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Last Updated2008/02/27
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TelecranDS is an adaptation of telecran, a mechanical drawing toy that is often refered as Etch A Sketch.

User guide

Drawing with the stylus will be slower than using control keys on the DS.

You can draw diagonally using combination keys.


Left/Right - Move vertically/horizonally

D-Pad - Emulates swivel button on the left

L+D-Pad - Draw 3x faster (left button)

Select - Erase drawing

X/Y/A/B - Emulates swivel button on the right

R+X/Y/A/B - Draw 3x faster (right button)

Stylus+D-Pad - Draw diagonally


V1.2 2008/02/27

  • Resolution of the "walk/alias" bug when drawing diagonally.
  • Change of the background, to a "prettier" background.

V1.1 2008/02/27

  • Drawing with the stylus slower.
  • Arrow indicating the direction of the buttons.
  • Draw diagonally with the stylus:
    • Turn button + direction with the pad.
    • Vertical button up + Diagonal up right.
    • Vertical button up + Diagonal up left.
    • Ditto for the horizontal button.

V1.0 2008/02/25

  • Stylus swivel button: like real.
  • Left button: move vertically.
  • Right button: move the pad horizontally.
    • Correspond to the left swivel button rotating, the pad allows "emulating" the swivel button (UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT etc).
    • L combined with the pad makes it possible to draw 3x faster.
  • The buttons X, Y, A, B correspond to the pivoting button on the right.
    • Chaining the buttons makes it possible to "emulate" the pivoting button (X, A , B, Y, X etc).
    • R combined with the buttons allows you to draw 3x faster.
  • To erase, instead of shaking your DS, press Select.

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