will be Jack's adventures on his way to the aquarium.
  • Aquarium Outdoors - These four levels will be the parking lot and outdoor areas of the Aquarium as Jack nears his goal.
  • Aquarium Indoors - Jack will have to travel through the interior of the aquarium on his way to face the evil whale that stole his family's eggs.


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