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DSBrowser - Dual Slot
Last Updated2008/08/20
TypeOperating systems

DualSlot Browser is an application that allows you to access FAT-based carts located in both slots at the same time, and perform file operations between them (copy, paste, delete, etc).

That means if there are two FAT based flashcarts inserted, user will have access to both. With this boot feature it would be able to boot into GBA mode or boot NDS homebrew files. The boot function Auto-DLDI patches for whatever filesystem its on. So if a homebrew on the Slot-2 is booted, it will have access to the Slot-2 FAT.

Also with the new MP3 Player feature, users can build their own playlist or have DSBrowser search the available FAT for MP3s. All MP3s found will be added to a new playlist. MP3s can be played while exploring the apps features.

Version 0.9 is a complete rewrite due to an uninstall of original source.

It was ranked 8th in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008.


DLDI patch .nds for your flashcart you plan on booting from. Skip if your cart supports Auto-DLDI patching.

Get a copy of the DLDI files for your other flashcart and rename it to dsbdisk.dldi.

Copy it to the included DATA/DSBrowser folder.

Copy the DATA folder to the root of the flashcart you plan on booting from.

If you have both a Slot-1 and Slot-2 I recommend running it from the Slot-1.

User guide

To scan for MP3s just open up the playlist menu by pressing R in the browser. If the playlist is empty it will prompt you to scan.

Any MP3s named startup.mp3 or shutdown.mp3 are not added to the playlist during the scanning process. These are MP3s used in Moonshell based firmwares so they are skipped.

You can also activate auto scan in the options menu. This feature will scan all available FAT systems for MP3s and add them all to a playlist on bootup.

Due to the MP3 decoding engine used some MP3 files may not work. MP3s must be re-encoded with the following recommended settings:

  • Samplerate - 22Khz
  • Bitrate - 96Kbps
  • Channel - Stereo


Up/Down - Browse directory/options

Left/Right - Page Up/Down for faster browsing

A - Enter directory, Add MP3 to playlist, Boot NDS file, Confirm, Scan MP3, Boot GBA

B - Go back, Clear queue/playlist

X - Add a file to the copy queue (press X again in a valid destination before attempting to copy)

Y - Add a file to the delete queue

Start - Make a new directory in the current directory

Select - Rename a file or directory

L - Open/Close current queue list

R - Open/Close current playlist

MP3 Player:

A - Play/Pause current MP3

B - Exit player (playlist will continue playing while browsing)

Y - Stop current MP3

R - Play next MP3


dsbrowser2.png dsbrowser3.png


Version 0.9 2008/08/20

  • Complete rewrite (Due to deletion of source).
  • Updated GUI: Can now load backgrounds and settings from FAT.
  • Removed DLDS files: Can now read DLDI from FAT.
  • Added support for AKRPG NAND: If you have an AKRPG just boot from the SD and you will have access to both.
  • Added option to boot into GBA mode.
  • Changed/Added some controls.
  • Added support for MP3 playback.
  • Added file size display.
  • Added multiple copy/delete support.
  • Added display of copy speed.
  • Added display of current date and time.
  • The file list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Renaming works now by copying file and deleting source.
  • Booting now works on the extra FAT systems.
  • Fixed pause when lid closed.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.8 2008/01/14

  • Updated GUI.
  • Changed/Added some controls.
  • Added copy/delete/rename directory support.
  • Allowed copying to an empty directory.
  • Removed the 45 file limit.
  • Added scrolling to long filenames.
  • Fixed displayed copy percentages.
  • Updated DLDS files.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.2 2007/12/10

  • Added sort file list.
  • Added Key repeat.
  • Various bug fixes.


chishm, cybermind, Lick, Teendev, Noda, ThomasS, max482wert, tondopie, TheOnlyEnglishRose, Moonlight, Dragonminded, cory1492, Stonecypher, calcprogrammer1, Lazy1, wolped, Stylus101, chuckstudios and anyone else who helped make this possible.

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