GIF/CARD viewer for Magic: The Gathering

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GIF/Card viewer for Magic: The Gathering
AuthorSylus101 (Sylus McFrederickson)
Last Updated2008/06/06
TypeOther Apps

An application of cards of Magic: The Gathering. Able to enable or disable type of card by color, type, set, or rarity.

It contains sets from Ravnica to Lorwyn, with a split up archive of the gif files, currently 1830 of them.


Note: You will need the gif files in order to use (original link no longer available).

To install, DLDI patch .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card.

All of the actual gifs need to go in a gifs folder, the cards in a card folder and the mgdt in a mgdt folder and the nds file on the root.

Everything should load fine if you do that. It should not be /gifs/gifs/, pay attention as you extract them.

User guide

Hold the NDS sideways to view card information.

For decklist, only one of each card can be added but in the deck editor you can increase a card quantity.

At this time, only 21 different cards can be added, but this will usually be enough, 21 x 4 = 84 cards.

From the query screen press start if you have saved a decklist and it will ask you to choose one. Once selected a solitaire game will start. All that actually works at this point is the shuffle.



Right/Left - Cycle between cards taking into account the text search (any other things disabled)

A - Bring up deck editor, Return to query screen

Y - Save a decklist

Start - Save the deck

Y - Return to the query screen

L - Switch screens (solitaire)


Add to deck - Add a card to a decklist

Search (query screen) - Bring up text search screen

On/Off icon - Enables/disables text search

Deck editor:

Up/Down icon - Increase/decrease card quantity

X - Chunk a card completely


Touchscreen - drag cards around

R - Taps last touched card

A - Turn over the last touched card

Start - Leave solitaire





  • Added a search by text.
  • Added a deck editor. Add cards to a deck then increase/decrease card quantity, remove cards, etc.
  • Added ability to save a decklist.
  • Added ability to load decks into a solitaire like environment. This is in early dev. stages, but looking good.

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