Hokuto No Doom

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Hokuto No Doom
AuthorBenoit Spacher (iceman57)
Last Updated2008/07/07

Hokuto No Doom is a homebrew 3D first-person action game for the NDS. It is an adaptation of the Hokuto No Ken comic/TV animation, also known as Fist of the North Star, into the Doom engine.

It is based upon DS Doom version 1.1.2 (port of PrBoom to the NDS) and is a complete adaptation of the Doom episode 1 resources: new textures, new objects, new sprites, new weapons, new sounds, news musics, etc.

The game is available in English and French.


  • The first game ever where you really are Kenshiro.
  • New weapons and awesome techniques.
  • 9 totally remapped levels including a complete review of the lights.
  • Completely new atmosphere with the Japanese original voices.
  • The best digital BGM themes from the Kodomo Band and Crystal King.
  • Face the five biggest villains from the first chapter: Zeed, Spade, Golan, Heart and Shin.
  • Get assistance from Kenshiro’s friends: Bat, Rin, village chief and Johnny.
  • A multiplayer gaming able to handle up to 4 players.
  • Preserved TV style black and white censored explosions.
  • Compliant with DOS, Windows and the OpenGL engines (Doomsday, Doom Legacy, etc).


Copy all the following files to your card (in the same directory):

  • dsdoom.nds - Main program.
  • prboom.wad - Included in the binary download file, which contains data files used by DS DOOM to draw non-standard graphics.
  • doom.wad - Doom datafile. Make sure the Doom data file you use is renamed to doom.wad or it will not work.
  • prboom.cfg - prboom configuration file.

Select Standard Game from the initial menu to start a single player game.

User guide


At the end of the second millenium, the world was devastated by a nuclear explosion... On this planet ruled by fear, Kenshiro fights to find Yuria, his fiancee kidnapped by Shin.

The game action takes place on the touch screen, allowing you to look. On the other hand, on the top screen shows the mapping and the typical Doom bar where you view the states of your character.

It has a multiplayer option via wifi.


What is included
New levels None (but offers a complete review of the episode 1 levels).
Sounds Yes.
Music Yes.
Graphics Yes.
Dehacked/BEX Patch No.
Demos Yes (recorded to be compliant with both 1.666 and 1.9 versions).
Other No.
Other files required Doom1.wad to use this hokuto.wad as a PWAD.
Play information
Game Doom
Single Player Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player Yes
Other game styles None
Difficulty Settings Not implemented


Stylus - Look over

D-Pad - Movement

Y - Change weapon

X - Run

B - Use, Open

A - Attack

L/R - Bomb, Strafe

Start - Menu

Select - Choose option (in menu)


hokutonodoom2.png hokutonodoom3.png

hokutonodoom4.png hokutonodoom5.png


Teaser (icemanpage)

Video of PC version (icemanpage)


Tested on:

iTouchDS (firmware 3.0)
Acekard 2i (firmware 4.17)

Known issues

As sprites are bigger in order to respect original comic/Tv animation, heads may be cut by the ceilings on OpenGL port:

  • POSS character size requires a minimum value of 88 from floor to ceiling.
  • SARG character size requires a minimum value of 104 from floor to ceiling.

It is advised not to play in Fast Monster mode as SARG caracter didn't have a speed matching with the original TV animation one.

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