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Last Updated2007/10/07
TypeOther Emulators
LicenseGNU GPLv2

PSPX48 is a port and enhancement of the X48 on PSP, which is an emulator of the HP 48GX calculator for X Window Systems originally written by Iñigo Serna and Eddie C. Dost.


Unzip the zip file, and copy the folder pspx48 to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

Get the rom file of your HP48GX and save it as /PSP/GAME/pspx48/rom file.

One rom file is provided, more HP48 related resources can be found on HP48 Software Archive and

User guide

Load HP48 Application files

It is suggested you first read the manual of the HP48, as loading applications on this calculator can be fairly complex.

Useful information on how to install application for the HP48 can be found HP48 Software Archive.

You can save any HP48 files (with .lib or .48 file extensions) on your PSP Memory Stick. Then enter the emulator menu, use the file selector choose one application to load in the RAM of your emulator.

Library installation

If you have loaded a library file, you should see a line such as

Library 1262: ....

To install it, press 0 then ENTER, then STO. Then you have to switch OFF the HP48 (using Left Shift + ON), and switch it ON. If you go to the library menu (Left Shift + 2), you should now see your library.

Program installation

If you have loaded a program file, you should see

1: DIR
..... << .... >> 

To install it, enter a variable name such as "A" + ENTER then STO. Then go to the variable menu (using VAR key) and then launch your program.

You can find many applications and libraries on HP48 Software Archive.


Main emulator window (HP48):

Circle - Up

Square - Down

Triangle - Left

Cross - Right

Right - Alpha

Up - Valid Key on cursor

Down - ENTER

Left - Backspace

L - Shift R

R - Shift L

Analog - Move Cursor on keyboard

Start - ON

Select - Next (useful for menus)

Start+L+R - Exit and return to eloader

Start+L - Display help

Select+L - Enter in the emulator menu


Developed for Firmware 1.5 and 3.03-OE.



  • Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim.
  • Bug fix and code cleaning.
  • New help menu.


  • Save state is now done using zlib so ram file size is smaller and as a consequence, it is much faster to save.
  • Bug fix (may display stange characters in the emulator menu).


  • Add new beautiful icons and background designed by Jer666.
  • New user interface with menus and usefull options.
  • Display battery usage.
  • Add Help window with all PSP shortkeys.
  • Save configuration file option.
  • Screenshot image option.
  • PNG images instead of BMP (smaller images).
  • Toogle between analog and digital pad option.
  • New keyboard handler and new mapping.


  • Load external application files and libraries.
  • (with .48 and .lib file extentions).
  • Hardware reset of the HP48.
  • (inside the application file selector window).


  • Bug fix for FW 2.0 (freeze at startup).


  • Some minor bugs have been fixed in the keyboard handler.


  • First release Working with 1.5 FW.
  • Improve keyboard mapping.


  • Initial beta release.


X48: HP48 Emulator for Unix/X11 by Iñigo Serna Robledo and Eddie C. Dost.

PSPX48: Porting on PSP by Ludovic Jacomme (aka Zx-81).

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