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AuthorThe DaedalusX64 Team
Last Updated2019/10/23
LicenseGNU GPLv2

DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Linux and PSP, with plans to port to Windows, Mac, PS Vita among other platforms. Daedalus is named after the craftsman at King Minos's court who designed the labyrinth for the Minotaur.


  • Fast emulation.
  • High compatibility.
  • Support for PSP TV Mode with 480p output.
  • Active support and updates.
  • Lots of experimental optimizations.


To install, copy the Daedalus folder to the /PSP/GAME/ folder on your PSP.

Note: If you have it previously installed, get the latest build from subversion/compiled in mirror. Remove all HLE files from the SaveGames folder, rom.db and preferences.ini. This will ensure that Daedalus is fresh.

User guide

Load Rom files (V86, Z64, ROM)

Roms can be placed in two locations, either the Daedalus Folder Rom directory or you can create a directory in the root of the memory stick (e.g. F:/N64/). Daedalus supports most rom formats (V64, Z64, ROM etc).

Zipped roms are also supported, however if zipped the rom will extract itself onto the memory stick anyway so it defeats the purpose of having a zipped rom. If you are running low on space, it is recommended that you extract the rom you want into the Rom Directory.

See also the Compatibility Game List (alternative).

Preview Pictures

All previews are included in a stable release or on subversion.

Preview pictures can be found in /Resources/Preview/ which you can modify to your liking. Pictures are required to be in PNG and 4:3 aspect ratio.

To let Daedalusx64 know which picture to use for each rom, you need to add a line to the corresponding entry in the main roms.ini file, with this format


Save Games

All the save game types are currently supported, if you have issues saving any game, check the roms.ini and make sure the save type is correct.

Save games are created with the same name as the rom file (in /Daedalusx64/SaveGames/).

Note that for performance reasons Daedalus only saves out modified save game every 60 vbl.

Save States

All the save states are created using this name format: SaveSlotXX.ss (XX can be from 0 to 63). Save States are saved by default at /Daedalusx64/SaveStates/<gamename>/.

But you can also create this directory ms0:/n64/SaveSates/ and Daedalus will use this directory for save state creation and loading.

In total there's 64 slots for save states, each game has its own 64 slots to choose. You can delete any save state easily, just choose the slot you want to delete and press square and then press triangle to confirm.

Pause menu

You can use the Pause Menu to take screenshots and reset the emulator to the main menu.

Screenshots are saved under the /Dumps/<gamename>/ScreenShots/ directory in the Daedalus folder on your Memory Stick.

Key mappings

Daedalusx allows user-configurable controls to be specified. The desired controls can be chosen from the Rom Settings screen.

In order to define your own controller configuration you need to add a new .ini file to the /Daedalus/ControllerConfigs/ directory.

There are a few examples provided which should give an overview of what is possible.


Main Menu:

D-Pad - Choose between rom

Cross - Select rom

L/R - Cycle through options screens


Start - Start

Analog - Analog

Circle+D-Pad - D-Pad

Cross - A

Square - B

Triangle - Z

L - L-Trigger

R - R-Trigger

D-Pad - C buttons

Home - Pause Menu, Return to emulator


Daedalus requires Custom Firmware 4.00 or higher and will not work on earlier firmwares.



  • Updated Asynchronous audio using the PSP's co CPU the Media Engine to be completely stable.
  • Updates to the PSP Media Engine PRX to improve performance.
  • Added a new speed hack to improve performance.
  • Working PS Vita detection.
  • Code changes to update to the C++ 11 standard.
  • And more.


  • New UI and small preview images: Working properly with large ROM lists.
  • Changes to Asynchronous audio: No longer waits for the Media Engine CPU to complete the last job and run on the main PSP CPU.
  • New EBOOT logo and PIC1.
  • Rebased with the latest version from strmnnrmn.
  • C11 Standard variables.
  • General code cleanup and more.


All testers, everyone who have helped, StrmnNrmn for getting the ball rolling with this emulator and for providing tips to developers.

StrmnNrmns (2001-2019) by 71M, Azimer, Exophase, hlide, laxer3A, Lemmy, Lkb, Raphael, Schibo, Zilmar.

Daedalusx64 (2008-2019) by Howard0su, Salvy, Corn, Hlide, Grazz, Chilly Willy, Maxi_Jack, Wally, Kreationz, z2442, Moto.

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