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Author(s)Sébastien THON
Version0.3 (2007-06-03)

Ka-Boom is a NDS homebrew based on the puzzle game Minesweeper on PC. It utilities the microphone function of DS.


  • 3 game modes (Normal, Double, Huge).
  • Highscore management.
  • Arialia" mode.
  • Leaderboard through WiFi.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it if needed (if your card does not have auto-patching) and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

In the classic versions of the minesweeper, it can happen at the beginning of the game you lose instantly by clicking on a block that contains bomb without any clue.

In Ka-BoOm, when you are in this situation, the bomb does not explode immediately. It will be displayed on the top screen and you have 2 seconds to extinguish its wick by blowing into the microphone.


It is now possible to send your best scores on, and they will appear on this page.

For that, you will need to have configured your console's WiFi communication, for example by having played a game allowing you to edit these settings, such as Mario Kart, the console saving these settings. You will also need to be near an Internet access point (PC with WiFi card or WiFi USB key).


Stylus - Flip a slab

L/R +Stylus - Mark a slab

D-Pad - Scroll the field (in double or huge mode)

Start - Pause game and return to menu

Microphone - Blow to extinguish a bomb





  • When the DS is closed it pauses the game.
  • Some little bugs are removed.
  • Graphics are cleaned of remaining pink pixels (transparency color), however this is only minor modifications.
  • The main improvement of this new version is to let you know your best scores to the entire world, with Leaderboard feature through WiFi.


  • Highscore management. The 5 best times of each of the 3 game modes (Normal, Double, Huge) are saved. On the highscore screen, pressing B causes the score date to appear/disappear.
  • DLDI support. Patching is also mandatory for the scores to be saved.
  • The bomb fuse burns faster now. You only have one second to turn it off which increases the stress of the action! Sharpen your lungs!0009.gif
  • The animation of the green checkerboard on the top screen now depends on the action: zoom according to the number of tiles that have just been discovered, zoom and rotate during an explosion.
  • "Arialia" mode (private joke): pressing "Select" stops/restarts the scrolling of the green checkerboard on the top screen. Some nobody could support the somewhat violent scrolling/rotation/zooming.
  • Animation of the menu.
  • Addition of sound effects.
  • Addition of additional animations.


  • First released.