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Last Updated2021/05/06
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gbaxxdumper is a DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi, made by vappster. Uses softmods only, no flashcart/dongle/GC <-> GBA link cable required.

User guide

In order to use this tool you will need:

  • One of the following consoles: Wii/Wii U/DSi/3DS (console must be softmodded, please note Wii U is untested).
  • Nintendo DS or DS Lite (optional - running flashme).
  • A way to configure Wi-Fi on your DS/DS Lite (Wi-Fi enabled DS game or homebrew).
  • A Wi-Fi access point (open or WEP-protected, the DS/DS Lite must be able to connect to it).
  • FTP server (you can also use ftpii or DSFTP directly from your own console; ftpd-3ds does not seem to work).
  • (Required if your NDS/NDSL doesn't have flashme) DS Download Station - Volume 1 US ROM.

Step 1 - Loading gbaxxdumper via Download Play (DSi/3DS):

  • Download and install TWiLight Menu++, then choose one of the following:
    • HaxxStation:
      • Either use dspatch-gui or dspatch to inject gbaxxdumper into the DS Download Station - Volume 1 US ROM.
      • Then copy the patched ROM to your DSi/3DS SD card.
    • FlashMe:
      • Either use the instructions above or dump a ROM of a DS Download Play-compatible game.
      • Then use NitroExplorer or a similar software to inject gbaxxdumper into it.
      • To do so, search for .srl files in the DS ROM, usually called, and reinsert gbaxxdumper over it.
      • Then copy the patched ROM to your DSi/3DS SD card.
  • Either download DSFTP and copy it to your SD card then set up its configuration file or set up the FTP server of your choice.
  • Configure and connect the DS/DS Lite to your Wi-Fi access point (and your DSi/3DS in DS mode if running DSFTP).
  • Boot up your DSi/3DS, open TWiLightMenu and run the patched download station/DS game ROM that you made in step 2.
  • Insert the GBA cart in your DS/DS Lite, power up the console and choose DS Download Play.
    • If you're using haxxstation, the option to download and run DS Download Station should be shown on the DS/DS Lite: do so and then download & run gbaxxdumper.
    • If using flashme with a patched DS game, choose DS Download Play on your game to send the ROM to your DS Lite and the option to run gbaxxdumper should pop up on the DS/DS Lite - download & run it.

Step 2 - Dumping the GBA game over Wi-Fi:

  • (If using DSFTP) Quit TWiLightMenu++ (DSi/3DS) and open ftpii/DSFTP before proceeding further.
  • Your DS/DS Lite should show you a number of prompt asking for the FTP server IP address, auth info, etc on the bottom screen:
  • (There is a known bug which sometimes shows a blank prompt on the bottom screen. If this happens, just press return on the onscreen keyboard).
    • FTP Server IP - Self-explanatory, ftpii should show it on screen when you launch it.
    • FTP Server port - Defaults to 21 (ftpii: no need to change it by default, press return / DSFTP: the port currently in use should be shown on screen).
    • FTP Username - Defaults to anonymous (ftpii: no need to change it by default, press return / DSFTP: choose the user from your config file)
    • FTP Password - Defaults to guest (ftpii: no need to change it by default, press return / DSFTP: choose the user from your config file)
    • CWD to - If your FTP server does not have a writable root directory, you can use this to CWD to a directory that you can write to with the given user (ftpii: write "sd", no quotes, and press return / DSFTP: if you set the root dir to be writable then no need to CWD, press return, otherwise check your configuration file)
  • ROM dumping should start, you can check the progress on the bottom screen of your DS/DS Lite. Once done, a message saying "All done!" should pop up on the top screen.


  • gbaxxdumper was made by vappster.
  • ftplib was originally ported to the Nintendo DS by AdmiralCurtiss, some fixes added by vappster.
  • Some code has been adapted from gba-link-cable-dumper by FIX94 (specifically line 35 @ gbhaxxdumper's main.c) and Robz8 (help with testing & bugfixing).
  • And last but not least, thanks to joedj for ftpii, Bjoern Giesler for DSFTP, shutterbug2000 for haxxstation, Gericom for dspatch, RetroHeim-Soft for dspatch-gui, Treeki for Nitro Explorer and (further) thanks to FIX94 for gba-link-cable-dumper.

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