Pstros NDS

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Pstros NDS
Author(s)Ole, Davr

Pstros NDS is a MIDP implementation running on the CLDC java machine compiled for the Nintendo DS. It allows you to run some java programs and games written for the mobile phones on your NDS.


The program is a homebrewed application so you have to have one of the cards that allows you to run a custom software on the NDS.

  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch .nds file and copy the archive to the card
  3. Select a .class or .jad file and run it by pressing the (A) button


Left - left soft key

Right - right soft key

D-pad - cursor key

B - fire

Y - key [1]

A - key [3]

X - key [0]

Start - key [#]

Select - key [*]


2008.07.06: version 0.7.2 - R6 build

  • New configuration options can be stored in the jad file (case senitive !)

Note: none of the parameters is manadatory. If you don't specify any of the parameter then the default values are used.

  • NDS-resolution: WWWxHHH
sets the dimensions of the screen to width WWW and height HHH.
Maximal resolution is 256x256. Example: NDS-resolution: 176x208
  • NDS-screen-X: XXX
sets the screen X position (negative values are valid). By default the X position of the screen is set to center the image. Example:
NDS-screen-X: 0
  • NDS-screen-Y: YYY
sets the screen Y position (negative values are valid). By default the Y position of the screen is set to center the image. Example:
NDS-screen-Y: -12
  • NDS-key-[button]: [key]
remaps the NDS button [button] to the phone key [key]
valid [button] values: A,B,X,Y,L,R,Start,Select,Left,Right,Up,Down
valid [key] values: keyNum0, keyNum1,..., keyNum9, keySoftLeft, keySoftRight,
keyFire, keyLeft, keyRight, keyUp, keyDown, keyStar, keyCross
Examples: NDS-key-A: keyNum5 this line will remap NDS button A to press of the nuber [5] on the phone
  • NDS-key-Start: keySoftLeft
this line will remap NDS button Start to press of the Left soft key of the phone