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Last Updated2005/07/03
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PSPChip8 is a Chip-8 Emulator for the PSP written by Vanya A. Sergeev (aka apsd). It is a virtual machine/language interpreter that is capable of running simple programs.


Put the pspchip8 directory to the /PSP/GAME/ on your Memory Stick.

User guide

The emulator has a built-in mini file browser and a total of 27 games are included in the package (games ported to Chip8 and have become public domain).

  • Blitz - A BOMBER clone where you must destroy the towers with bombs.
  • Breakout - A modified BRIX with graphics looking like the game on the Atari 2600 console.
  • Connect4 - The classic game. In turn, each player drops a coin and tries to align four of them.
  • Guess - Imagine a number between 1 and 63. The program will attempt to guess your number.
  • Hidden - A memory game where 8 pairs of tiles are randomly placed and hidden in a 4x4 matrix. Find all pairs in a minimum amount of tries.
  • Invaders - The well known Space Invaders game. Destroy the invaders with your ship.
  • Maze - This little program draws random mazes.
  • Merlin - The classic Simon game. Remember in which order the squares light. Each level adds one square to the sequence. The game ends when you light a wrong square.
  • Missile - Shoot the eight targets while your gun moves faster as far as you hit them. You have 12 shots and win 5 points per target shot.
  • Pong2 - A modified version of Pong with a nicer central line.
  • Squash - Exactly same than Wall (see below), except that you have 5 balls to play.
  • Tictac - A Tic-Tac-Toe game. The game restarts when the grid is full.
  • Wall - A squash game (Pong variant) for one player.
  • Syzygy - Make your syzygy eat as many numbers as possible. It will grow each time a number is eaten.

Other games include 15Puzzle, Blinky, Brix, Kaleid, Pong, Puzzle, Puzzle2, Tank, Tetris, UFO, Vbrix, Vers and Wipeoff.


Home - Quit emulator

File Browser:

Up/Down - Navigate from directories/files

Triangle - Up a directory

Circle - Select a file/directory

In game:

Start - Pause

Select - Quit to file browser (only in pause menu)

Triangle - Restart game (only in pause menu)


Thanks to ector for the help and the chip8 emulator project idea.

Thanks to ReKleSS for the help and raster graphics library.

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