Mario Paint Composer DS

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Mario Paint Composer DS
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Mario Paint Composer DS is an indirect remake of the music composer tool found in the Super Nintendo game Mario Paint with a few new adaptations from the PC version. This is not a direct port of any version, it is completely coded by BassAceGold.

Mario Paint Composer DS Paratroopa Release was presented in the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2009, ranked 4th in the APP section. It was entered into the 2009 best DS homebrew contest and ranked 2nd.


  • Saving and Loading of songs.
  • Sharp and Flat notes.
  • More lower ranged notes.
  • 5 new note types.
  • 5 notes per can be played at once rather then the 3 limit.
  • Longer songs.
  • Different Tempo’s per page.


Copy mpcsongs folder to anywhere on your card.

DLDI Patch the rom.

Copy rom and mpcds.ini file to same directory on your card.

Edit mpcds.ini to point to your mpcsongs folder.

User guide


Q. Failed to initialize filesystem.

Your flashcards firmware must support the argv in order for the file system to work correctly.

If your card does not support argv, then you will need to use Homebrew menu to launch it.

Q. Ini file not found.

The ini file must be in the same folder as the rom file is and named mpcds.ini.

Q. Failed to find songs folder.

Make sure the ini file contains something like this:

SongDir = /folder1/folder2/songfolder/
  • Check if you missed the slash / at the beginning and end of the directory in the ini.
  • Ensure correct spelling and capitalization is used.
  • Do not exceed 256 characters.


Main Screen:

Stylus - Select note type at the top bar, then drag on the music staff

Up/X (while dragging) - Change note to a Sharp

Down/B (while dragging) - Make the note Flat

Release Stylus on staff - Place note

Double tap - Remove note

Left/Right or Y/A - Move between pages (supports up to 257 pages, hold 35 notes each)

Drag scroll bar - Move quickly between pages

Rewind button (RR) - Back to the first page

L/R - Control top screen, Switch between pages (hold to switch faster)

Select - Delete a page from the song rather than clearing page

Start - Insert a blank page into the song

File Browser:

Stylus or D-Pad - Select file

Double tap or A or Folder icon in the bottom - Open files

X icon- Exit

Arrow icons - Scroll through files


mariopaintcomposerds2.png mariopaintcomposerds3.png

mariopaintcomposerds4.png mariopaintcomposerds5.png


Mario Paint Composer DS (bassacegold)


Bullet Bill Release 2010/07/28

  • Compiled with latest libraries, may fix card compatibilities.
  • Uses NitroFS for argv support, results in much faster startup time.
  • Can now change the song directory via mpcds.ini file which must be in the same directory as the rom.
  • Removed outdated splash screens.
  • Removed wifi news feature.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in the filebrowser using the bottom right arrows.
  • Updated keyboard.
  • Updated installation instructions and controls. Also added error faq to readme.

Paratroopa Release 2009/03/18

  • Tweaked stylus locations for note placement.
  • Amplified pig sound.
  • Added ledger bars.
  • Amplified heart sound.
  • Added turtle shell sound.
  • Updated text font.
  • Tempo control icons enlarged.
  • Added Delete Page to Select button.
  • Tweaked note sign controls (makes it easier to place a continuous line of sharp or flat notes).
  • Fixed a filebrowser bug.
  • Increased max tempo.
  • Dynamic Tempos (can set an individual tempo per page).
  • Added insert blank page to Start button.
  • Fixed brief graphical glitches on page switching.
  • Fixed tunings of mushroom notes.
  • Tweaked the page slider.
  • Re-arranged the song information displayed & removed tempo due to dynamic tempo.
  • Fixed game icon transparency.
  • Fixed last note detection for looping.

Koopa Release 2008/10/28

  • Fixed the D sharp note to play the right sound.
  • Fixed end of song detection.
  • Removed the appearance of being able to place notes while a song is playing.
  • Last song saved/loaded's file name will be remembered in the save menu so you don't have to retype it out.
  • Can now cycle through all note states with the D-pad (meaning you can make the note natural,sharp or flat rather then just sharp and flat).
  • More error checking for FAT operations (Checks if mpcsongs folder is on card, if not then will create the folder. Also detects if FAT was initialized properly).
  • Better eraser controls (Double Tap note to delete it).
  • Can now save author name in file.
  • When loop is turned on, will loop from last note played rather then the end of the last page.
  • Increased max tempo and tweaked the tempo slider a bit.
  • Added High A, High A Sharp, High B and High C notes.
  • Prevents users from typing restricted symbols in filename (while saving).
  • Can view other pages on top screen using L and R to scroll through pages (hold L or R to scroll faster).
  • News system! Click the envelope button (make sure wifi is configured).
  • Note type selection tweaks.
  • Saving compatibility hopefully fixed.
  • New graphics.
  • Running/jumping mario at the top now.

Goomba Release 2008/09/28

  • Initial Release.


Created by: BassAceGold.

Graphics by: Reluttr, Lord Toon, Dino340.

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