Operation Libra

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Operation Libra
Authorx711Li (Daniel Li)
Last Updated2014/03/21

Operation Libra is a escape the room game for the NDS. You must use the objects to interact with other items in the room to find a way to escape.

This is a full version game made in Actionscript for an in-school class, the game was originally named Entrapment. Over the course of a month, the art and game engine were created in Flash and was later used for the intended project. The game was ported onto the DS with extra features that were not previously included in the original Flash project.

It was ranked 1st in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009, Game section.


  • Mansion with 9 rooms.
  • 52 objects to examine.
  • Original art by B12CORE, ALGraphics.
  • Escape from the mansion.


Download and extract file.

DLDI it depends on needs and copy it to the root directory of the card.

If using emulator, save/load function will not be available. However you can save and load states.

User guide


D-Pad - Move around, Rotate various tools such as screwdriver

DS Motion - Move around

Touch Screen - Interact with objects

Start - Save


operationlibra2.png operationlibra3.png

operationlibra4.png operationlibra5.png


Producer: Daniel Li.

Game Designers: Hyun Woo Choi, Angela Leung, Daniel Li.

Art: Angela Leung, Daniel Li.

Closed Beta Testers: Alberto Panda, Aleks Manov, Alex Bolek, Angel Torres, Bella Tria, Cindy Kate, Corey Sarnia, Daniel Carter, Darion Gomez, David Shi, Evelyn Perry, Ferdinand Hollis, George Lai, Gurpreet Singh, John Lai, Jose Manuel, Lior Hermínio, Lutz Viliam, Mateo Zoto, Mattias Hermansson, Nick Trevisan, Patrick Oh, Sal Devereux, Sebastian Arne, Stavros Gregorios, Stephen Huang, Steve Ezeta, Thomas Kwon, Tomm Kasey, Tom Phan, William Daniels, (Alias) Airflow, (Alias) Bellatrix, (Alias) Equal_BASS, (Alias) Generic, (Alias) iamSTEVE, (Alias) Moogra, (Alias) Someone, (Alias) Sparks, (Alias) Traitor, (Alias) xYOMI.

Special Thanks to: PALib, Neoflash.

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