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EvoCheatUp - Automatic Cheat File Updater is a modified version of UsrCheatUp v0.9, which was created by Giovannin. It allows user to automatically update cheat file to the latest version via the in-built Wifi of the Nintendo DS.


Download and extract file.

Place the EvoCheatUp.nds file anywhere on MicroSD card.

Place the EvoCheatUp.ini file into the root directory of MicroSD card.

User guide

Some patches are required for some flashcard users:

For R4DS users and its clones:

  • Use R4BugFix2 patch for the R4DS kernel that makes the cheats work.
  • Drop _DS_MENU.DAT file from the R4 kernel on the r4bugfix.exe program and it will patch it.
  • Alternately, copy the file to the same folder as the r4bugfix file and click the execute. Afterwards, place the patched _DS_MENU.DAT file on flashcart.
  • Also, as with updating firmware, it is suggested deleting the _DS_MENU.SYS file and allow the R4DS to recreate it to prevent problems.

For M3 Real users and its clones:

  • Cheat.db needs to be placed in SYSTEM folder (Since it's the default) and others can be placed anywhere.
  • Find the pre-patched _DS_MENU.DAT file here for the R4DS kernel.

Usage for R4DS and M3 Simply

On MicroSD card, find the folder called _system_.

Delete old cheat.dat and usrcheat.dat from that folder (backup to your PC if necessary).

Place the new cheat.dat inside the _system_ folder.

Avoid overwriting as that can cause some codes to fail to appear on flashcard. Remove the old dats first, then add the new one. Do not use both the cheat.dat and usrcheat.dat together. They are the same dat, the only difference is that the usrcheat.dat is not encrypted.

For cards that use one of the other files in this archive, refer to flashcart's documentation as to where to put the file and what the name of the file should be.

Cheat Database and Game List

NDS Cheat Database and Backup maintained by Narin.

Game list can be found here.

Note from developer:

Please be responsible when using these cheats. Some can be devastating to online play and really create an unfair and no-fun environment online. This dat was created to be fun and to help people get through games they may be stuck in, not to dominate online rankings.


This cheat databases should work for R4DS, M3 Simply/Real, G6DS Real, DS TopToy, Acekard RPG/2, Supercard, CycloDS (work with any CycloDS Evolution), EDGE and others as well as all their clones. Some cards these dat files work with are as follows.

CHEAT.DAT: (Encrypted)

M3 Simply
Acekard 2/ RPG

USRCHEAT.DAT: (Unencrypted)

M3 Simply
DS Top Toy


M3DS Real
G6 Real

cheat.xml: (Unencrypted)

Acekard 2/ RPG
G6 Real



EDGEcheat.dat: (You must rename it to the proper name for EDGE cards)



Can be viewed here.


The new massive CHEAT compilation thread Maintained by Narin.

Kudos go out to all the people who created all the cheat codes.

Special recognition: Hiei-YYH, chishm, King Rhyono, 10nayr, AceAttorney, jleemero, Dualscreenman, DLONG, Minion, toenailed, kenobi, gardevor, Zeld, Parasyte, hybrid, Rune, Twiffles, Virus, FNG, Fabrice F, PhoenixA1, Narin, tasperfect, Cracker, Keitaro Urashima, gardevor, Thainin, Falzar FZ, fa_demion, BurlyEd.

Also a round of thanks to everyone else who contributed to the cheat database in one form or another.

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