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AuthorNathan Tolbert
Last Updated2008/12/09
TypeRole playing

Anguna is a homebrew RPG game for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS, featuring art by Chris Hildenbrand. ​It is a short top-down fantasy action adventure game with 5 dungeons to explore, reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda.


  • 5 dungeons and a large overworld to explore.
  • Multiple weapons and items including: a sword, bow & arrows, bear traps, dynamite, lantern, magic boots, and more.
  • Many hidden rooms, secrets, and powerups.
  • Lots of interesting enemies and boss monsters.
  • Bonus Ice Dungeon with Warp Ring powerup.

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Your first objective in Anguna is to escape from the starting dungeon. After that, you will want to explore the world, find and defeat the leader of the monsters, and return home.

A few things will be useful to know:

  • Secrets are often revealed by killing all enemies in a room. Sometimes this reveals items, sometimes opens doors, or hidden doors.
  • Sometimes there are fake walls - you can walk through them.
  • In later dungeons, doors and secret panels can be opened by stepping on switches.


Explore from room to room to find your way out. The first difficult battle of the game will be with the Green Toady, 3 rooms south of where you started.

As with many of the battle in this game, you will die quickly if you just attack without thinking. Instead, watch and dodge until you understand the pattern of the enemy. Then, he should be fairly simple. A life potion will be your reward for defeating him. These are fairly rare, so don't use it too hastily.

The boss of the first dungeon, the FireCroc, is quite difficult if you haven't found some of the items that are hidden in the dungeon.

While exploring the dungeon, look for weapons and power-ups that can aid you in the battle. In order to defeat FireCroc, you will also have to learn the timing of his attacks, and how to avoid them.

The real game begins after escaping from the first dungeon. If you have trouble figuring out where to go next, check out the shop south of the first dungeon, and purchase the map that will help.

Strategy Guide and walkthrough can be found from the official site.


A - Attack

B - Secondary item

X/Y - Switch secondary item (if you have more then one)

Start - Pause, View subscreen

Select - Save menu

L/R - Switch between subscreen pages


anguna2.png anguna3.png

anguna4.png anguna5.png

anguna6.png anguna7.png


Anguna: Warriors of Virtue #1 (Tork110)



  • Changed save file from anguna.sav to anguna.dat to fix resolve conflicts with the R4 save file.
  • Made MORE changes to hopefully fix a bug where the main player graphic gets covered by a large single-color square.
  • Fixed possibility of getting stuck in water just south of dynamite shop.
  • Fixed possibility of getting stuck in water in graveyard.


  • Made changes to hopefully fix a bug where the main player graphic gets covered by a large single-color square.
  • Minor tweaks in the main theme song for better compatibility with LibXM7.


Programming and Game Design: Nathan Tolbert (gauauu).

Artwork: Chris Hildenbrand (Daydream).

Music: Jessie Tracer (Electric Keet), Fred Scalliet (Magic Fred /TFL-TDV).

Audio Engine: LibXM7 by Sverx (version 0.59 beta).

DS Hardware for testing donated by: Electrobee, Tim Dudek.

Special Thanks to:

Testers: 12th&Saturn, Chris Lomaka, Mukunda Johnson, Sverx, Tim Dudek, Josh Wankel, Elijah Gioja, Jong Lee, Dennis Tseng, Irashtar, Eric Chiz, Max Neweklowsky, Stevan Baird, Eric Wells, Alphanoob, another world, Jeremy Gunkel, John Seabaugh, Spiridow, David Matthias, Dietmar Pier, Matthew.

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