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Author(s)Digital Worm

Firewall is a remake of the puzzle game FireWall for the NDS. Originally created in BASIC that would teach elementary school students some kind of skill (spelling, speed math, history facts, etc). It is made with Palib.

User guide

Play the job of a firewall that is in charge of protecting a personal computer. Programs are constantly being downloaded to your computer, but some will be harmful, or even fatal to your computer! Block these harmful programs from entering your computer.

At the start of the game, you are presented with a title screen and a previously set high score. Tap the screen to begin playing.

Before beginning of the first round, there are 3 seconds to get ready before the programs start rushing in.

3 programs, represented by large sprites, will enter the bottom screen. Each with a simple multiplication expression over it. Notice now that there is a computer with an integer under it on the top screen. You can identify the harmful programs by finding the program that has an expression over it that is equal to the integer under the computer.

Once blocked, the expressions and integer change and a new set of programs enters from the bottom screen, thus beginning another round. Every round, the programs start to move faster and faster towards the computer, so just try and keep up.

There is is no real winning in this game, just beating previously set records. You can get a game over if you either tap the incorrect program (letting the bad one in), or let all three programs reach the computer without tapping a single one of them. Once your game is over, the computer screen will turn red (signifying being fried) and a score will appear on the bottom screen.

Score is the number of rounds you survived times 10.


Stylus - Block virus



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