Homer and The Lost Donut

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Homer and The Lost Donut

Homer and The Lost Donut (French) is a homebrew maze game based on an American animated sitcom series The Simpsons. This is the first NDS project by Neumann.

User guide

Homer has lost his favorite cake and it's up to you to bring it back to him in one piece...

You have to bring the donut from the upper left corner of each level to the lower right corner. To do this, click on the donut to grab it and bring it to its destination without touching either the edges of the track or the obstacles.

The course is timed and there are 12 levels in total.


Stylus - Move donut

L/R - Start the next level, Reset game if lose


homerlostdonut2.png homerlostdonut3.png


v0.6b 2007/07/01

  • Added credits.
  • Added level 12.

v0.6 2007/06/09

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to finish the game by clicking in the lower right corner of the level.
  • Redesign of all sprites/BG and the title screen.

v0.5c 2007/06/04

  • Added level 11.
  • Slight graphic modifications of the levels.
  • New menu a little more sexy (credits are not yet available).

v0.5b 2007/06/03

  • Fixed collision bugs occurring around the end of each level.
  • Fixed display bug when level is completed.
  • Redesign of level 9 which was relatively ugly.
  • Improved management of collisions between the donut and the moving bar in level 6.

v0.5 2007/06/02

  • Added levels 8, 9 and 10.
  • Fixed the collision bug on the right side of the screen.
  • Improved the precision of collisions with the scenery.

v0.4 2007/05/28

  • Added levels 6 and 7.
  • Fixed the stopwatch display bug.

v0.3b 2007/05/27

  • Adding the 5th level.
  • Modification of level 2.
  • Added smoother transitions between levels.
  • Now time only scrolls when the donut is grabbed.

v0.3 2007/05/26

  • Added a timer.
  • Added moving elements in the levels.
  • Slight improvement of GFXs.

v0.2 2007/05/23

  • New policy.
  • 3 levels available (the first has been changed).

v0.1 2007/05/22

  • Menu operational.
  • Only the first level (not final) is present.

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