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AuthorPaco Chan
Last Updated2006/07/06
TypeArcade Games

SuperPong! is a DS homebrew Pong game with a twist. It has a single player and 2 players options.

User guide

2 Player mode

In 2-player mode, each player plays by holding one side of the console.

When one of the two players gets 5, 15, 25, 35, etc. points, the screen will begin to rotate until a player scores a goal, making it more difficult to stop the ball.

When one of the two players gets 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. points, what appears on the screens will be exchanged between one screen and another 2 times per second also making it difficult to stop the ball, that is, the game board will appear on the screen from up and down alternating until a goal is scored.

Bonus mode

When the ball passes through the star in the center, the last player who touched the ball with the paddle will activate a bonus mode.

The player will be able to place the ball freely by dragging it with the stylus on the touch screen. To be able to drag the ball, you have to hold down R or L depending on the player.

The same with the second player but with the R button. The bonus mode disappears in a second after the ball leaves the center star, so you have to be fast.

Notes: You can activate/deactivate the music (background music is in PCM format) in the options menu.


Start - Pause

Select - Back to main menu (pause mode)

Up/Down - Move paddle (Player 1)

L+Stylus - Drag ball (Player 1, bonus mode)

B/X - Move paddle (Player 2)

R+Stylus - Drag ball (Player 2, bonus mode)


Tested on NDSTT/Top Toy DS (firmware 1.15).

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