White Dwarf

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White Dwarf

White Dwarf is a small homebrew arcade style shooter game. This is the second homebrew project for the Nintendo DS by preussie.

User guide

Move your ship over the map and kill everything that moves. After you wiped out all nasty enemies you advance to the next and more difficult level.

You can steer your ship over a quite large map. The map is surrounded by a wall, so the game play is more or less like Asteroids-In-A-Box.

Enemy contact drains your energy. The amount of energy you lose, depends on the contact time. Some enemies drop a Power Up when killed. Collecting a Power Up gives you one out of 4 prices (random).

Power Up

  • Energy - Increase the Ship energy by 10.
  • Shield - The ship is invincible for a short time (10-20 seconds).
  • Power Bullet - Doubles the damage. The more Power Bullets you get the more of your shots turn into Power Bullets.
  • Helper Energy Ball - This Ball cruises around your ship. If the energy ball hits an enemy it needs 1.5 seconds to regenerate. You can get up to 5 enery balls.


BlackHole (BH):

  • Hit Points - 6.
  • Score - 50.
  • PowerUp - Yes.
  • Hurts Player - No.

The BH releases an enemy (Asteroid, Patrol, Following Saucer) every 10 seconds. In this state it is invulnerable. After releasing 10 enemies the BH turns into a smaller, shooting version. The small BH has some gravity influence on the player ship and shoots directly into the Ship direction. This small BH can be destroyed with 6 hits.


  • Hit Points - (large) 5, (small) 2.
  • Score - (large) 5, (small) 10.
  • PowerUp - (large) Yes, (small) No.
  • Hurts Player - Yes.

The large Asteroid splits into 4 small Asteroids when destroyed. The Asteroids follow a simple Bounce-Move pattern.

Following Saucer:

  • Hit Points - 4.
  • Score - 20.
  • PowerUp - Yes.
  • Hurts Player - Yes.

The Following Saucer follows the player ship.


  • Hit Points - 5.
  • Score - 20.
  • PowerUp - Yes.
  • Hurts Player - Yes.

The Patrol has a more or less random move pattern. It shoots from time to time.


Up/Y - Thrust

Down/B - Reverse Thrust

Left/Right - Turn ship

A - Shoot

Start - Start game


Tested on iTouch DS (firmware 3.8).