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AuthorJustBurn, MattTS, Kepler
Last Updated2009/07/31
TypeArcade Games

5nake is a DS homebrew game based on the old-school Snake games but with a few new features and modes.

It was voted the 16th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • 6 graphical themes with unlock-able ones.
  • 3 modes including Mission, Survival and Practice.
  • A variety of power-ups.
  • Save feature (can be disabled).
  • Level editor.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it and copy it to your card.

User guide

Control the snake to collect fruits and avoid obstacles.

Collecting the fruits will increase your score and make your snake grow.

Watch out for power-ups such as slow motion, don't grow, shrink, score multipliers and extra lives (Easy and Normal difficulty only).

The game can keep track of your high scores using the save features on libfat compatible cards (NDS) and savegame (GBA).


  • Default.
  • Arcade.
  • Vector.
  • Electro (Complete Easy mode to unlock).
  • ASCII (Complete Normal mode to unlock).
  • Editor (Complete Normal mode to unlock).



  • Play the game by collecting the required number of fruits to complete the level.
  • Once you complete a level it is unlocked in practise mode.


  • Play the levels you already unlocked with no time or score limit.


  • You need to keep eating fruits to survive.
  • If you run out of steps it's game over.


Game and Practice:

Difficulty Fruits Speed Up Objects Score Slow Motion Don't Grow & Multiplier Handicap
Easy 75% 75% 75% 20 sec 33 sec None
Normal 100% 100% 100% 15 sec 25 sec 1 Powerup per fruit
Hard 150% 150% 150% No Powerups No Powerups No Powerups

You gain an extra life per 5000 points.


Difficulty Starting Steps +Steps Per Fruit
Easy 401 41
Normal 300 30
Hard 224 21



  • Block (Silver) - Will kill the snake if you hit it. The super snake can eat it but this will cost you points.
  • Fruit (Red apple) - You need to collect this to increase your score or to move towards the next level.
  • Giant Fruit (Large Apple) - Takes you to the next level.


  • Extra life (Heart in a green box) - Gives you a extra life. You also get a extra life for every 5000 points you collect.
  • Don't Grow (Pac-man) - Makes your snake stop growing for a certain amount of time.
  • Move slower (Light blue clock) - Move at half speed for a certain amount of time.
  • Shrink by 1 (Yellow/Green 1) - Make your snake smaller by up to 1 piece.
  • Shrink by 3 (Yellow/Green 4) - Make your snake smaller by up to 3 pieces.
  • Shrink by 5 (Yellow/Green 5) - Make your snake smaller by up to 5 pieces.
  • Score mult. x2 (Blue/White 2) - Gives you twice the score for a certain amount of time.
  • Score mult. x3 (Blue/White 3) - Gives you 3 times the score for a certain amount of time.
  • Score mult. x5 (Blue/White 5) - Make points worth 5 times as much for a certain amount of time.


To start the editor, go to Practice Game or Survival Game, pick a User level and press R.

Editor Menu:

  • Start Editing - Let you start editing the map.
  • Initial Speed - Adjust the initial speed of your 5nake.
  • Fruit SpeedUp - Adjust the speed up in each fruit you catch.
  • Save and Exit - You need to select this to save your work and exit.
  • Exit Without Saving - In case you want to cancel the changes you made.
  • Clear Entire Map - Clear the entire map.
  • Stylus Mode - Select if the stylus should paint or just move the cursor around.


Q. The game crashes each time i enable the save feature.

Make sure you patched your game if your card doesn't patch it automatically and if the card supports homebrew.

Q. When I start the game, there's no music or the music keeps playing even if I turn it off in the title menu.

It seems to be a problem with Maxmod on some cards, can't solve it, sorry.



Y/Left - Move snake left

A/Right - Move snake right

X/Up - Move snake up

B/Down - Move snake down

R/L - Enable/disable super snake

You can also control the snake using the touch screen.

Map Editor:

D-Pad or Stylus - Allow to move around the map

L/R - Select the drawing tile (or 5nake position/direction)

A or Stylus (Paint mode) - Insert the tile into the map

B - Insert a empty tile into the map

Start/Select - Go back into the menu


5nake.png 5nake3.png


Tested and works on:

iTouchDS (firmware 3.7g)
EDGE (firmware 1.7)
Cyclo Evolution DS (firmware 1.58)
R4 DS (firmware 1.24 Beta and YSMenu Unofficial)
TTDS/DSTT (firmware 1.17a12)


Programming: JustBurn and MattTS.

Music & Sound: Kepler.

Thanks to: Ph0x, Guyfawkes, Tom and Deww.

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