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Project Alpha
Last Updated2009/09/01
TypeFile browsers

Project Alpha (Spanish) is an application with multiple features such as file broswer, music player, free up space in flash0, install themes and view the current status of the battery on the PSP.

This is an entry from the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications).

User guide

Please keep in mind that flashers, or features that require alterations in the flash of the device can brick your PSP. Be sure to backup your important data accordingly and use with caution.

  • My PSP:
    • A file explorer of the Memory Stick, the UMD (allows you to launch or explore it), and flash.
    • With secondary option to rename, copy, paste, delete.
    • If you select a .PBP file, a menu will appear to load it as Homebrew, Update or Game.
  • Browser:
    • Launches the PSP browser.
    • Able to view web pages and download images, music and applications from web pages.
  • Photos:
    • Load the PICTURE directory and its subfolders.
    • You can select the image to view it.
  • Music:
    • Load the MUSIC directory and its subfolders.
    • Select an MP3 audio file to play, pause and stop the music.
  • Tools:
    • Free up space (in flash0).
    • Awakening of the Cemetery (not included in v1.1).
    • Install themes (from the /PSP/THEME/FLASH0/ directory).
  • Information:
    • Provides information about battery status, CPU usage and Firmware for you PSP, etc.


D-Pad - Navigate through menu

Cross - Confirm, Select

Circle - Back

Triangle - Secondary Options

Select - Exit to XMB

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