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Author(s)dsotaku (Heriberto Delgado)
VersionRelease 5

Bitsweeper is a DS homebrew puzzle game based on the popular Minesweeper game available on various operating systems.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it if needed (most new carts have auto DLDI-patching) and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

Bits are everywhere!

Bits, these dangerous things planted on bitfields all around the world, are a menace for everyone, exploding and killing anyone who just happens to step on them. They must be eradicated once and for all!

You are the Bitsweeper, explosives hunter extraordinaire. Your mission, although simple, is very dangerous: locate and deactivate all the missing bits on bitfields before they hurt anyone else.

Good luck on your mission!


You will be presented with a clean, unchecked bitfield, where bits are planted. You don't know their location; you must infer it through visual cues that appear on the field.

The first step is always the most dangerous. You will never know if, right there, on the first spot you check, there is a bit just waiting to explode!

If it isn't, your specialized tools will aid you in locating the bits by showing you, on each uncovered spot, a number identifying the number of bits on all spots around you.

This is your only clue. You must use your brain to identify where all the bits are located.

Optionally, you can put a flag on each spot that you deduce there is a bit, or mark with a ? (question sign) the places where you're not (yet) sure if there's one.



Start - Start game

L/R or Stylus - Navigate through the game screens, Choose dificulty

A/Y or Left/Right - Start game, Navigate through game screens

B/X or Up/Down - Exit bitfield, Navigate back to previous screens

In game:

L/R or Stylus - Place flag, Put question mark sign, Clean a spot

X/Y/A/B or D-Pad - Move around the bitfield


bitsweeper2.png bitsweeper3.png


Release 5

  • Minor graphic adjustments to make text easier to read on screen.
  • Compiled against latest devkitARM (r36) and libnds (1.5.4).

Release 3

  • New options to let left-handed users play the game more comfortably.
  • Corrected an obscure bug that does not let you read back your best scores table in certain media cards.

Release 2

  • Built on r23 of devkitARM.
  • Added DLDI support. This means the best scores table will now be recorded upon finishing a level.
  • Also, if no media card is present, an existing slot-2 card can be used to save best scores (This was present in release 1, but, because of a hideous bug in the code, it didn't work as expected).
  • Improvements on random cell generation. This means boards are now truly random, giving it a little more variety on play.
  • Many, many bugs fixed! As of this release, there are no known bugs in the game.
  • Slight visual improvements. If you've seen the first release, they will be immediately apparent.

Release 1

  • First release of Bitsweeper.

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