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PSN License Manager
Last Updated2009/08/19

PSN License Manager is a PlayStation Network License Manager for the PSP.

Many people create accounts for each PlayStation Store in many regions to play some games only available on some regions. This however, could mean overwriting of licenses from each region and effectively using up another of the 5 limited downloads Sony allows.

That is why this exists, it allows the easy and efficient backup of your licenses from each region right from your PSP without connecting to the computer to do it.

This was one of the contest entries for the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2009 (PSP Applications, 2nd place).


  • Backup your PSN license.
  • Restore your PSN license.
  • Delete the backup license on the Memory Stick.
  • Toggle USB Mass Storage.
  • Up to 30 PSP support.


Copy the folder PSNMGR to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

User guide

Please bear in mind that Licenses can only be used on ONE PSP.

Backup License:

  • This option is used to backup PlayStation Network Licenses from your PSP.
  • Choose the region appropriately.

Install License:

  • This option allows you to reinstall the licenses you backed up.
  • Choose your region appropriately.

Delete License:

  • Deletes the selected license on the memory.
  • Choose the region appropriately.

Toggle USB:

  • This allows you to toggle USB Mass Storage to connect to the computer.
  • This function is for convenience purposes.
  • Remember to remove storage device before performing any operations.
  • Simple press USB again and USB Mass Storage will be deactivated.

Choose PSP Slot:

  • Select the slot you want to save your licenses to.
  • This allows multiple PSP licenses to be saved with the one application.
  • Remember which of your PSP is saved to each slot as the licenses are NOT interchangeable.
  • Default slot is SLOT 1.


Tested on:

5.00 M33-6 (with LEDA installed however LEDA is not necessary)
5.50 GEN-A

Known issues

Custom flashed themes may interfere with this program as it loads resources from flash. Please use CTF themes or uninstall your Flashed themes.



  • You can now relaunch the application.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • On exit, the PSP is rebooted to allow memory to clear.
  • Reboot Option
  • 5.50 GEN support


  • Minor, minor, minor, minor, minor changes. Too small to be mentioned.


  • Multiple PSP support using slots. Up to 30 slots is supported.
  • Uses Directories so the main directory is clean.
  • Power checks have been put in place.


  • Added some information before files are written.
  • Toggle USB Added to allow direct access to Memory Stick immediately after backup without exiting to the XMB.


  • Initial release.

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