Physics of Racing

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Physics of Racing
VersionDemo (Laguna Seca)

Physics of Racing is a project is to program a racing game in 3D for the Nintendo DS. The development began with a simple sprite that moved a little, then became 3D version version that controls a Porsche 911 GT1.

The latest version is driving a Ferrari F40 on the grounds of Laguna Seca.


  • 3D integrated into the vehicle
  • Circuit and unfinished game mode
  • Good response to commands (accelerate, turn, etc)

User guide

Drive a Ferrari F40 on the grounds of Laguna Seca. Players can enjoy the Corkscrew of Laguna Seca and the rest of the track with all it's up and downs.

No collision with the walls, no change of speed or traction on dirt, so do not have to stay on track.

There is no drifts, only slight over steer if use brake.

Framerate goes down if there are many collision detections, mainly at the last corner.

Previous versions:

Car Physic (Norisring)
Porsche 911 GT1
Car Physic (in 2D)
Car Physics 3 (includes the physics of the 3D Demo "Downtown Drivin'"


Stylus- switch to next page and back

Left- turn left

Right- turn right

R - accelerate

L - brake, reverse

Select - reset


Tested on: Flashcard R4 R4DS with firmware V1.11 Wood


Car Physic (Laguna Seca)

  • stable physics
  • better control (quicker steering and return to neutral)
  • you can see the weight distribution
  • collision with the ground
  • timing that stops the best time of the session, with 3 sectors
  • 2D map of the track with the position of the car

Car Physic (Norisring)

  • first release that is really playable

Porsche 911 GT1

  • can fly through the scene
  • can look at the used *number of polgons (in 2 different modes)

Car Physic (in 2D)

  • simulate physic of a car