Wabbit DS

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Wabbit DS
AuthorJames Montelongo (JimE)
Last Updated2007/11/03

WabbitDS is an emulator for the TI-83+, a graphing calculator released by Texas Instruments which allows coding in both TI-BASIC and machine code.


  • ROM/8xu loading.
  • Rewinding/Fast Forwarding.
  • Rotatable Interface (ie portrait mode).
  • Touchscreen Interface.
  • Disassembler.
  • Key Configuration.
  • Sleep Mode.
  • Fast Application Loading.
  • Perfect Gray Scale for Gaming.


Note: You will need to obtain the authentic ROM image to run the application.

Patch WabbitDS.nds with your cards DLDI patch.

Make sure to have a TI-83+ rom some where on you card with the extension .rom. If you own a TI-83+ but are unable to dump a rom from your calculator, you may use TI's OS updates. These have the extension .8xu and are freely downloadable from TI's website under the condition you own the calculator.

User Guide

On first start you will be prompted to select your rom. Once loaded the rom is made into a save file (with extension .tisv). You no longer need the origainl rom file, the save file includes all flash memory.

Do not distribute save files. After the first running of the emulator a file called TIDS.CFG is written to the default fat device. It contains the settings for current save state, key configuration, rotation and other info. Should you wish to have a clean start that file need only be deleted.

Press Select while the emulator is running, opens the main menu. You have the options Key Configuration, File Sending, Rom loading, and Disassembler. Pressing B or Select exits. You may use the D-pad or the touch screen to navigate.

Key Configuration:

  • Lets you to change what TI keys buttons A, B, X, Y, Start and D-Pad maps to. This is done by scrolling through a list for now.
  • Select exits to the emulator and B returns to the menu screen. Pressing Start will set the keys to Default settings.

File Sending:

  • Allows you to send TI varibles to the emulated calculator.
  • Applications (.8xk) may occasionally ask you to delete old apps of the same name/reset the ram (typically isn't required).
  • For linking you must be on TI's Homescreen.

Rom loading:

  • You can load a new rom, save, or 8xu file.
  • Do not try loading 8xu or rom files that were not meant for the 83+, it simply won't work.


  • It is a bit buggy and limited but its still functional. A steps, X trys to step over, and Y trys to run to cusor.
  • Select exits back to the emulator and B returns to the menu screen.


File browser:

Double Click or A - Open folder or to load a file

Drag the screen/Scroll bar or D-Pad - Scroll up and down

Select - Exits back to the emulator

B - Menu screen

Defualt Keys:

A - Alpha

B - 2nd

X - Mode


Start - Enter

Left/Right/Down/Up - Left/Right/Down/Up

Special keys:

Select - Menu

L - Rewind

R - Speed up

R+L - Rotate layout (you must press R first)

Closing Lid - Sleep and Save

Touchscreen can be used for the rest of the keys.


NDS TI-83+ emulator (jimez86)


Spencer Putt, DRZ80, Bootfree, Ben Moody,kusuma, Ramzee.

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