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Last Updated2022/06/07
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GodMode9i is a full access file browser for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS's TWL_FIRM. It works on any console that has either a flashcard or Custom Firmware.


  • Dump GameBoy Advance cartridges on the original Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite consoles.
  • Dump Nintendo DS/DSi cartridges on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS consoles (if GodMode9i is ran on the console SD card).
  • Copy, move, delete, rename files/folders and create folders.
  • Mount the NitroFS of .nds files.
  • Browse files on supported flashcards when running GM9i from the NAND or SD Card (AceKard 2(i) & R4 Ultra (
  • Browse files on the SD Card when running GM9i from any DS-mode flashcard (Requires a DS game launcher with SD access enabled).

User guide

Supported flashcards, if being ran off the SD card or as a CIA:

  • Acekard 2(i)
  • R4 Ultra (

To get around this limit, run GM9i from the flashcard itself, with SD access enabled in your DS game launcher, such as TWiLight Menu++.

  • If you have a NDS or DS lite, you can run this on a flashcard using either TWiLight Menu++ or nds-hb-menu.
  • If you have a DSi, you can use TWiLight Menu++ to run this from the SD card.
  • If you have a 3DS or 2DS, you can either use TWiLight Menu++ to run this from the SD card, or just install the CIA, and launch it from the 3DS HOME Menu.

Most flashcards will see GodMode9i as a retail game, so you may need to launch it from HBMenu or TWiLight Menu++.

Custom Fonts

  • GodMode9i uses the same FRF font files as GodMode9.
  • To create an FRF font use GodMode9's Python script or you can find some in the resources/fonts folder in the repository page.
  • When loading GodMode9i will try to load /gm9i/font.frf on your SD card and if that fails will load the default font.
  • To change the default font when building GodMode9i, replace data/font_default.frf with your font.


godmode9i3.png godmode9i4.png

godmode9i5.png godmode9i6.png


v3.2.2 2022/06/07

What's new?

  • @SombrAbsol: Added custom TWiLight Menu++ boxart, which you can download here.


  • @Epicpkmn11 and various: Updated translations, and added Turkish language.

Bug fix:

  • @Epicpkmn11: Fixed 128KB EEPROM DS(i) save dumps being a byte off.

v3.2.1 2022/04/09

What's new?

  • Dutch, Ukrainian, and Hebrew translations added.
  • A warning will now be shown if file is too large to copy.


  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bugs related to keyboard.
  • Fixed always showing DS icon on first frame of TWL icon animation.

v3.2.0 2022/02/15

What's new? (@Epicpkmn11):

  • Added restoring DS saves on DS/DS Lite.
  • Added dumping DS saves using GBA cart save data.
  • Added title manager menu for easier DSiWare dumping.
  • Metadata dumping has been added.
  • Slot-2 RAM can now be used as RAM drives. (ex. DS Memory Expansion Pak, Supercard MiniSD, etc.)
  • NitroFS can now be mounted from SysNAND and SDNAND.


  • (@Epicpkmn11) DSi & 3DS RAM drives have been combined into one.
  • Increased DSi/3DS RAM drive size by 3MB.
  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.

Bug fix:

  • (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed remounting SD card.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Writing actions are now hidden when drive is read-only.
  • Other minor fixes.

v3.1.0 2021/12/25

What's new?

  • (@Epicpkmn11) Warning message is now shown when loading language menu without NitroFS mounted.


  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.

Bug fixes:

  • (@redstonekasi) The correct text is now shown when deleting files.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed color changing after opening keyboard.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed unmounting drives not responding immediately.

v3.0.0 2021/12/09

All changes by @Epicpkmn11 unless when noted. There are too many changes to list, so the notable changes will be shown.

What's new?

  • DS(i) ROMs stored on NAND chips (ex. Face Training, Jam with the Band, and WarioWare: DIY) can now be dumped!
  • EEPROM and FLASH save types are now supported when dumping GBA ROM and save files.
  • A new font is now in use!
  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Translations have been added!
    • If installed as CIA or to directly boot via Unlaunch, you need to put either GodMode9i.nds or GodMode9i.dsi on the SD root, for them to work properly.
  • Pressing START will now bring up a START menu.
  • Progress bar is now shown when dumping ROMs and copying/moving files.


  • Directory loading is now faster.
  • (@RocketRobz) NAND is no longer read when detecting a DSi or 3DS console.

Bug fix

  • Taking screenshots should now work everywhere.

v2.7.1 2021/08/01

What's new?

  • (@Epicpkmn11) You can now view the info of NDS ROMs. Useful for finding out which DSiWare title you're trying to dump.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) You can now trim your existing NDS ROMs.

v2.7.0 2021/07/14

What's new?

  • (@Epicpkmn11) Hex editor has been added.
  • (@Peter0x44) DSi-mode only: Implemented calculating SHA1 hash of files.
  • B4DS is no longer booted on flashcards, as it got merged with the main nds-bootstrap build.
  • (@spellboundtriangle) Added save restoration support for sav1-sav9 filetypes.

Bug fixes:

  • RSA key is now preserved when dumping a trimmed DS ROM.
  • If you've dumped your trimmed ROM using a previous version of GM9i, please redump using this version, in order for cloneboot to work.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed 128KiB EEPROM save dumping.
  • Fix D first appearing in the filename, when dumping GBA ROM.
  • Cleared SD IRQ stat and mask registers on boot.

v2.6.1 2021/01/29

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an overlooked bug where dumping a trimmed ROM would show Failed to dump the ROM. when done.

v2.6.0 2021/01/28

What's new?

  • (@unresolvedsymbol) Added .nds ROM booting with nds-bootstrap.
  • It is done by selecting Bootstrap file after selecting a .nds file.
  • Filename of the GBA or NDS ROM is now shown when dumping, so you'll know what to look for.
  • (@unresolvedsymbol and @Epicpkmn11) Separate the selection and the clipboard like GM9.
  • Added selecting while holding L.
  • The first 5 paths that will be deleted, will be printed on the bottom screen.
  • (@urmum-69) The free space on each drive in the root menu is now shown!
  • GitHub page link has been updated.
  • The regular .nds file has been renamed to .dsi.
  • A new .nds file has been added for flashcard compatibility.

Bug fixes:

  • (@RocketRobz and @Epicpkmn11) Fixed some known issues when dumping ROMs.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Fixed getting EEPROM size when the first is all 0.

v2.5.0 Labor Day release 2020/09/07

What's new?

  • Compatibility with GBA ROM dumping has been increased. You can now dump 64MB GBA ROMs. What can currently be dumped:
    • GBA Video: Shark Tale
    • GBA Video: Shrek
    • GBA Video: Shrek & Shark Tale
    • GBA Video: Shrek 2
  • What cannot currently be dumped:
    • GBA Video: Shrek & Shrek 2 (Reason: Title ID not known)
  • (@unresolvedsymbol) Added multi file copy paste support.
  • (@unresolvedsymbol) Added selection deletion support
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Added save file restoring.

Bug fixes:

  • (@unresolvedsymbol) Fixed crash when copying empty folders
  • (@unresolvedsymbol) Misc formatting fixes.

Release Notes.


  • RocketRobz - Main Developer.
  • Evie/Pk11 - Contributor.
  • zacchi4k - Logo designer.
  • Edo9300 - Save reading code from his save manager tool.
  • endrift - GBA ROM dumping code from duplo, used for 64MB ROMs.
  • JimmyZ - NAND code from twlnf (with writing code stripped for safety reasons).
  • zoogie - ConsoleID code (originating from dumpTool).
  • devkitPro - devkitARM, libnds, original nds-hb-menu code, and screenshot code.
  • d0k3 - Developer of GodMode9 for the Nintendo 3DS, which this is inspired by.

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