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Last Updated2010/08/31
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PSPlaylist is a Karaoke application for PSP developed by moikop. This audio player has 3 different modes and available in 4 languages.

It was participated in the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Applications, 5th place).


  • Karaoke mode (music and lyrics).
  • Player mode (music only).
  • Explorer mode (files on the Memory Stick).
  • Multilanguage (Spanish, English, French and Italian).

User guide

Explorer mode

You can explore the entire Memory Stick in search of any sound file to play.

Player mode

A feature which you can use to see the song information including the cover. It is only able to search within the homebrew explorer. During playback you can pause, stop and continue the song.

Karaoke mode

In order for it to show the lyrics of the song, you must have the lyrics in a .txt file using same name as the song, for instance,

Happy Birthday.mp3
Happy Birthday.txt

The song (MP3) and lyrics (TXT) can both be placed in the MUSIC folder. By default it will read lyrics and songs from the same directory, you can configurate the setting by editing conf.mkp if you want to keep the lyrics in a different folder.

To play the song and see the lyrics, enter the application and choose that song from Explorer Mode.

Developer advised that the lyrics of the song should not contain any blank lines.

Language and Lyrics configuration

Open the file conf.mkp located in the PSPlaylist folder,

Languaje = 1
txtdir = ""

You can change the language settings by editing the number.

Languaje = 1 is for Spanish.
Languaje = 2 is for English.
Languaje = 3 is for French.
Languaje = 4 is for Italian.

The next item is to assign where it reads the lyrics files from.

txtdir = "" means PSPlaylist will read lyrics from the same directory as the songs.
txtdir = "/Your/Directory/" means PSPlaylist will read all the lyrics from a specific directory.

The directory structure must start and end with "/". The first one mean the Memory Stick's root. If you want lyrics to be read from "MS_ROOT:/PSPlaylist Songs", write txtdir = "/PSPlaylist Songs/". Else, lyrics will not be read.

Also all the lyrics will have to be in the same directory.


Explorer mode:

D-Pad Up/Down - Move between files

Cross - Browse folder, Play song

Triangle - Automatically return to exploring the /MUSIC folder

Start - Show credits

Select - Show/Hide controls

Player mode:

R - Next track

L - Previous track

Cross - Replay the song from 0

Circle - Stop the song and return to Explorer mode

D-Pad Down - Direct to Karaoke mode if a text file is located

Square - Resume song, Pause song

Select - Show/Hide controls

Karaoke mode:

R - Next song

L - Previous song

Cross - Replay the song from 0

Circle - Stop the song and return to Explorer mode

Start - Direct to Karaoke mode if a text file is located

Square - Resume song, Pause song

D-Pad Right - Go to the next line of lyrics

D-Pad Left - Go to the previous line of lyrics

D-Pad Up - Switch to Player mode

Select - Show/Hide controls



  • Controls have been remapped. Thus allowing to control the songs also from the Karaoke mode.
  • Added the ability to advance / rewind songs in Karaoke mode.
  • Improved stability and fluidity of the application.
  • If the cover is not found in the ID3, instead of being empty as in previous versions, it will show a cover specially designed for this man.
  • The graphical interface has been completely renewed. Together with ICON0 and PIC1.
  • The credits have been graphically improved.
  • Improved the dynamics of the homebrew to 100%.
  • Now, you can switch from player mode to karaoke and vice versa with the push of a button.
  • Added 3 languages ??(English, French and Italian. Configurable from conf.mkp found in the PSPlaylist folder).
  • Anti-failure system implemented (If a failure or exception is found that would generally lead to an error, this application handles it by displaying its proper message)
  • Added the possibility of reading the .txt files of the lyrics from another folder (That is not next to the respective MP3 as in previous versions). If it cannot find the .txt in the specified folder, it will look for it next to the mp3.


  • Added the possibility in karaoke mode to advance or rewind the song with the R or L triggers respectively.
  • In this new version, the cover, in player mode, appears centered on the screen.
  • When you exit karaoke mode (When you finish reading the lyrics), the program automatically switches to player mode.


  • Fixed the error that, if the cover was larger than 200x200px, it would show it in real size. Making it not appear as in the capture of version 1.7.1.


  • ICON0 and PIC1 changed.
  • Improved player mode. Now read the ID3 of the song.


  • Added OGG playback.
  • Added AC3 playback.
  • Changed the way to show credits.
  • Improved code.


  • Improved graphical interface.
  • The text comes out centered on the screen.


  • Read sub-folders in the MUSIC folder.
  • Added graphical interface.

v0.5 beta

  • Initial release.

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