R6 Save Relocator

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R6 Save Relocator
Last Updated2009/06/17
TypeSave Managers and Editors
LicenseGPLv2, GPLv3

A save file locator for Neoflash R6 Cart. The R6 stores a SAV file for the last played game in the directory of the next chosen game and this directory may well change, which leads to a savefile that cannot be found by it's corresponding game.

It is developed in C using devkitPro and PAlib.

User guide

R6 Save Relocator automatically finds deserted SAV files on your Neoflash R6 and tries to find their correct location and moves them back there.

If R6 Save Relocator just finds one deserted SAV file for a game, it moves that SAV file automatically. If it finds more than one SAV file, the user may select the one that should be used and can either choose to keep the others or delete them from the R6.

The current move is actually a copy and delete afterwards. This is because libfat doesn't unfortunately support the rename function.

Note: Please use at your own risk.


Forums at gbadev.org.

The guys who made devkitPro.

The guys who made PAlib.

Dr. Neo.

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