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MineSweeperDS is a DS version of the puzzle game Minesweeper on Windows. The layout looks similar to the Windows version, but the background color is customizable. As a default, it will be the user's preferred color, set on the DS main screen.

It was an entry for the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2006.


  • Customize background colour.
  • Customize sound ans sfx for winning/losing.


Unpack the folder that is on the msds.rar file on the root of your SD/CF/mini SD.

Put the rom version that works on your flashcard anywhere on the SD/CF.At the moment, this only works with cards that work with FATlib.

To change background music and sfx, put the sound you want on the msds folder after extract.

  • loose.raw - The sfx played when lose. If you're going to put your own sfx, make sure it's not too long.
  • win.raw - The sfx played when win.
  • music.raw - Background music. Differently from loose.raw and win.raw, this file can be as large as you want. Just remember: 11025, stereo, 8 bits signed.
  • msds.sav - Save file.

The sound files must be on raw format, with a frequence of 11025, stereo and 8 bits signed, otherwise they won't play properly.

User guide

On the topscreen is an overview of the whole game, together with the bombs left and the time played. The highscore system can be accesed through the options menu, and is working fine, but only for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced game modes, not the custom ones.


Press tile - Open a tile

L/R (before/during touching) - Put a flag, Neutralize that tile

D-Pad or A/B/X/Y (for left handed) - Scroll screen for bigger games

Hold D-Pad/A/B/X/Y, touch 'n drag with Stylus and let go buttons - Move table around

Start - Access the menu

Known issues

Before saying there's a bug on the highscore system, please remember that on Minesweeper, the lowest your grade, the better, so yes, the initial All The_Legend - 999 highscore system is correct.


20 August 2006 Updated

  • Added a Title Screen (thanks Nyt).
  • Improved the "sound loading from SD", now it seems perfect, hehe.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to touch outside the board and open a tile.

17 August 2006

  • Initial release.