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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
PSPUtilities Offer a few functions inclucing hide folder, test console buttons and Pandoraize battery. Utilities 1.0 aleex.rg 2009/09/03
FolderCheck Creates all the essential folders which you will ever need on your PSP for you. Utilities 0.1 shaplayer 2011/05/29
PSP-PDA A set of PDA programs/utility applications for PSP. Utilities 1.3.2 Rob_psp, Zx-81 2008/05/09
iFind Luminos with YongoBongo Easy Installer A full-fledged portal application for PSP with features such as games, chat applications, as well as some new ones. Utilities 4.00 Yongobongo, Cronos Studios 2007/10/20
Easycxmb Homebrew installer for CXMB version: Lite/Full. Utilities 3 stefyx7 2008/08/21
Hardware Alarm Suite 2 for PSP Alarm that will wake up the PSP from either Sleep Mode or Powered Off (standby) mode. Utilities 2.7 bld 1730 Mr305 2009/10/05
ISO Tool Manage and backup your UMD's straight from your PSP. Utilities 1.981 Takka 2011/12/30
5h4d0ws Seplugins Manager Allow you to enable and disable plugins without a computer. Utilities 1.6 final 5h4d0w 2011/05/22
InfoVPSP Display various information on your PSP. Utilities 1.78 sergi70 2009/09/02
Recovery Menu T.U A recovery menu coded for HEN and CFW in eboot format. Utilities 0.2 KaZT.U 2011/02/13
LUA-Tool Collection of PSP utilities. Utilities 0.2 Shaplayer 2011/05/15
6-20/6-39 TN Xtended (aLoader2) TH-HEN extended with an integrated ISO-Loader (aLoader). Also known as aLoader2. Utilities 1 ardi 2011/06/20
QuickView Allow user to view images while listening to music. Utilities 2008 slicer4ever 2008/08/19
LuaPlayer Plus Lua interpreter for PSP. Utilities r163 NaNnI, Rinnegatamante 2012/05/01
GaleriaMarkef Image gallery on your PSP. Utilities Beta3 markef 2011/08/16
DORAKZ Folder creator, iso cache remover, web browser cache remover, SAVEDATA folder cleaner and 6.60 version.txt writer for PSP. Utilities 1.5L Damian Bevan (djbevan) 2012/08/22
Hide Your Folders Utility to hide folders on a PSP. Utilities 0.2 Punker69 2011/05/23
Easy 6-20 Dualboot Able to use different 6.20 HENs in a single PSP. Utilities Rev.C Rinnegatamante 2014/05/21
PSPInstaller An all in one downloader and installer for PSP Homebrew, Themes, Pictures and Utilities. Utilities Adrenaline spike_132000 2017/06/22
PSP Claw Explorer A multi function explorer. Utilities 1.0 cam-maker 2011/09/05
VGT Evolution A multifunction homebrew with many utilities. Utilities 1 Team VGT 2009/09/02
Lock The Folder Set passwords for your folders and files on PSP. Utilities 1.1 knopper 2011/06/11
Manga2PSP A manga reader for the Sony PSP made with Brunni's OSLib. Utilities final Yodajr 2007/08/17
PSPassword Encrypt your data on PSP with a password. Utilities 0.2 Piker 2009/08/30
iFind Media Portal (iFind Pro Neeon) Portal application with a bundle of features. Utilities 3.0 Cronos Studios (lil_naruto, Yongobongo and whoelse) 2007/01/21
PReSS A RSS reader for PSP. Utilities 0.4.1 Nino van Hooff (The Underminer) 2009/11/02
UsbServer Use the PSP as a UsbWifi Adapter for the PC. Utilities 1.5 thecobra 2011/08/09
Day-To-Day Utility A multifunctional application, capable of making backups and maintenance for your PSP. Utilities 1.00 Dark_Mizar 2010/08/31
pag3 A small yet complex html editor for PSP. Utilities 2009 pront0 2009/03/21
PUNANI Helps you to manage homebrews that are in eboot format. Utilities 1.0 hallo007 2007/03/21
Adhoc File Transfer Transfer files from your PSP to another via WiFi connection. Utilities 0.7 signed Minerva 2010/04/29
Easy 6-20 Installer Allow you to install any version of HEN, CFW and CXMB for the original firmware 6.20. Utilities 1.1 beta fede94boss 2011/05/31
STuning Application for flashing PSP resources, such as waves, battery icon, volume bar. Utilities scenerybeta bugfix -EsTuArT- 2009/08/31
Bermuda CS Multifunctional homebrew drawing and graphic design tool. Utilities 9CF bumuckl 2008/05/23
pprefs Plugin manager for vsh.txt,game.txt,pops.txt + HomeBrewSorter on VSH. Utilities 1131+lite v1031 hiroi01 2011/07/18
All Install Download and install homebrew, plugins, themes, gameboots and version.txt's. Utilities New Version OuterHeaven 2011/12/23
Lua SysTem (LUASYS) A shell-like multi application tool. Utilities sp4 final R. Yonaba (SeanPaul223) 2008/06/17
PSP Util PSP utility tht has 9 smalls applications. Utilities 2011 Arage 56 2011/05/29
Project0 An all-in-one application to configure your PSP. Utilities 1.5 Adrin 2008/08/31
Todo Info Display remaining battery time, free space on the memory stick and the model of your PSP. Utilities 3 Ðαrk_Ðrαgøn-βlαck 2009/10/21
NeoHider Hide and show folders on Memory Stick. Utilities 1.0 M14_b2 2008/08/12
YAPM (a) Plugins Manager A feature-packed application that allows you to organize all your PRX plugins. Utilities 0.60 Strangelove 2011/05/30
Ultimate VSH Menu A plugin as a replacement for VSH menu with better functionality. Utilities final Total_Noob 2010/08/13
UMD Dumper Backup your UMD in ISO format. Utilities 1.0 fede94boss 2011/08/05
PSPTweaker A tool for various operations such as registry hacks, cleaning, and more. Utilities 2.0 ab5000 2009/08/20
AIP Automatically installs plugins on your PSP. Utilities 3.10 moikop 2011/08/11
FanFiction Net Browser A browser application for the popular website FanFiction.Net. Utilities 1.0a criptych 2011/05/21
AlphaBase (A-Base) PSP Debug Bash and Multi-Environment Shell. System tools 3.6.8 final DekraN (Wesker) 2014/08/25
6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader Port of Davee's 6.60/6.39/6.38/6.35/6.31 downgrader to 6.60/6.39/6.38. System tools 4.1 some1 2011/08/27
Multi Updater Allows user to carry multiple updates on the PSP. System tools 0.8 tepsicore_93 (tepsicore) 2012/03/26
PRO Custom Firmware Your handy gadget firmware for PSP Jailbreaking. Also known as Pro CFW/procfw/Pro Custom Firmware. System tools pro-c2 Coldbird, Virtuous Flame (Liquidzigong), Team Pro 2013/02/01
nandTool PSP Maintenance application for PSP. System tools 0.4 final neo cory1492 2008/08/20
PaintMIXER Clone of Microsoft Paint. Other 2.6.0 Gefa 2008/08/12
Pspaint Paint tool that allows up to 3 layers, 6 paint stroke settings and a virtual keyboard. Other 4.5 Bombe-H 2009/06/11
Etch A Sketch A simple app that effectively simulates drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch. Other 1.0 Dark Killer 2006/03/20
PSP Currency Converter Currency Converter. Other 0.2 Yongobongo 2006/11/11
PSPFtp Ftp client on your PSP based on LiQuiD8d's FTP Client. Other 1.0 Zx-81 2006/08/06
PSP-Magic PSP version of the famous mechanical drawing toy called "Magic Screen". Other 1.0.1 Zx-81 (Ludovic.Jacomme) 2009/04/05
PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) Homebrew that helps you measure your system's maximum battery life, featuring the Nyan Cat. Other stealth update snailface 2011/05/27
Info Portable Displays information about your PSP, including motherboard, CPU, region and battery life. Other 2.5 Gladiator 2008/08/20
Peldet Telnet application for PSP. Other 0.8b Zx-81 2006/04/20
Etch a Sketch Portable Simulator of a classic children drawing board toy. Other 0.1 zeroXorXdieXskater 2009/03/30
PSP IDoser Contain different sound files/waves that mimics the effect produced by certain drugs on the nervous system. Other 2011 Duende68 2011/02/16
PsPixel Pixel art sketcher for PSP. Other 2.0 Alexandre Rimbot (Kinow) 2011/04/30
CEP Chocodino's Entertainment Pack, contain a game and light utilities. Other 2011 chocodino 2011/01/09
PSPaint An entertaining simple drawing tool. Other 0.3b Aerol33t 2006/03/20
babblr Windows Live PSP Messenger portal. Other 2.0 Cronos Studios, Yongobongo 2007/06/10
BattINF Display information about the battery. Other 1.4 Frostegater 2011/05/26
PSPSSH Port of Dropbear, a small SSH2 Server and Client, for PSP. Other 1.2.0 Zx-81 2008/11/10
AFKIM: Instant Messenger for PSP An instant messaging application through Wifi connection, originally written by Danzel. Other 3.3.7 Danzel, Zx-81 2008/10/10
AnyLanguageStudy Vocabulary builder application for leaning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French. Other 3.0 Nakano 2011/09/16
PSPsych A random coin tossing and dice rolling application for your PSP. Other update Anuj Asher (Monk9899) 2011/05/03
PSP Spirograph Draw spirographs on your PSP. Other 0.1 Freshmilk 2009/08/21
PSPDictionary Multi-language translator for PSP. Other 3.1.0 Gefa 2010/08/20
ThemeFlasher A theme flasher. Other 2 ai3gtmc 2007/03/21
LuLines LuLines is a homebrew program for PSP that allows you to view colorful patterns created with luminous lines. Other 1.1 edepot 2005/06/15
CTorrent-DNH-DA Mod of CTorrentPSP by danzel. Other 1.5 append version r2 Daniel Ribeiro (DanielBR/ferion11) 2011/05/02
Etch-A-Sketch by webfeind A new Etch-A-Sketch clone. Other 1.0 webfeind 2007/05/29
Attractive Pixelart App Create pixelart on PSP. Other 2010 mfcas 2010/08/29
PSP Relax Contain 4 different sound therapies to help you to relax. Other 2010 Duende68 2010/10/30
WakeUp Digital alarm clock that also plays MP3. Other 2 Trom_US 2008/06/27
Gamebootools Able to change the gameboot using only our PSP with some additional functions. Other 3.0 el__QAT 2009/06/14
My Portuguese Teacher Teach you how to speak Portuguese. Other 1.0 Madcupid 2007/08/20
PSN License Manager A PlayStation Network License Manager. Other 0.40 Light_AleX 2009/08/19
yPaint A painting homebrew for PSP. Based on original Windows Paint. Other anniversary Yongobongo 2007/08/22
Themetool An application for customizing PSP themes. Other 1.2 c Dark_Santi 2009/09/01
pspSecretary A scheduling application for PSP. Other 2008 ab5000 2008/08/19
PSPoste An email client designed specifically for PSP. Other beta7 David Cumming, Ben Biron, Sajeeth Cherian 2008/10/11
pspWeather Weather client for PSP. Other 2.0b mcdongle 2007/04/07
SatFinder Portable Astronomy application for PSP. Other 1.3.2 Pedro J. 2008/09/01
NMS NMS, is the abbreviation of No More Sharing, a prank application that attempts to scare people who wants to play with your precious PSP. Other 3 (link is for v2 only) ASKidwai 2011/05/25
Screen Repair Set (SRS) Tool to test the psp screen and attempt to revive dead pixels on your PSP. Other final SaulotMalo 2006/08/11
PDWE - PSP DIZASTER WMA ENABLER PSPdizaster WMA Enabler is a WMA Enabler for 2.60 PSP. Other 2006 Supa Sick 2006/03/21
COW TIPS Display advices from a cow. Other 2007 Sketor 2007/04/16
MapThis! GPS enabled map viewer for PSP A Global Positioning Navigation tool for PSP. Other 0.5.20 deniska 2007/11/20
AnyLanguageStudy Unofficial An unofficial update of Vocabulary builder application for AnyLanguageStudy. Other 3.0 u2 passingby 2012/03/28
TakeYourTime AntiStress Mod version of Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool. Other 2.00 NNNRT 2012/11/19
PSPInfo Show you all the information of your PSP. Other 4 m.rr 2012/08/13
HomebrewStore A homebrew store application for Other 2.50 avalon HomebrewStore Development Team 2012/01/29
Click Click Machine A button click counter. Other 2006 miNi 2006/08/21
CTorrentPSP A torrent client for the PSP. Other 2008 danzel 2008/03/18
Seismometer Draw graphs with PSP Motion Kit values. Other 0.1 royale 2008/05/22
DAPESi An improved version of the painting homebrew DAPES. Other alpha Shaolan, Elesthor 2009/03/21
Vsh and Recovery Menu Flasher Gives your recovery menu a makeover. Other 1.71 Doeppy (Deutschlands 1) 2011/05/08
PSP-FTPD FTP server for the PSP. Other 0.5.0 Zx-81 2008/10/01
The Good Bookr PSP Bible Reader, based on Bookr ebook reader. Other 1.2.1 phosphorous 2012/02/17
Titan Homebrew Manager Download and install Hombrew from the web. Other 2006 McZonk 2006/03/21
PSPJabber Instant message client for Jabber servers. Other 1.03 DavGav 2006/03/21
downPSP Download and install all the homebrews directly on the PSP. Other 2.22 carlosgs 2010/07/17
EuromillionPlayer Test your luck through this lottery simulator. Other 1.1 Kénium 2008/05/02
FONTOOL Allows user to freely change the PSP menu screen and XMB font (format). Other 0.4 tepsicore_93 2009/09/01
Wifihack Application that calculates the default password for some routers. Other 2.1 m.rr 2012/09/30
The Fake Brick Prank application that pretends to destroy the flash memory of your PSP. Other 0.3 update Th3Alien (BlackGunZ/Adula/AlienSama) 2011/05/26
PSPWrite ASCII text editor for PSP. Other 1.2.1 bugfix Zx-81 2009/04/12
Triple-DobleU An optimized web browser specifically for Scenebeta. Other 2009 trom_us 2009/09/03
DAPES A painting homebrew applocation. Other 3.0.1 Shaolan 2008/08/09
CSBAW & CSBUG An avatar creator and userbar generator. Other 2 scenery beta Chimecho 2010/07/23
Sheep Machine Counts sheep on your PSP screen. Other 2007 miNi 2007/03/21
PSP-Maps Able to view maps of Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Virtual Earth, also has an offline feature. Other 2.2 royale 2009/12/14
everytweak Antivirus for PSP. Other 1.0 Comandillos 2011/08/17
MapThis! 0.5.20 mod Modified version of Deniska's GPS navigation tool, MapThis! Other 0.5.20 mod Art 2008/05/02
PSPMaps Access Google Maps and allow you to take screenshots of the map. Other 1.0 Xerpi, OoNEKERAFAoO 2011/09/06
Pixelizador Attempt to repair stuck pixels on PSP. Other 4.0 Team VGT 2008/08/29
PSPVNC Portable VNC that allows you to access your PC desktop on your PSP using via WiFi connection. Other 1.2.8 Zx-81 2008/05/02
PsPixel Mod Mod version of PsPixel. Other 1 mod chocodino 2010/01/27
Ultimate Flash Operation Flasher application. Other 5.1 Almost219 2007/08/21
Lua for you Learn how to programming the lua language. Other 1.0 Dioni0396 2011/09/06
Slash-N-Flash A generic flasher which aims to be as user friendly as possible. Other 3 Slasher 2007/08/18
PSPIRC An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client on the PSP. Other 1.1.6 Zx-81 2008/11/11
PSPFTP Allows your to download files from your personal computer (PC) via the PSP's WiFi connection. Other 2.0 Spike_132000, Hoagie 2007/04/19
LinternaSP Application with torch function, removal dead pixels on the screen and USB connection. Other 1.0 A-Einstein 2009/08/26
TimeTrainer A Rubik Cube/Cup Stacker Trainer. Other 0.6 HardHat (teamsushi) 2009/03/21
AVEC GPS Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating maps. Other 8 Art 2009/12/29
PSPWeather Yahoo Yahoo Weather on PSP. Other 1.0 wassgha 2010/03/15
PSPDizaster Lua Paint PSPDizaster Lua Paint, a painting application for PSP. Other 4.0 PSP333 2006/03/21
PSPWeather A simple network software to view the local weather conditions on your PSP. Other 1.06 Zx-81 2006/07/27
PSP-OSS PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell. Operating systems 0.3 Mondy 2006/03/17
IphoneV-PSP A shell that recreates the iPhone interface. Operating systems 1.70 sergi70 2010/08/29
GNX Project A complete shell with most of the tools you will need on PSP. Operating systems 1.00 gnx-a Geniux 2009/09/03
XMBShell A multipurpose application with a XMB interface. Operating systems 1.00 Total_Noob 2009/03/22
Cristal Vista A Windows Vista shell for the PSP. Operating systems 7.0 demo Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/08/22
SHELL Shell replacement for PSP. Operating systems 0.73.2 Arnold, A_Nub (arnoldbronson) 2011/06/18
MultiTasKing A complete multitasking windows environment for PSP. Operating systems 301 carlosgs 2011/01/16
MyPSPMenu A shell application to manage the programs on your PSP. Operating systems r1 Cpajuste 2008/06/02
PSPosx A PSP shell that will view pictures, play music, browse files, execute homebrew. Operating systems 0.1a beta Skinticket, Slasher, Xigency 2006/09/16
7WiN - Lua Windowing System PSP Lua Windowing System that supports Multi-Tasking. Operating systems 1.00 Yongobongo 2007/07/08
Cristal Sky Remake of Cristal Vista, a shell that simulates Windows Operating System. Operating systems 01092010cs demo Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/09/05
UtilityShell A shell that contains commonly used features. Operating systems 0.1 beta sergi70 2011/09/08
Fishell An operating system simulator (SIM-OS) that allows applications to run homebrew. Operating systems 1.0 r3.5 zerozelta 2012/03/31
IRShell Full shell replacement for the PSP's XMB. Operating systems 5.2 AhMan 2010/08/23
WinShell System that resembles the Windows XP. Operating systems 80705 Trom_US 2008/07/05
Xplora A feature packed file manager/shell for your PSP. Operating systems 2 update 6 ne0h 2011/08/18
NervOS A shell replacement for PSP. Operating systems 2.1 Pirata Nervo 2008/08/10
PSP Metronome A simple metronome application. Music 0.1 ExxonValdeez 2006/09/18
BeatBox PSP A beatboxer Soundboard. Music ultimate Viciado-TrueStory 2012/10/17
AIO Tuner An all in one tuner for your musical instruments. Music 2008 ai3gtmc 2008/03/19
Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool Relax user with animated landscapes surrounded by nature sounds. Music 2012 leviadragon 2012/08/20
BeastieBox A Beastie Boys Beat Box. Music 1.3 signed Dman49 2011/05/29
Guitar-Tuner A guitar tuner on PSP. Music 2006 Zion 2006/08/21
metronomPSP A simple metronome for PSP. Music 1.2 saulotmalo 2007/03/23
Beatbox Simple push-button drum sounds for PSP. Music 1.6 Babkock 2019/08/13
Metronome for PSP A stand-alone metronome application. Music 0.2 willytarno 2006/10/30
CoverFlow PSP Alpha version of a Cover Flow application. Media players alpha homemister91 2009/05/19
Coverflow A MP3 player with a 3D inferface based off Cover Flow. Media players 2.5 sony psp player 2008/05/22
CoverFlow mod Modded version of Coverflow v2.5 with a more realistic layout. Media players 3.0 ALIENWARE 2008/06/04
PSP Music Center A music player for the PSP powered by FFMpeg. Media players r2 RNB_PSP 2011/08/18
VisMP3 Media Library Visualizer An MP3 player that supports playlists and Media Library to make them more organized. Media players 0.1.2 arpaagent 2008/03/24
LightMP3 A MP3/OGG Vorbis/FLAC/Atrac3+/WMA player designed to drain little energy from your battery. Media players 2.0.0 RC4 661 sakya, ErikPshat 2017/05/03
Play List M Create music playlist for your PSP. Media players 2.1 mpm88 2012/03/10
OpenTube Video streaming application for PSP. Media players 0.1 biscotteralacrevette 2011/05/30
OpenTube MOD Mod of OpenTube v2 which allows you to watch youtube on PSP. Media players 2 mod RaFa 2011/09/02
PSPlaylist A Karaoke and Audio player for PSP. Media players 2.26 moikop 2010/08/31
PS-CoverFLow MP3 player application based on Cover Flow. Media players 3.0 Animefreak345 2008/06/13
Xandus Media Player Turn your PSP into an iPod. Media players 1.2d Xandu 2007/08/18
PSParticlePlayer MP3 player featuring visual effects from a particle engine. Media players 1.0 MK2k 2008/08/15
AutoGrapher Graph, and do other functions fast and easily. Math 1.5 update 10$man 2011/04/27
Easy PSP Calculator Capable as a basic calculator, as well as the abililty to perform simple functions of a scientific calculator. Math 2.0 pucelano 2007/08/21
Poly Calcul PSP A calculator with basic functions. Math 1.1 Kenium 2008/04/23
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator A mandelbrot fractal rendering program with zoom feature. Math final gambiting 2007/08/20
pspythagoras Quickly calculate the length of a missing side in a right angled triangle. Math 1.0 final JamesC 2011/08/21
periodicpsp A full Periodic table of the elements for your PSP. Math 1.0 final JamesC (James) 2009/08/19
Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6 Original name was Phyalgeom Aid, an educational application to aid students in physics, algebra, and geometry. Math rev.769 Mr305 2008/03/21
PSP SpreadSheet A fully functional Spreadsheet. Math 2.00 pucelano 2007/08/20
PSPCleaner Allows you to safely delete some files on both the Memory Stick (pictures, themes, music) and Flash 1 (Internet history, cookies, cache). File browsers 1.5 Migueliziosop 2009/09/01
Multir3voluti0n A file explorer, UMD's Loader and able to connect PSP via USB. File browsers 1.00 tonetex 2010/09/02
FileAssistant++ An all purpose file browsing application. File browsers 1.2 71M 2006/03/21
FileAssistant Ported to run on Firmware 2.8. File browsers 2.8 Killer Maniac 2006/12/10
AnonymousTipsters RAR ZIP Able to extract RAR and ZIP files with PSP, with added support for passworded archives. File browsers 0.3 AnonymousTipster 2006/06/12
Browsr A file browser and launcher written in Lua with a few additional features. File browsers 0.2 Yongobongo 2007/10/06
Explored File explorer fo your PSP. File browsers 2.2 adrian-SAYA 2010/01/21
IBrowse Filebrowser shell for the PSP. File browsers 1 grafele 2008/08/21
Multi Tasker Capable of interacting with all sorts of media in a vast amount of file formats on your PSP. File browsers 2008 sg57 2008/03/20
Project Alpha Project Alpha (Spanish) is an application with multiple features such as file broswer, music player, free up space in flash0, install themes and view the current status of the battery on the PSP. File browsers 1.1 Adrin 2009/09/01
PSP Filer A File Manager for the PSP. File browsers 6.6 Mediumguage 2010/01/31

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