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Media players

Title Version Description Author Last updated
LightMP3 v2.0.0 rc4 661 A MP3/OGG Vorbis/FLAC/Atrac3+/WMA player designed to drain little energy from your battery. ErikPshat 2017/05/03
PSP Music Center r2 A music player for the PSP powered by FFMpeg. RNB_PSP 2011/08/17
PSParticlePlayer v1.0 MP3 player featuring visual effects from a particle engine. MK2k 2008/08/15
CoverFlow PSP alpha Alpha version of a Cover Flow application. homemister91 2009/05/19
CoverFlow mod v3.0 Modded version of Coverflow v2.5 with a more realistic layout. ALIENWARE 2008/06/04
Coverflow v2.5 A MP3 player with a 3D inferface based off Cover Flow. sony psp player 2008/05/22
PS-CoverFLow v3.0 MP3 player application based on Cover Flow. Animefreak345 2008/06/13
Play List M v2.1 Create music playlist for your PSP. mpm88 2012/03/10
PSPlaylist v2.26 A Karaoke and Audio player for PSP. moikop 2010/08/31
OpenTube v0.1 Video streaming application for PSP. biscotteralacrevette 2011/05/30
OpenTube Mod v2 mod Mod of OpenTube v2 which allows you to watch youtube on PSP. RaFa 2011/09/02
Xandus Media Player v1.2d Turn your PSP into an iPod. Xandu 2007/08/18
VisMP3 Media Library Visualizer v0.1.2 An MP3 player that supports playlists and Media Library to make them more organized. arpaagent 2008/03/24


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Adhoc File Transfer v0.7 signed Transfer files from your PSP to another via WiFi connection. Minerva 2010/04/29
PSP-PDA v1.3.2 A set of PDA programs/utility applications for PSP. Rob_psp, Zx-81 2008/05/09
Lua Player Plus r163 Lua interpreter for PSP. NaNnI, Rinnegatamante 2012/05/01
ISO Tool v1.981 Manage and backup your UMD's straight from your PSP. Takka 2011/12/30
UMD Dumper v1.0 Backup your UMD in ISO format. fede94boss 2011/08/05
6-20/6-39 TN Xtended v1 TH-HEN extended with an integrated ISO-Loader (aLoader). Also known as aLoader2. ardi 2011/06/20
YAPM A Plugins Manager v0.60 A feature-packed application that allows you to organize all your PRX plugins. Strangelove 2011/05/30
Ultimate VSH Menu final A plugin as a replacement for VSH menu with better functionality. Total_Noob 2010/08/13
UsbServer v1.5 Use the PSP as a UsbWifi Adapter for the PC. thecobra 2011/08/09
5h4d0ws Seplugins Manager v1.6 final Allow you to enable and disable plugins without a computer. 5h4d0w 2011/05/22
iFind Media Portal v3.0 Portal application with a bundle of features. Cronos Studios, lil_naruto, Yongobongo, whoelse 2007/01/21
iFind Luminos with YongoBongo Easy Installer v4.00 A full-fledged portal application for PSP with features such as games, chat applications, as well as some new ones. Cronos Studios, Yongobongo 2007/10/20
PSProtect My System v1.0 Set passwords for your PSP to help protecting your data from unwanted people. frapsp98 2011/05/30
PSPInstaller Adrenaline An all in one downloader and installer for PSP Homebrew, Themes, Pictures and Utilities. spike_132000 2017/06/22
PSP Util 2011 PSP utility tht has 9 smalls applications. Arage 56 2011/05/29
pprefs v1131+lite v1031 Plugin manager for vsh.txt,game.txt,pops.txt + HomeBrewSorter on VSH. hiroi01 2011/07/18
LUA-Tool v0.2 Collection of PSP utilities. Shaplayer 2011/05/15
Lock The Folder v1.1 Set passwords for your folders and files on PSP. knopper 2011/06/11
Hide Your Folders v0.2 Utility to hide folders on a PSP. Punker69 2011/05/23
FolderCheck v0.1 Creates all the essential folders which you will ever need on your PSP for you. shaplayer 2011/05/29
FanFiction Net Browser v1.0a A browser application for the popular website FanFiction.Net. criptych 2011/05/21
Easy 6-20 Installer v1.1 beta Allow you to install any version of HEN, CFW and CXMB for the original firmware 6.20. fede94boss 2011/05/31
Easy 6-20 Dualboot Rev.C Able to use different 6.20 HENs in a single PSP. Rinnegatamante 2014/05/21
DORAKZ v1.5L Folder creator, iso cache remover, web browser cache remover, SAVEDATA folder cleaner and 6.60 version.txt writer for PSP. djbevan 2012/08/22
Recovery Menu v0.2 A recovery menu coded for HEN and CFW in eboot format. KaZT.U 2011/02/13
All Install New Version Download and install homebrew, plugins, themes, gameboots and version.txt's. OuterHeaven 2011/12/23
PSP Claw Explorer v1.0 A multi function explorer. cam-maker 2011/09/05
GaleriaMarkef Beta3 Image gallery on your PSP. markef 2011/08/16
Multir3voluti0n v1.00 A file explorer, UMD's Loader and able to connect PSP via USB. tonetex 2010/09/02
Day-To-Day Utility v1.00 A multifunctional application, capable of making backups and maintenance for your PSP. Dark_Mizar 2010/08/31
PUNANI v1.0 Helps you to manage homebrews that are in eboot format. hallo007 2007/03/21
PReSS v0.4.1 A RSS reader for PSP. The Underminer 2009/11/02
Explored v2.2 File explorer fo your PSP. adrian-SAYA 2010/01/21
QuickView 2008 Allow user to view images while listening to music. slicer4ever 2008/08/19
Todo Info v3 Display remaining battery time, free space on the memory stick and the model of your PSP. Ðαrκ_Ðrαgøn-ßlαcκ 2009/10/21
InfoVPSP v1.78 Display various information on your PSP. sergi70 2009/09/02
VGT Evolution v1 A multifunction homebrew with many utilities. Team VGT 2009/09/02
PSPassword v0.2 Encrypt your data on PSP with a password. Piker 2009/08/30
PSPCleaner v1.5 Allows you to safely delete some files on both the Memory Stick (pictures, themes, music) and Flash 1 (Internet history, cookies, cache). Migueliziosop 2009/09/01
PSPTweaker v2.0 A tool for various operations such as registry hacks, cleaning, and more. ab5000 2009/08/20
pag3 2009 A small yet complex html editor for PSP. pront0 2009/03/21
Project0 v1.5 An all-in-one application to configure your PSP. Adrin 2008/08/31
NeoHider v1.0 Hide and show folders on Memory Stick. M14_b2 2008/08/12
AIP v3.10 Automatically installs plugins on your PSP. moikop 2011/08/11
Lua SysTem sp4 final A shell-like multi application tool. R. Yonaba (SeanPaul223) 2008/06/17
Easycxmb v3 Homebrew installer for CXMB version: Lite/Full. stefyx7 2008/08/21
PSP Hardware Alarm Suite II v2.7 bld 1730 Alarm that will wake up the PSP from either Sleep Mode or Powered Off (standby) mode. Mr305 2009/10/05
Multi Tasker 2008 Capable of interacting with all sorts of media in a vast amount of file formats on your PSP. sg57 2008/03/20
Bermuda CS 9CF Multifunctional homebrew drawing and graphic design tool. bumuckl 2008/05/23
Manga2PSP final A manga reader for the Sony PSP made with Brunni's OSLib. Yodajr 2007/08/17
FileAssistant v2.8 Ported to run on Firmware 2.8. Killer Maniac 2006/12/10
FileAssistant++ v1.2 An all purpose file browsing application. 71M 2006/03/21
AnonymousTipsters RAR ZIP v0.3 Able to extract RAR and ZIP files with PSP, with added support for passworded archives. AnonymousTipster 2006/06/12
Browsr v0.2 A file browser and launcher written in Lua with a few additional features. Yongobongo 2007/10/06
PSP Filer v6.6 A File Manager for the PSP. Mediumguage 2010/01/31

Operating systems

Title Version Description Author Last updated
UtilityShell v0.1 beta A shell that contains commonly used features. sergi70 2011/09/08
Fishell v1.0 r3.5 An operating system simulator (SIM-OS) that allows applications to run homebrew. zerozelta 2012/03/31
SHELL v0.73.2 Shell replacement for PSP. Arnold, A_Nub (arnoldbronson) 2011/06/18
IphoneV-PSP v1.70 A shell that recreates the iPhone interface. sergi70 2010/08/29
MultiTasKing v301 A complete multitasking windows environment for PSP. carlosgs 2011/01/16
Cristal Sky v01092010cs demo Remake of Cristal Vista, a shell that simulates Windows Operating System. Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/09/05
Cristal Vista 7.0 demo A Windows Vista shell for the PSP. Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/08/22
NervOS v2.1 A shell replacement for PSP. Pirata Nervo 2008/08/10
GNX Project v1.00 gnx-a A complete shell with most of the tools you will need on PSP. Geniux 2009/09/03
XMBShell v1.00 A multipurpose application with a XMB interface. Total_Noob 2009/03/22
WinShell v80705 System that resembles the Windows XP. Trom_US 2008/07/05
IBrowse v1 Filebrowser shell for the PSP. grafele 2008/08/21
Xplora v2 update 6 A feature packed file manager/shell for your PSP. ne0h 2011/08/18
7WiN v1.00 PSP Lua Windowing System that supports Multi-Tasking. Yongobongo 2007/07/08
PSPosx v0.1a beta A PSP shell that will view pictures, play music, browse files, execute homebrew. Skinticket, Slasher, Xigency 2006/09/16
PSP-OSS v0.3 PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell. Mondy 2006/03/17
MyPSPMenu r1 A shell application to manage the programs on your PSP. Cpajuste 2008/06/02
IRShell v5.2 Full shell replacement for the PSP's XMB. AhMan 2010/08/23


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AutoGrapher v1.5 update Graph, and do other functions fast and easily. 10$man 2011/04/27
pspythagoras v1.0 final Quickly calculate the length of a missing side in a right angled triangle. JamesC 2011/08/21
periodicpsp v1.0 final A full Periodic table of the elements for your PSP. JamesC 2009/08/19
Poly Calcul PSP v1.1 A calculator with basic functions. Kenium 2008/04/23
PSP SpreadSheet v2.00 A fully functional Spreadsheet. pucelano 2007/08/20
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator final A mandelbrot fractal rendering program with zoom feature. gambiting 2007/08/20
Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6 rev.769 Original name was Phyalgeom Aid, an educational application to aid students in physics, algebra, and geometry. Mr305 2008/03/21
Easy PSP Calculator v2.0 Capable as a basic calculator, as well as the abililty to perform simple functions of a scientific calculator. pucelano 2007/08/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPInfo v4 Show you all the information of your PSP. m.rr 2012/08/13
Wifihack v2.1 Application that calculates the default password for some routers. m.rr 2012/09/30
PsPixel Mod v1 mod Mod version of PsPixel. chocodino 2010/01/27
PSPoste beta7 An email client designed specifically for PSP. David Cummings, Ben Biron, Sajeeth Cherian 2008/10/11
PSPFtp v1.0 Ftp client on your PSP based on LiQuiD8d's FTP Client. Zx-81 2006/08/06
PSPFTP v2.0 Allows your to download files from your personal computer (PC) via the PSP's WiFi connection. Spike_132000, Hoagie 2007/04/19
PSP-FTPD v0.5.0 FTP server for the PSP. Zx-81 2008/10/01
PSPIRC v1.1.6 An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client on the PSP. Zx-81 2008/11/11
PSPSSH v1.2.0 Port of Dropbear, a small SSH2 Server and Client, for PSP. Zx-81 2008/11/10
Peldet v0.8b Telnet application for PSP. Zx-81 2006/04/20
PSPWrite v1.2.1 bugfix ASCII text editor for PSP. Zx-81 2009/04/12
PSPVNC v1.2.8 Portable VNC that allows you to access your PC desktop on your PSP using via WiFi connection. Zx-81 2008/05/02
PSPWeather v1.06 A simple network software to view the local weather conditions on your PSP. Zx-81 2006/07/27
AIO Tuner 2008 An all in one tuner for your musical instruments. ai3gtmc 2008/03/19
BeastieBox v1.3 signed A Beastie Boys Beat Box. Dman49 2011/05/29
Beatbox v1.6 Simple push-button drum sounds for PSP. Babkock 2019/08/13
BeatBox PSP ultimate A beatboxer Soundboard. Viciado-TrueStory 2012/10/17
PSP-Metronome v0.2 A stand-alone metronome application. willytarno 2006/10/30
PSP Metronome v0.1 A simple metronome application. ExxonValdeez 2006/09/18
metronomPSP v1.2 A simple metronome for PSP. saulotmalo 2007/03/23
Guitar-Tuner 2006 A guitar tuner on PSP. Zion 2006/08/21
CEP 2011 Chocodino's Entertainment Pack, contain a game and light utilities. chocodino 2011/01/09
Vsh and Recovery Menu Flasher v1.71 Gives your recovery menu a makeover. Doeppy 2011/05/08
The Fake Brick v0.3 update Prank application that pretends to destroy the flash memory of your PSP. Th3Alien 2011/05/26
PSPsych update A random coin tossing and dice rolling application for your PSP. Monk9899 2011/05/03
PsPixel v2.0 Pixel art sketcher for PSP. Kinow 2011/04/30
PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) stealth update Homebrew that helps you measure your system's maximum battery life, featuring the Nyan Cat. snailface 2011/05/27
HomebrewStore v2.50 avalon A homebrew store application for HomebrewStore Development Team 2012/01/29
BattINF v1.4 Display information about the battery. Frostegater 2011/05/26
PSPMaps v1.0 Access Google Maps and allow you to take screenshots of the map. Xerpi, OoNEKERAFAoO 2011/09/06
Lua for you v1.0 Learn how to programming the lua language. Dioni0396 2011/09/06
Everytweak v1.0 Antivirus for PSP. Comandillos 2011/08/17
AnyLanguageStudy Unofficial v3.0 u2 An unofficial update of Vocabulary builder application AnyLanguageStudy. passingby 2012/03/28
AnyLanguageStudy v3.0 Vocabulary builder application for leaning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French. Nakano 2011/09/16
pspWeather by mcdongle v2.0b Weather client for PSP. mcdongle 2007/04/07
PSPWeather by wassgha v1.0 Yahoo Weather on PSP. wassgha 2010/03/15
CSBAW & CSBUG v2 scenery beta An avatar creator and userbar generator. Chimecho 2010/07/23
Attractive Pixelart App 2010 Create pixelart on PSP. mfcas 2010/08/29
PSPUtilities v1.0 Offer a few functions inclucing hide folder, test console buttons and Pandoraize battery. aleex.rg 2009/09/03
Triple-DobleU 2009 An optimized web browser specifically for Scenebeta. trom_us 2009/09/03
FONTOOL v0.4 Allows user to freely change the PSP menu screen and XMB font (format). tepsicore_93 2009/09/01
LinternaSP v1.0 Application with torch function, removal dead pixels on the screen and USB connection. A-Einstein 2009/08/26
STuning scenerybeta bugfix Application for flashing PSP resources, such as waves, battery icon, volume bar. -EsTuArT- 2009/08/31
Gamebootools v3.0 Able to change the gameboot using only our PSP with some additional functions. el__QAT 2009/06/14
Themetool v1.2 c An application for customizing PSP themes. Dark_Santi 2009/09/01
Spirograph v0.1 Draw spirographs on your PSP. Freshmilk 2009/08/21
PSN License Manager v0.40 A PlayStation Network License Manager. Light_AleX 2009/08/19
AVEC v8 Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating maps. Art 2009/12/29
PSPDictionary v3.1.0 Multi-language translator for PSP. Gefa 2010/08/20
DAPESi alpha An improved version of the painting homebrew DAPES. Shaolan, Elesthor 2009/03/21
DAPES v3.0.1 A painting homebrew applocation. Shaolan, Elesthor 2008/08/09
TimeTrainer v0.6 A Rubik Cube/Cup Stacker Trainer. HardHat (teamsushi) 2009/03/21
Seismometer v0.1 Draw graphs with PSP Motion Kit values. royale 2008/05/22
EuromillionPlayer v1.1 Test your luck through this lottery simulator. Kenium 2008/05/02
SatFinder Portable v1.3.2 Astronomy application for PSP. Pedro J. 2008/09/01
Pixelizador v4.0 Attempt to repair stuck pixels on PSP. Team VGT 2008/08/29
WakeUp v2 Digital alarm clock that also plays MP3. Trom_US 2008/06/27
Info Portable v2.5 Displays information about your PSP, including motherboard, CPU, region and battery life. Gladiator 2008/08/20
downPSP v2.22 Download and install all the homebrews directly on the PSP. carlosgs 2010/07/17
pspSecretary 2008 A scheduling application for PSP. ab5000 2008/08/19
PaintMIXER v2.6.0 Clone of Microsoft Paint. Gefa 2008/08/12
PSP-Maps v2.2 Able to view maps of Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Virtual Earth, also has an offline feature. royale 2009/12/14
CTorrent-DNH-DA v1.5 append version r2 Mod of CTorrentPSP by danzel. DanielBR 2011/05/02
CTorrentPSP 2008 A torrent client for the PSP. danzel 2008/03/18
My Portuguese Teacher v1.0 Teach you how to speak Portuguese. Madcupid 2007/08/20
Slash-N-Flash v3 A generic flasher which aims to be as user friendly as possible. Slasher 2007/08/18
Ultimate Flash Operation v5.1 Flasher application. Almost219 2007/08/21
The Good Bookr v1.2.1 PSP Bible Reader, based on Bookr ebook reader. phosphorous 2012/02/17
COW TIPS 2007 Display advices from a cow. Sketor 2007/04/16
ThemeFlasher v2 A theme flasher. ai3gtmc 2007/03/21
Sheep Machine 2007 Counts sheep on your PSP screen. miNi 2007/03/21
Screen Repair Set final Tool to test the psp screen and attempt to revive dead pixels on your PSP. SaulotMalo 2006/08/11
MapThis! 0.5.20 mod v0.5.20 mod Modified version of Deniska's GPS navigation tool, MapThis! Art 2008/05/02
MapThis! GPS enabled map viewer for PSP v0.5.20 A Global Positioning Navigation tool for PSP. deniska 2007/11/20
Click Click Machine 2006 A button click counter. miNi 2006/08/21
PSPJabber v1.03 Instant message client for Jabber servers. DavGav 2006/03/21
PDWE 2006 PSPdizaster WMA Enabler is a WMA Enabler for 2.60 PSP. Supa Sick 2006/03/21
PSPaint by Bombe-H v4.5 Paint tool that allows up to 3 layers, 6 paint stroke settings and a virtual keyboard. Bombe-H 2009/06/11
PSPaint by Aerol33t v0.3b An entertaining simple drawing tool. Aerol33t 2006/03/20
PDLP v4.0 PSPDizaster Lua Paint, a painting application for PSP. PSP333 2006/03/21
Titan Homebrew Manager 2006 Download and install Hombrew from the web. McZonk 2006/03/21
Etch a Sketch Portable v0.1 Simulator of a classic children drawing board toy. zeroXorXdieXskater 2009/03/30
Etch-A-Sketch by webfeind v1.0 A new Etch-A-Sketch clone. webfeind 2007/05/29
Etch-A-Sketch by Dark Killer v1.0 A simple app that effectively simulates drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch. Dark Killer 2006/03/20
PSP-Magic v1.0.1 PSP version of the famous mechanical drawing toy called "Magic Screen". Zx-81 2009/04/05
AFKIM: Instant Messenger v3.3.7 An instant messaging application through Wifi connection, originally written by Danzel. Danzel, Zx-81 2008/10/10
PSP Currency Converter v0.2 Currency Converter. Yongobongo 2006/11/11
babblr v2.0 Windows Live PSP Messenger portal. Cronos Studios, Yongobongo 2007/06/10
yPaint anniversary A painting homebrew for PSP. Based on original Windows Paint. Yongobongo 2007/08/22
TakeYourTime AntiStress v2.00 Mod version of Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool. NNNRT 2012/11/19
Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool 2012 Relax user with animated landscapes surrounded by nature sounds. leviadragon 2012/08/20
PSP Relax 2010 Contain 4 different sound therapies to help you to relax. Duende68 2010/10/30
PSP IDoser 2011 Contain different sound files/waves that mimics the effect produced by certain drugs on the nervous system. Duende68 2011/02/16