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DS Diag
AuthorTheOnlyEnglishRose (TD/teendev)
Last Updated2007/08/27
TypeSystem Tools

DSdiag is a Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool, featuring a clean Metroid-like theme.

It was presented in the Dev-fr Coding Compo 2007 with the theme Evolution, sponsored by DS-X, ranked 9th in the App section.

User guide

It allows you to check:

  • Back-lights.
  • Compatible FAT driver.
  • Test the SRAM.
  • Audio hardware.
  • GBA supports modes.
  • WiFi by getting the DS's IP address.
  • Motion Card/Pak/MK6-Motion.
  • Rumble Pak inserted.
  • Flashcart supports reseting from homebrew.
  • Microphone.
  • The internal BootLoader of the GBAMP by booting a .nds file of choice.

DSdiag also writes the test results to a UTF-8 encoded plain text file.

Known issues

The features that are a little buggy are the HB Boot and the Mic Test on the second page.

DSdiag will recognize all NoPass devices as Motion Cards when doing the Motion Test.

Please make sure to have a Motion Card/Pak/MK6-Motion inserted while doing that test. Also, the Rumble Test might be broken. This is a bug with libnds.


Version 2.1

  • Updated the loader code and released the source.


Many thanks to wintermute, dovoto, joat, sgstair, chishm, Olimar (aka. Loopy), LiraNuna, DragonMinded, strager, and all others who have aided in the production of this application by making DS Dev possible.

Special thanks to #tod2 on EFnet and #dsorganize on Rizon.

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