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AuthorSektor (originally by Alan Gerow)
Last Updated2007/01/14

TxtWriter is a text writing program. Using the virtual keyboard, you can type out a message that can then be saved to a CF card in a device such as the GBAMP. Button assignments for shift, backspace, space, and return make typing a little easier and are paralleled on both sides for left- and right-handed people.

You choose your own filename for the text files, but it only saves it to a folder named "TXT" in the root directory. There is also a 256 line limit for text files.

v0.3 sports a redesigned interface along with intra-document editing, allowing you to move around within the text file to make changes. Dialog boxes have been added to aid in user input options and alerts.


  • Save, read & load, and delete files from a CF card in a GBAMP and M3 with overwrite confirmation.
  • File menu with an alphabetized file list.
  • A working virtual keyboard with shift/caps, button highlighting, and F-key support.
  • Custom font.
  • Word wrapping and line scrolling.
  • Document navigating with home/end/page up/page down & arrow keys with a cursor.
  • Mirrored button key assistance mapping non-character keys for aided text input.
  • Dialog boxes for user input, selection confirmation, and information alerts.
  • Looking pretty snazzy.


Download and extract file.

Copy TxtWriter.nds to your CF card along with TXT folder if there isn't already one on your CF card.

User guide


  • 256 Line limit.
  • 8192 Character limit (256 lines * 32 characters).
  • 27 Character filename (+ file extension).
  • Confined to /TXT folder.
  • 128 Files.


Up/X - Shift

Left/Y - Backspace

Right/A - Space

Down/B - Return

L - Save

R - Open

Select - Clear

F1 - Save

F2 - Open

Close - Clear


v0.3.2 2007/01/14

v0.3.1 2006/03/20

  • Fixed graphic corruption problem on M3 (run ds.gba version, splash screen is white for some reason).
  • Updated FAT library to gba_nds_fat_2006-03-03 (should support more devices now).

v0.3 2005/11/11

  • Text console background.
  • New font.
  • New extended keyboard.
  • Key highlighting.
  • Home/end/pgup/pgdn & arrow keys navigate text.
  • Cursor.
  • Dialog boxes.
  • F-keys for openning & saving files.
  • Clear button.
  • Internal editing.

v0.2.1 2005/11/06

  • Fixed delete menu display bug.
  • Should now work with M3.

v0.2 2005/11/06

  • File browser.
  • Open text files.
  • Edit text files.
  • Delete text files.
  • Overwrite confirmation.
  • Scrolling files over 23 lines long.
  • Word wrapping.

v0.1 2005/11/02 (by alangerow)

  • Initial Release:
    • Virtual keyboard.
    • Bbutton assistance.
    • Save to CF card.
    • Choose filename.


Chishm, Headspin, El Hobito.

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