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Nintendo DS Code Manager
Last Updated2010/12/11
TypeDevelopment Tools
VersionBeta 3

Nintendo DS Code Manager (Spanish) is a program that aims to help developers create homebrews with a simple graphical interface. It creates "rooms" (commonly called functions) that allos you to include source code files in a simple way.

To simplify the use of functions, there are several actions included within the program, simply choose add to use them or you can write your own codes.

It was participated in the Scenery Beta 2010, Applications PC division.


  • Simplified the use of the functions.
  • Simple function to include files with definitions.
  • System of actions which can be edited, eliminated or even add new personalized ones.


Download and extract file.

Run Install Manager.exe Nintendo DS Code and follow the steps.

To uninstall just go Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows Vista/7).

User guide

An example of what the program simplifies is as follows.

In PAlib, to display text you must write something like this:

# Include <PA9.h>

int main () (
PA_Init ();
PA_InitText (0, 0);
PA_InitText (1, 0);
PA_OutputSimpleText (0, 0, 0, "Hello World!");
while (1) PA_WaitForVBL ();

With this program you simply include 4 actions and add PA9.h to the includes, then generate the code (or save the project file) and copy it to your main.c. The remaining part is to compile your homebrew and to test it.


Beta 3 Universal Edition

  • Now you can use global variables.
  • Now you can add define.
  • You can change the name of the function at any time.
  • Fixed bugs and added several subwindows with keyboard shortcuts for these.
  • Added option to save the generated code in a *. C
  • Optimized code internally.
  • Fixed a critical error with actions.
  • Added system variables to make it easy to use actions.

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