Platdude’s Retro Collection

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Platdude Retro Collection

Platdude’s Retro Collection was first released in November 2007. It contains 18 games in the latest version.

User guide

Centipede: Blast away all the approaching Centipede bits.

Snake: Guide the Snake towards the numbered blocks.

Invaders: Destroy all the Alien Invaders before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Light Cycles: Guide your way away from the enemy lines in a rather basic remake of the classic Tron game.

Asteroids: Shoot all the floating Asteroids for whatever reason there ever was for doing it in any other version of the game.

Racer: This game has been hidden like some Easter Egg.

Escape: Grab the blue square and keep it away from the red ones.

Missile Command: Destroy the approaching missiles, before they destroy your bases.

Dot Pop: With 30 seconds on the clock, hit as many squares as you can.

Pacman: With two full screens of pills to empty, and eight ghosts running around, you’d better get moving.

Frogger: Passes 2 huge busy roads instead of river.

Pong: Just you, a CPU, and a ball. Number of ball would increase as difficulty increases.

Tetris: Classics added according to requests.

Buzzard Bait!: Flap about and kill the other jousters. Collect their eggs before the re-hatch.

Lights Out: Tap the grid to invert a + of lights. Switch them all off to advance to the next level.

5 in a Line: Shuffle the grid around to match up 5 tiles of the same color in a single line.

Tune Tap: A tune is played, then repeat it. It’s like a really cheap version of Parappa.

QBert: Hop around the blocks, color them all in, and avoid the flashing balls of death.

Dodge Spikes: Move left and right, avoid all the spikes, and collect as many coins as possible.

Platduduesretrocolds2.png Platduduesretrocolds3.png


Stylus - move around menu

Note: Each minigame has its own controls.


Tested on: Flash card NDSTT (Top Toy Ds) with unofficial firmware 1.17a12