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Ditty Editor
AuthorJohn Sensebe
Last Updated2002/08/06
TypeMusic Apps

Ditty Editor is an application that can produce chiptunes.

User guide

The Song Editor

The first screen that is displayed after the title is the song/playorder screen. It is divided into two sections -- songs on the left, and playorder on the right.

The songs section defines where each song ends in the playorder. The first song begins at playorder 0, and each each song thereafter begins right after the last one ends. This range is displayed immediately below the section.

Song Menu

File -> Load loads song data from the flash cartridges save RAM.

File -> Save saves the current song data to save RAM.

File -> New erases the current data, but leaves the save RAM intact.

File -> Demo doesn't work yet.

Playorder Editor

The playorder defines the order in which segments are played.

The bar at the top of the screen displays the current position.

Segment Editor

The Segment Editor is where the music is actually written, note by note. Each segment can last up to 256 "ticks". Each command is divided into three or more columns.

The first column is the tick number at which the command will execute. The second is the command, which can be a note, a hardware setting, or a software effect setting. The rest of the columns are the values for the command. There may be up to three values that can be set.

Segment Menu

The segment menu works the same as the song menu. You can access the file functions from here.

You can also set the editor to display only one voice's commands (plus the commands that don't directly affect a particular voice, such as Tempo). Exit returns you to the Playorder Editor.

Note that the Edit menu does not function.


Song Editor:

D-Pad - Select Song

A - Increment Song End

B - Decrement Song End

Start - Menu

Select - Switch to Playorder Editor

Song Menu:

D-Pad - Select options

A - Accept

B - Cancel


L /R- Slow down/Speed up playback

Start - End playback and return to editor

Playorder Editor:

D-pad: Change Position

A/B - Increment/Decrease Segment #

L/R - Insert/Delete Segment #

Start - Edit Current Segment

Select - Return to Song Editor

Segment Editor:

Up/Down - Select Command

Left/Right - Select Tick #/Command/Value

A/B - Increment/Decrement

L/R - Insert/Delete Command

Start - Menu

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