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AuthorArnold, A_Nub (arnoldbronson)
Last Updated2011/06/18
TypeOperating systems

SHELL is a shell replacement for PSP. Initially developed by Arnold and A_Nub, it has evolved into a highly customizable platform that allows development for developers to build plugins, load apps, all from within SHELL.

It was participated in the PSP-Hacks Homebrew Idol 3 Horror Show in 2010 and PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Allows you to create plug-ins and applications from the same shell (SHELL PLUGINS).
  • Customisable theme and graphics.
  • Support formats such as: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AA3, AT3, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, AU, WMA and WAV.
  • Does not need Game categories, since it can be classified by folders.
  • Instant change for the comfirm button (Circle/Cross).
  • Able to create shortcuts to your favorite homebrews (SHELL LINK).
  • Run CSO and ISO.
  • When exiting the game it returns to the Shell, not XMB.
  • Add autostart plug-in, you can start the shell when starting the PSP.
  • Watch youtube videos via Gotube.
  • View photos and listen to music.
  • Among many other features.
  • Built-in PSP IRC, Sensme channel and Instant Messenger.
  • Faster browser on PSP'S 2000, 3000 and Go.


Copy the SHELL folder to the root of your Memory Stick or System Storage (PSP Go). Both are supported by SHELL and you will be able to access both within the SHELL.

If you have an M2 Memory Stick in your PSP Go, install to the Memory Stick (not System Storage).

Copy the NEWSHELLLOADER folder into /PSP/GAME/ of the Memory Stick or internal flash you copied the SHELL folder to. Go to XMB and launch.

User guide

Translate SHELL to any language you want in ms0:/SHELL/debug.txt. Be sure to USE UTF8 for the text. Some text may not show correctly.

Load plugins like in Custom Firmware in ms0:/SHELL/plugins.txt

Check SHELL LINKS in /SHELL/favourites/ folders and create your own SHELL LINKS.



Cross - Default for confirm

Circle - Default for back/cancel in file browsing

Home/PS - back to Main Menu

Up/Down/Left/Right - Choose menu (Main Menu), Navigation

L/R - Select media type in Media Menu

Select - Switch Devices between MS0 and EF0 for PSP Go

Audio Player:

Analog Down - Show Audio Player Mini Control Panel

Cross - Default for Pause, Play Toggling

Circle - Stop current audio track

Home/PS - return to system

Within the Launched XMB:

L+Select+Start - Return to SHELL

Hold Home button in the Main Menu to quit Shell.


PSP-Hacks Horrorshow 2010 - Shell (iamapspfreak)


Should work on any PSP with Custom Firmware or HEN.

Tested on: 5.00, 5.50, 5.70, 6.20, 6.35, 6.37, 6.38.

Known issues

  • Audio player does not continue to next track.
  • No video and picture viewer.
  • No PSN game launching.
  • Days of the week and Months in English only.
  • language.txt and config.txt MUST have an empty line at the end of file.
  • SHELL may fail to boot under certain configuration settings and translation settings.



  • Enabled ISO and CSO loading on compatible firmwares.
  • Added Audio Player! You can now listen to music throughout SHELL and control it. Currently, only basic controls are supported.
  • Increased accessible devices including the ISO directory and browsing the PSP Memory Stick/system storage in general. You can store your games, homebrew, apps anywhere in your system and they all can be launched.
  • Improved SHELL LINK handling. Less crashing and errors in detecting true SHLK links.
  • Homebrew display now has audio too.
  • Fixed bug that audio would be stopped when browsing Game Menu.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the media browser and game browser.
  • Changes in wallpaper setting. Turning it on and off is now immediate and does not require a reload of SHELL.
  • Fixed a bug in the audio playback where two audio streams get loaded simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug in game audio when loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where configuration was not saved during quitting of SHELL.
  • Fixed a bug where quitting a game or homebrew would not return to SHELL.
  • Enabled more memory on supported models.


  • Network Menu supported.
  • Custom SHELL LINKS (SHLK files). SHELL LINKS are Custom Links to programs on your Memory Stick/internal storage.
  • Follow SHLK files in SHELL/favourites folder to create SHELL LINKS for the Network Menu.
  • Future SHLK will support loading specific applications with specified args being sent to them.
  • Internet Browser Included.
  • XMB Loader Included.


  • Custom Plugins support.
  • ExitGame Hooked.
  • Fixed some rendering bugs.


  • New Interface. Thanks to A_Nub.
  • Multi-language translation for the system. Translate using the debug.txt file in the SHELL directory. You can save the file anywhere on the Memory Stick and select the file in [Settings].
  • Plays various audio files: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AA3, AT3, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, AU, WMA, WAV.
  • Loads Homebrew, Games, Updates, UMD.
  • Supports Folders in GAME, GAME150, GAME5XX and GAME6XX folders.
  • Custom Time Format Settings in Settings.
  • X or O for confirm setting in system.
  • Custom Wallpaper by changing custom_wallpaper.png in SHELL folder.

Pre v0.69

  • Old core. Irrelevant.


Developed by Arnold. Graphics Design by A_Nub.

Greetings to: Hellcat, SilverSpring, Dark_AleX, Mathieulh, Davee, Bubbletune, cory1492, npt, Lampworker, InsertWittyName, A_Nub, hardhat, Light_AleX, Sleepy, Tomaz, TUW, Salvy, wally, WorldGenesis, ExcruciationX, zodttd, darth_grantius, m0skit0, wololo, ab5000, n00b81, KezraPlanes, PSPdemon, SC_Lakitu, Yoshihiro, Cloudhunter, Skyy, jas0nuk, exophase, roe-ur-boat, hibbyware, slicer4ever, re4thewin, Hackles, Kreationz, SG57, flatmush, Snubzilla, hardhat, Total_noob, some1, Coldbird, Liquizigong, neur0n.

Special Thanks to: mowglisanu - audio library. Geecko - gLib2D gfxLibrary.

SHELL LINKS (Acknowledgments): YouTube - Go Tube. IRC - PSP IRC by zx81. Instant Messenger - AFKIM by zx81. SensMe - hrimfaxi and Sony.

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