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AuthorMichele Toriello (.:Mik:., tamachan)
Last Updated2009/07/17
TypeOther Apps

GameUP is a new utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of the Up-Series homebrews (toghether with OsUp and SkinUP). This program connects to a database on its official website, allowing you to take your homebrew game archive ever up to date, giving the possibility to download non-commercial games for the Nintendo DS.

It was voted the 17th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

You will need have a Wi-fi connection to us e this homebrew (Games will be downloaded to the root of the MicroSD).

It has an interactive menu, with screenshots and statistics for each game.


Up/Down - Move through the list of categories and homebrew

A - See preview/screenshot, Accept, Download

B - Go back

Y - Rate a game

L+Y - View the game statistics

L+R+Down - Turn off the DS

Start - Show credits


Tested on:

R4 Original (firmware 1.18 and 1.19)
Real M3 DS (unknown firmware)
DSTT (firmware 1.17)
ItouchDS (firmware 3.3c)


v3.0 2009/07/17

  • Improved download function (now more stable and smoother): added possibility to abort download (pressing SELECT) avoiding microSD' corruption added automatic request to retry download if something goes wrong.
  • Added possibility to abort even preview's download displaying only a part of them (press SELECT for each preview's download you want to abort).
  • Decrease pad and touchscreen sensibility.
  • More user-friendly rate displaying function (small mushrooms instead of the numeric indicator).

v2.0 2009/06/17

  • New more clear font.
  • At the fist startup, GameUP will create a folder (in the root) that will be used to manage all the files Gameup needs (no more bmp and txt files spread into the card).
  • Fixed a bug in listing game (repetition of some elements when print out a small list after a bigger one).
  • New uploaded games are marked even on the DS through a small green mushroom next to their name into the list so you can see immediatelly what's new in the game's archive.

v1.0 2009/05/11

  • First release.


Supercard_sensei (from Supercard team), Aurelio, Evrain, All beta-testers, especially to Gamer4Life, Luca.Fraga and Rakztor.

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